Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 63: This Hostess is Toxic [3]

The broadcasting chat room was full of condemnation. No one believed that Wen Qing could make a medicinal potion. Her diehard fans didn't defend her.

Wen Qing completely ignored them and continued with what she was doing. She mixed a portion of the crude drug with three patent medicines, which Wen Qing thought was acceptable. After all, the plants here were not as spiritual as those in the Canglan Realm.

Wen Qing placed three light green potions side by side in front of the camera. She smiled toward it and said, "Well, now I'm going to start broadcasting."


She was, in reality, a 'No shedding tears until one sees the coffin [1]' type of person. So insolent even at this moment.

Wen Qing picked up a potion. "You wouldn't believe the effect of this Myelin Solution. Why don't I demonstrate it myself?"

【Qingqing, calm down. You should experiment with the new drugs on Zerg. No matter what the result is, we all believe you, so don't put your own body at risk!】

【Shit! Hostess, this is the same as seeking death!】

【Haha, if she died, then it will be an honorable death in the name of science.】

Some people were worried, and others were being sarcastic. The fans of the original body were magnanimous. Although they didn't believe that she could make potions, they comforted her for her safety.

Wen Qing smiled at the camera. "Don't worry, since I dared to do it, I am sure. Butler," she said, turning back and calling her Smart Butler, "Measure my current physical fitness level."

"Okay, Your Excellency Queen."

The Smart Butler's eyes emitted light beams and scanned Wen Qing up and down, "Your physical fitness is D-."

Wen Qing nodded. Then turned her head towards the camera, "You hear, right? My current physical fitness is D-. Now, I will take the Myelin Solution. There will be some pain while the Myelin Solution is in action, but you must not faint. Stay awake." As she spoke, she drank the Myelin Solution and sat in a Lotus position.

【OMG! Are you drinking it! Just in case you die, will we also be counted as accomplices?】

【She is already an eighteen-year-old with a sober mind. What does her decision have to do with us?】

【Sober but not in the right state of mind!】

【What does she mean by checking her physical fitness level? Will her score change at the moment?】

【No way! Even the master of potions has not worked out the potions to improve the physical index. How could she do it?】

After Wen Qing's Myelin Solution, the efficacy quickly kicked in. But for she, who had consumed the Myelin Solution in space, the drug's potency was minimal. Moreover, she had already absorbed the qi. Right now, her refined qi was in the eighth level. Her physical index was no longer at D. It was just to pull the wool over people's eyes. So, she disguised herself as a D-class, even imperceptible to the smart housekeeper. It was bait.

It was not to deceive fans. She was sure that the Myelin Solution was beneficial. Still, no one would believe it if she didn't experiment on herself, so she decided to pretend to be "hurt" for 20 minutes. Wen Qing opened her eyes to the camera, "Butler, now measure my physical fitness level."

"Okay, Your Excellency Queen."

In the direct broadcasting room, there was instant silence. Everyone was holding their breath, waiting for the results. Although many people disbelieved and accused her of scamming, they could not help but look forward to it in their hearts. From the beginning to the end, the hostess did not look flustered and scared. In contrast, she was confident and assured all along. It made them change their minds unconsciously.

"Your Excellency Queen, your fitness level is C+."

Just as the voice of the butler fell, the broadcasting room was surprisingly silent for a moment that even the bullet chat disappeared. Then the room blew up again.

【Really? From D- to C+! Even crossed two significant grades and four small grades! It's incredible! Hostess, please accept my kowtow!】

【I never heard of an increase in the level of physical fitness. This breakthrough will be mentioned in the history of the Union! And I am a witness!】

【Witness +1!】

【The medicament that will help you improve your physical fitness level!!! The hostess is awesome! I was blind before! Hostess, please hit me again!】

【My face is swollen, but I am unexpectedly feeling good by the slap!】

【Hostess, no, Your Excellency Queen! Do you still need a leg appendage? The kind with eight packs and long legs!】

【Your Excellency Queen, do you need a sugar daddy?!】

It's not that no one questioned the Smart Butler's credibility, but the other comments quickly drowned those comments. The Smart Butler might be a cheat, so it was a trifling matter. However, the physical fitness and mental conscious power were handled by Skynet. That was to say, Skynet would also be tested. Would Skynet resort to deception? How was this possible?

It was because they knew it was impossible to cheat. Fans were going crazy! It was unheard of to raise the level of physical fitness! Physical fitness was predestined at birth, and only a few people could break through when the body reached its limit. But at most, they would be promoted to a negligible level. When it reached the limit, it must be in a dangerous situation. In this case, even if one was lucky to break through, so what? The achievement was still meager.

But now there was a kind of medicine, which could easily make people's physical level increase four sublevels at a time! Moreover, with no side effects at all! If they didn't see it with their own eyes! No one would believe it at all!

Although it happened in front of their eyes, people still couldn't believe it!

【Your Excellency Queen!! Look at me! Are you selling the remaining two potions? You could price them at your desire!】

When this bold and highlighted comment came out, the fans went even crazier!

【Your Excellency Queen! I will give you 10 million per potion!】

【I will give you 20 million! per potion!】

【 I'll give you 100 million!】

【One hundred million! Plus a luxury cruise ship!】

【Two hundred million! Plus, a spaceship!】

No one could blame them for being so crazy. What's money compared with the potion that could improve the physical fitness level?! Money had no worth if you could improve your physical level!

It was necessary to mention the background of the world. Although equality had been advocated since the new era, it was just a talk. The levels of physical fitness and mental conscious power destined from birth divided people into various grades and ranks.

The higher the rank, the higher the status, plus better treatment and resources enjoyed. Because they had a more significant role. For example, if you pilot a Zord, your minimum physical fitness level should be A or above. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to bear the load of the Zords. Similarly, a person with a high mental conscious power may not become a pharmacist, but a pharmacist must be one with high mental conscious power!

Those with low grades could only engage in general industries, but intelligent robots slowly took over these industries. They couldn't get high-level jobs, nor could they get low-level ones. What position could a person who was useless to society have?

These people were still the majority of the Union, even though they had no qualifications.

However, miraculously, a medicinal potion that could heighten your physical fitness level existed. What if they went bankrupt? It was even worth their life! They could even exchange with their children's life, okay!

The comments were bold and highlighted on the bullet chat, all bidding for the Myelin Solution. Wen Qing had a headache when she saw it, so she turned off the comment. She said to the camera leisurely, "Was the face slap refreshing?"

The audience nodded subconsciously and realized that Wen Qing could not see, so they sent comments, but Wen Qing had turned off the comments.

"So, pay attention to it in the future. After all, this Queen is best at face slapping!"

"These two potions, this Queen won't sell..."

The fans were suddenly disappointed. How could such a heavenly medicine not be sold?

Wen Qing's voice turned, "But ... I will randomly choose two fans to send them to."

Queen, please don't take such a long pause!

"As you know, I was born in an orphanage. When I first came to the military academy, I didn't have the money to buy training resources, so I started a live broadcast, and I got better due to my fans. I can't be ungrateful now that I have the ability. I want to repay you guys. Therefore, these two potions will be given away to my old fans."

Wen Qing's words made fans excited as well as delighted. The reward to the fans from the host's performance was to get what they needed, but they must say that they were lucky to meet the hostess who considered her fans like this!

The live broadcast platform had the option of shuffling the number. Wen Qing randomly selected two fans, The Glittering Super Tycoon and Qingqing's Little Chirp.

A plug-in like a giveaway picker originally existed to stimulate fans to give rewards. Because the more rewards one got, the more attention they received. The two people Wen Qing drew were on the fan list. But what the hell was Qingqing's Little Chirp!

Wen Qing's face froze. She raised her head to the camera and said, "I've chosen two people. Send your address privately, and you'll receive the potion later. Other fans shouldn't be sad. I will publish the prescription of the Myelin Solution, including the detailed procedure. It is so detailed, that even the Zerg pigs can make it! But if someone is more stupid than a pig, ask me in the comments when I broadcast live next week. But don't ask me privately, otherwise, you will be blacklisted forever!"

Uh-huh, you are the Queen, and you are right about everything!

Wen Qing added this last article to prevent certain people from disturbing her. She knew the shock and sensation brought by the advent of the Myelin Solution disturbed many top leaders of the league. When the time came, searching for her meant endless trouble. Let's see who was blind enough to bother her!

"By the way, my upcoming live broadcast schedule will be changed to every Friday. I'm not lazy, I'm just trying to give you time to study potions!"

Hehe, did they believe this?

"Well, this live broadcast has come to an end, I will see you next week!"

Wen Qing exited, but the number of people in the live broadcast room soared. These people just got the news.

But when Wen Qing left, she forgot to mute. Thereupon, everyone helplessly stared at those who just joined the broadcast.

[TL Notes]:

[1]: Not shedding a tear until one sees the coffin means one does not realize their mistake until it is too late.

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