Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 88: The Return of the Online Game Goddess [1]

Wen Qing came at a good time, as "Gods and Demons" had not officially started its operations. Therefore, she still had a chance to make money to buy a game pod.

The original's family conditions were not very well off, while a game pod cost 50,000 yuan. As a university student, she couldn't bear the burden. Moreover, it was impossible for her to ask her parents. It was already hard for them to pay tuition fees for this school, so how could she also make them pay for the game? Therefore, the original owner did not enter the game until she was in her third year, so she naturally missed the opportunity to get a head start.

It was not difficult for Wen Qing to make a small amount of money. The only trouble was how to rationalize the identity of the little phoenix. Little Phoenix also wanted to play games, so he turned into his human form, a beautiful fourteen-fifteen years old boy.

Towards the little phoenix who was rarely making a request, Wen Qing would naturally satisfy him.

It was just that the game account was bound to the citizen ID, one person one account, and used iris recognition. There was no possibility of replacement at all. So, if the little phoenix wanted to play the game, he must have a legal ID to do so.

In the end, there was no way out other than using some special means to obtain the ID card.

"This time, it's a special situation, later I will not use an illusion on mortals in the future! Let alone expose our special ability in front of ordinary people!"

"En, en, I know!" Little Phoenix nodded in response.

Because it was inconvenient to live in a dormitory with Little Phoenix, Wen Qing rented a house near the school. The two game pods had also been delivered. Everything was ready, so she just waited for January 1st, when the game was officially launched.

Wen Qing lay inside the game pod half an hour in advance and set the pod into the mode she was accustomed to, then the game countdown began.

3, 2, 1, Start!

The screen flashed. Wen Qing came into a fairyland full of birds and flowers. A white-clothed NPC guide looked at her with a smile. "Welcome to the worlds of Gods and Demons. I am your guide, 001, please scan your body data and create a character."

In “Gods and Demons,” players created characters based on their own physical data. Whether they were tall or short, beautiful or ugly, they would be presented distinctly, so it was impossible for the players to have two characters that looked exactly the same. Of course, they could adjust their appearance. After all, it was just a game, most people didn't want to be mixed up with reality.

A soft white light flashed, and a 3D character exactly like her appeared in front of Wen Qing. Next to her was a row of character data, the most important of which were strength, endurance, vitality, wisdom, dexterity, and agility. The value of these six items determined the base points of the character's attributes.

Yes, “Gods and Demons” had such a pit, saying that in order to revert the reality, those with weak physique would not have higher base points than those with good physique; they could only think that they were unlucky. The difference in basic points would not be very big, as it would only add a few more points even after physical exercise. Of course, if you ignored your bodies because of playing games, your basic points would also drop. This was a strategy developed to prevent people from being addicted to games and neglecting physical exercise.

Wen Qing thought that this rule was good. No matter how fun and realistic the game was, it was just a game, and it couldn't replace real life.

So, before the game started, she, who had already entered the Golden Core stage and whose physical fitness completely surpassed ordinary humans, already had a cheat, right?

In the original book, the basic attributes of the body data were all single digits, and the highest was only 9. However, Wen Qing's parameters were all above three digits…

Hey, isn't she a bully?

Wen Qing specifically asked 001, "Is there something wrong with the scan data?"

001 still had a gentle attitude, but her tone was very firm, "The scan data has been strictly tested by us and will never go wrong!"

What I want is just this arrogant attitude of yours! Wen Qing was secretly happy. It was estimated that the company had never thought that a body's data beyond their expectation would appear. Therefore, there was no alarm value installed. Otherwise, she would already be identified by the technician staff for bugs.

Wen Qing thought for a while, then asked 001, "What is my lucky value?" There was such a hidden attribute in the game, which was related to the issue of whether they had a lucky or unlucky hand. Generally, there was no way to check it. The only chance to inquire was to find 001 before entering the game because she disappeared after guiding them.


Only 10 ah. Wen Qing was a little regretful. She was confronted with the triple digits of her body data and looked down a bit on the double digits.

Eh, it's not right, the highest lucky value seems to be 10 ah! It means, her lucky value is maxed out?

Wen Qing raised her eyebrows, how else should she play this game? Her existence in itself was a cheat! She was even more awesome than the female lead, wasn't she just bullying her?

With these two surprises, when choosing the character's race, it wasn't that surprising to encounter a hidden race. There were four races in “Gods and Demons,” namely human, immortal, monster, and fairy. In addition, there were two hidden races, the Demons and Gods.

In the original novel, the female protagonist chose God. Every time she appeared, she was enveloped by a halo, so holy and pure as if she could relieve all the living creatures from torment. As a female supporting character that couldn't get along with the female lead, Wen Qing naturally chose Demon. How could becoming a goddess be cooler than becoming a demon?

When selecting an occupation, Wen Qing picked a mage. At any rate, she was a cultivator who was almost ascended, so mage could be considered as her profession.

After everything was ready, she was teleported into the game.

The newbie village was already very lively, but this was not the most crowded time. When "Gods and Demons" got popular all over the world next year and the ordinary people also joined in, that was what you called overcrowded!

The rules of "Gods and Demons" were so casual that it could even be said that there were no rules. The players had to explore everything by themselves.

The game veterans had slowly searched for the NPCs to receive quests, only the novices were still spinning around like a headless fly. This was also Wen Qing's first time playing a holographic online game. After experiencing very realistic visuals and feels of the game, she was also ready to follow up to pick up the quest.

Then a very thieving-looking NPC walked up to her. On the top of the overbearing fiend's head was a name Zhao Si. He lowered his voice and asked, "Grand Master Ximen, I have here a map for the heritage of a divine forger, do you want it?"

Wen Qing: “……”

So, while the female lead exhausted herself to beat the Crow Crest Tribe andcaught ten goldfish before she got the hidden quest of the divine forger, it was delivered to her hands for nothing?

But what the hell was Great Master Ximen? She forgot to set her character settings when she created the characters, the system probably randomly chose it ba.

"I want it!" Wen Qing said decisively. Why would she not want it when it was sent to her door?

Zhao Si hesitated for a while, gritted his teeth, and said, "Ten coppers! Give me ten coppers, and you can take it!"

The female lead only got ten golds after completing a series of quests, but it only cost ten coppers for her. It turned out that having a max lucky value was this awesome.

Wen Qing paid him ten coppers, and then successfully got the quest. The highest level of life skills in "Gods and Demons" was the divine level. Divine forger referred to divine level blacksmith. A heritage of divine tools? She liked it.

Then, Wen Qing also went to the village chief to pick up quests. Most novice quests were running errands, killing rabbits, collecting rabbit fur, digging herbs, mining, fishing, etc. Other than familiarizing themselves with the game, they could also incidentally learn some life skills. Anyway, after a lap, Wen Qing had lit up the appraisal, gathering herbs, mining, fishing, and other abilities. She conveniently changed her white equipment.

When Wen Qing was about to set off to the wild to complete the last quest of hunting down the wolf demon, she was stopped by someone.

A human male mage was asking her with embarrassment, "Um, beauty, where did your green outfit come from?"

Wen Qing raised her eyebrows, "It was given by the village chief." After she finished speaking, she fled without a trace.

The mage was a little frustrated, and the companion next to him said, "I told you, she won’t tell you! She must have done some hidden quest to get that green outfit!"

The game had just started for more than two hours, and the highest level was Level 9. The players were all in white clothing and occasionally, you could encounter a green outfit that was simply impossible to get at all. Therefore, Wen Qing's set of green outfits was very eye-catching in the novice village.

Ay, it was also hard to have a high lucky value ah, other people were rewarded with white outfits for completing quests, but when it came to her, she got a set of green outfits. The NPCs were also very enthusiastic, she was unable to refuse.

When Wen Qing arrived in the wild, several people were already fighting the wolf demon. This was the last part of the novice mission. Because of her additional luck, she did the quests faster, so there were not many people here. But the people who could come here now must all be the ones who were good at playing games.

Several people swept Wen Qing a glance, then continued to fight. Anyway, there were a lot of wolf demons, and they kept refreshing, so additional people did not have any impact.

However, as soon as Wen Qing arrived, a wolf demon boss appeared in front of her, the first wilderness boss in the whole server.

Now those people were not calm anymore, the first kill ah! Not only did they get a lot of experience and reputation, some even could get into TV and be famous!

However, before they came to grab the monster, the sword in Wen Qing's hand fell, and the wolf demon boss was killed in a second…

Several people looked at Wen Qing like they were seeing a ghost. That is a boss ah! Not an ordinary little demon! No, you won't be able to kill an ordinary little demon in a second either ah! Haven't you seen that they are still grinding the mobs after being here for so long?

Wen Qing was very distressed now. Her basic points were high and these would be reflected in her attack power. The blood of the wilderness boss was not as high as the damage from her normal attack. This was a good thing, but she actually didn't want to be exposed in front of others. What if she was reported? She had wanted to take advantage of the current lack of messy rankings to hide for a little longer.

Wen Qing had no choice but to put on a cold expression and put up a profound aura of the Gods. She was just short of telling others that she was a veteran.

Those people were indeed bluffed by her, watching from a distance, and stopped moving forward. Wen Qing chose to make an anonymous announcement, then opened the reward treasure chest. Fortunately, only you could see what was inside the treasure chest. Otherwise, it would make people’s eyes green.

At the same time, the heroine Yu Qinghe, with the game ID Yu Gui, was fighting with the last goldfish. In her last life, she saw this hidden mission when she was watching the game guide, the only divine-level hidden mission in the Newbie Village. This kind of task was unique, as long as one player picked it up, no one else could. That was why that person spread it out without any scruples. But in the end, he did not complete it because the later quest was too difficult.

Yu Gui knew that forge master would become the most profitable profession in the game in the future! The divine-level forger never appeared until the time of her death. Therefore, she was determined to win this divine forger's treasure!

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