Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 161: The Dimensional Trader of the Cross-Dressing Expert [2]

In the world of danmei novels, what fate awaits the supporting female character, especially one who has been betrothed to the dominant protagonist? It can only lead to ruin and devastation. The dominant protagonist believed that her very existence tarnished the pure affection he held for Shou*. She became as repulsive as a rat's feces, and thus, Su Wenqing met a tragic end.

*In male-male relationships, the term "shou" refers to the submissive or bottom partner. The shou character, often portrayed as vulnerable and shy, receives the affection and dominance of the gong or seme character. They play a passive role, allowing the gong to take the lead.

"...Men from the Gu family have always been faithful and devoted in matters of the heart. Originally, I didn't dare to hope that you would marry into the Gu family, but wasn't it Mr. Gu who brought it up first? Your mother thinks this marriage is a perfect match and wishes she could accept it on the spot for you. However, it is ultimately your decision, and your mother doesn't want to impose her will on you. She merely wants to inquire about your opinion. So, my dear, what do you think?"

In anticipation, Su Wenqing's mother looked at her, hoping that she would agree. After all, in everyone's eyes, this was indeed a most favorable match.

"In truth, Mom, you might not be aware..." Wen Qing carefully chose her words. "Gu Qingcheng, he doesn't like women." As stated in the original novel, Gu Qingcheng was naturally homosexual; he just didn't realize it at first.

Su's mother was stunned. "Not liking women means... he likes men?!"

Wen Qing nodded. "Yes, I only found out by chance. Mom, please don't spread this news; it might cause trouble."

"Oh, alright." Su's mother remained dumbfounded. She was taken aback by this sudden revelation. Gu Qingcheng actually likes men?!

Suddenly, as if struck by another thought, she asked, "Does the Gu family know about this?"

"They probably don't know." Even Gu Qingcheng himself was unaware, so naturally, the Gu family wouldn't know either.

"That's good. If Mr. Gu knew he was gay and still proposed marriage to our family, I would want to know what he was thinking!"

Wen Qing sighed inwardly. Her mother was a devoted protector of her children, and it was no wonder that she was so furious after Su Wenqing's family fell into ruin and tragedy.

The car arrived at the old Su residence, and Mother Su hurried to Father Su's study to discuss rejecting the marriage alliance with him. Wen Qing, on the other hand, went straight to her room. She trusted Su's parents' character and knew they would never push her into a pit knowing that the other party was homosexual.

Once in her room, she decided to search for information about Jiang Xiaoman. In her eyes, Jiang Xiaoman was actually quite innocent. From the reader's perspective, the original novel was a melodramatic tale of a domineering president and a "Cinderella" in an abusive relationship. But from a higher perspective, most of the reason Jiang Xiaoman could be with Gu Qingcheng was because Gu Qingcheng forced the situation.

When Gu Qingcheng discovered he was homosexual, he didn't want to admit it, and the Gu family would never accept a homosexual heir. So when he saw Jiang Xiaoman in cross-dressing, he found a perfect solution. Using the pretext of helping Jiang Xiaoman cure his mother, Gu Qingcheng made him his lover. This satisfied his desire to be with a man while silencing everyone else. Although the Gu family held conservative beliefs, they were not narrow-minded. They could accept an innocent ordinary girl as their grandson's wife. However, they would never accept a man.

However, as they spent time together, Gu Qingcheng found himself falling in love with this gentle, harmless boy who blushed easily. He genuinely wanted to be with him. Jiang Xiaoman, on the other hand, always remembered that Gu Qingcheng married him to appease his family and to use the dimensional trading device in his possession. Therefore, he couldn't accept Gu Qingcheng's sincere feelings. Various melodramatic events and misunderstandings ensued, hurting both individuals deeply, until finally, their misunderstandings were resolved, and they found happiness together.

Throughout this relationship, Gu Qingcheng always took the lead, while Jiang Xiaoman's character was too submissive. He was so submissive that even with the dimensional trading device in his hands, he never reached the pinnacle of his life; instead, he was controlled by another man. However, the contrasting attributes of a domineering alpha CEO and a soft, innocent bunny made for a highly appealing dynamic that readers loved.

But in Wen Qing's opinion, Gu Qingcheng was no different from those domineering CEOs who forcibly seized what they wanted. He was a scumbag among scumbags, causing heartache and pain. Gu Qingcheng was even more despicable because he forcefully turned a man gay and ruined another girl's life. Both actions were highly repulsive, but unfortunately, he was the male lead, and the author always found a way to redeem him. A simple explanation that he had his own struggles, followed by a bit of suffering and self-torture, made everything he did seem justified.

Wen Qing never liked novels with such twisted values, but now she was on a mission, so she had no choice.

She arrived a step late. Jiang Xiaoman had already started a cross-dressing live stream and had obtained the dimensional trading device today.

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