Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 129: The Protagonist Has A Black Bag Group [2]

Qiu Rin saw this message, he thought it was a prank, so he didn't take it seriously until Bai Yan called him.

"Did you see that message?"


"The message sent by the god of death in the group." Bai Yan's voice was a little hoarse, and it passed into Qiu Rin's ears along the phone, with a hint of coolness. He felt cold to the bottom of his heart, making him instantly have an ominous premonition.

"It looks like you haven't seen it yet. You should read it first. After reading it, go to the old place to meet. I will inform the other two."

Qiu Rin hung up the phone at a loss, opened the phone, and there was an extra WeChat group in the phone. There were only five people in the group, He, Bai Yan, Xiyue, An He, and one stranger named Death. There as a message from the god of death on the chat interface——

"Do you want to live? Do you want to know the meaning of life? Congratulations, you are the lucky ones chosen by the god of death! This is a game and a big gamble, the stake is - your life! It's very simple to want to live, do as I say, kill the others between the four of you, and only one will survive in the end. For those who are alive, the god of death will give you eternal life.

Hint: There are no rules in this game, you can do whatever you want.

The first game: The way to make money. "

Such a middle-school and neurotic word, anyone who reads it will probably scold him for being crazy. Qiu Rin was shocked by the first sentence at the beginning, and he didn't even look at it. But since Bai Yan specially called to remind him, it means that there may be something strange about this text message.

It can't be true, can it?

This thought flashed in Qiu Rin's mind, but he took his coat and went out the door without thinking deeply. What was so strange will become clear when he meets Bai Yan and the others.

The old place that Bai Yan mentioned was a leisure manor under his name. When he was fifteen years old, he designed and built the place himself. It integrates various leisure and entertainment. It was originally intended as a gathering place for a few of them, but later it became famous in the upper class, and more and more people feasted and played there. Bai Yan was not short of money, he just wanted to be clean, and didn't take a single business for ten days and a half. The more difficult it was to find it, the more enticing it was. The business became more and more prosperous, and it was not an exaggeration to say that it had a high daily income.

When Qiu Rin came, the other three had already arrived. After the waiter served him a cup of tea and left, there were only four of them left in the room. Bai Yan looked around and said, "You have read it, right?"

An He was impatient, and immediately picked up the conversation, "See, Yan Zi, you won't take it seriously, will you? You are still rushing to call us all out. Do you believe this kind of nonsense?"

Xiyue had a playful smile on his face, "Yan Zi is not such a quick-tempered person, did you find out something?"

Bai Yan nodded and pushed the gold glasses on the bridge of his nose, "I didn't find anything, but I found something interesting."

"In the message sent by the god of death, the four words "the way to make money" sent has an explanation. It is that each person is given one million, and we will see who makes more money within three months. The thing is, there is indeed an extra million in my account. You should have received it too, right?"

Qiu Rin and the three hurriedly flipped through their phones, and sure enough, they saw a transfer reminder. They didn't notice it before, because they were rich and powerful, and won’t take one million seriously. Their pocket money each month amounted to more than this so they would just ignore it when they saw it.

Bai Yan, on the other hand, was a careful person. After receiving the news of the god of death, he read it from beginning to end and discovered the mystery behind the four characters of the way to make money. After receiving the transfer reminder again, he paid attention to it, so he called them over to discuss it.

Xiyue laughed, "So, this person is really serious. Did he pay four million to play such a game with us? Why does he think we will play with him?"

Bai Yan sneered, "If only this was the case, before I came here, I heard my mother casually mention that there was an inexplicable loss of one million in the company's account, and I couldn't find where it went, as if it had evaporated from the world. "

Hearing what he said, the three of them also called to ask, and after asking, it turned out that their own companies each have one million less.

Qiu Rin chuckled, "Interesting, they took the money from our company and passed it on to us, making us play such a boring game with them, I'm not a fool!"

"Maybe he wants to tell us in this way that he is very capable, let us not underestimate him?"

Xiyue's words made a few people laugh, but they didn't take it to heart. Although this person was mysterious, had a few tricks, and didn't alarm anyone when they moved their company's fund, but still can't let them condescend to play such a ridiculous game with him, and even get a little angry.

Born to be the favored sons of heaven, they have always dominated the fate of others, looking down on others to fight and compete, and no one has ever been able to control them. Even saying such a thing makes them feel offended.

Therefore, the purpose of their meeting this time was to discuss how to find this insane idiot and make them pay the price for their stupid behavior.

However, no matter how many people searched, they could not find this person and finally had to give up.

Their life returns to peace, they do what they should do, and leave this thing behind. Time flashed by, and when three months passed, another text message appeared on their mobile phones.

"The three month period has come. It seems that you did not believe what I said, let alone do what I said, the so-called law does not blame the majority and will not work here, everyone will be punished for your contempt.

Punishment: Continuous nightmare

Duration: Three days. "

Nuts! I can’t believe there’s a follow up!

The four people happily joked in the group, but there was no response from the god of death. They felt that it was boring and stopped. The reason why they didn't quit the group was that they found out last time that there was no option to quit the group at all! Combining this person's status as a hacker, several people spontaneously regarded them as computer experts, thinking that they might have done some tricks to the group. Otherwise, how could they explain the fact that there was no option to leave the group?

However, when they were repeatedly awakened by nightmares at night, they finally felt uneasy. When they had nightmares for three consecutive days, several people completely believed that this person was serious.

However, at this time, they still thought that the other party was a human being. After all, what could make people have nightmares could be achieved through drugs. What made them fearful was the unpredictable methods of the other party, and they didn't know when they were hit. Even if it was colorless and tasteless medicine, if you want them to consume it, you have to touch them. Whether it was touching them or the people around them, there must be some trace. But this person did not, and there was no clue left.

Several people frantically investigated suspicious people but found nothing. Even their respective families used their connections to investigate, and it was still the same.

The four of them each wore two heavy dark circles under their eyes and gathered together in a sullen mood.

"What should we do?" An He asked with a dejected expression. "We can’t find them, should we just do as they say?"

Bai Yan said in a deep voice, "This is the last option."

Without him saying it, the others also understood when they couldn't find the person behind the scenes, they had no choice but to follow their words.

Unless they want to experience the nightmare of these three days again.

Xiyue said in a low voice with an inexplicable expression, "If we do as they say, they will force us..."

Having said this, he paused for a while, the four of them looked at each other, and a few words appeared in his heart at the same time——

Mutually! Kill! Each! Other!

Although the task now was to let them compete to make money, don't forget, the other party said at the beginning that only one of the four of them can survive. There was only one meaning to survive, wasn’t it to let them kill each other? As for the person who survives will get eternal life, no one believes.

They went silent for a while, both vaguely feeling fearful and ridiculous. They were probably crazy to really believe that someone could do something to the heirs of the four major families.

"Cough." Qiu Rin coughed, breaking the silence in the room, "The mission hasn't changed, it's still the way to make money. It seems that if we don't do what they said, we won't be able to get rid of it."

A few people were a little bit frustrated, they were long used to being in control. They used to make the rules of the game to play others, but now they were played by others. From a controller to a participant, this gap was big.

But what can be done, what can they do if the four major families can't find them?

Because they didn't want to suffer another nightmare, and because they planned to do everything they could to catch the people behind the scenes, they took the one million to do the task of making money.

And Wen Qing, who planned all this, enjoys a leisurely time in a beautiful holiday resort. Not far away, a muscular man with a good figure, finally came over to chat her up after peeking for three times, "Hey, beauty, can we be friends?"

Sunshine, beach, handsome man. Wen Qing took a sip of juice and sighed in her heart, this task was really wonderful.

In stark contrast to her, Qiu Rin and the four were conscientious and dedicated to making money. Although they were ready to find out who was behind the scenes, no one can guarantee the success of the plan. So they still have to prepare and have a precaution in case of failure. They were not some kind of siblings in the first place. It was because of the family interests that they played together, it's related to their own interests. No one talks about brotherhood. It doesn't hurt to have nightmares for a few days or so, a few people thought so in their hearts.

Three months later, the four of them got together again. This time, the expressions on everyone's faces were not as relaxed as they were the first time, but were very solemn.

They all know the bottom line, who earns more and who earns less, and they all know each other well. In terms of earning power, Bai Yan was the first, Qiu Rin was next, and An He was the worst, and this time was no exception. Those who earn more were slightly relieved, while those who earn less were anxiously waiting for the final judgment.


The crisp and pleasant message reminder sound came, and several people hurried to see it.

"The rank from high to bottom, An He, Bai Yan, Qiu Rin, Xiyue. Therefore, Xiyue is out."

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