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Chapter 64: This Hostess is Toxic [4]

No one could communicate in the live broadcast room, so the audience, who was still surging with emotion, shifted their positions and communicated in various forums. A considerable part of the audience was students in military schools. It was so populated that any information would transmit quickly. There was a student in our school that made a medicinal potion during a live broadcast. It got many views from the people of the Military Academy. At first, the viewers were only watching for fun, but who knew Wen Qing would succeed and thus make a heavenly medicinal potion.

Subsequently, the Military Academy Forum thread was top-listed!

#Your Excellency Queen's broadcast zip file! You are welcome!#

#Kneeling for Your Excellency Queen!#

#Your Excellency Queen's Myelin Solution Tutorial HD#

#I am buying the ingredients based on the Queen's formula, which Pharmacy department students are taking orders!#

#Dumb people! Already wasted two sets of ingredients. Please ask Your Excellency Queen for personal guidance!#

This was just a military academy forum. Other major forums were also not much different. In short, the name Your Excellency Queen had exploded through the whole Union tonight.

This upsurge reached its fever pitch with the appearance of two other videos. One of them was a short clip from Young Master of The Richest Household in The Union, Fu Bi's Weibo.

"Hello everyone, I am The Glittering Super Tycoon." Unexpectedly, Super Tycoon was different from his nouveau riche screen name. He was very handsome, "I have now received a courier from Your Excellency Queen. Although I am embarrassed, I have to admit that I am a loser of the E+ constitution. Now I am taking the Myelin Solution, wish me good luck."

This was the first time that The Glittering Super Tycoon had exposed his identity socially. He was indeed the glittering tyrant! Union's first plutocrat, Fu Group's young master! Although it had been rumored that he was relatively low-key because of his poor qualifications, they didn't expect him to be so open on the internet.

All they had was money. What could they do with the money? After all, the loser of a wealthy family was different from that of a civilian family.

Fu Bi's video was half an hour long. Apart from the initial self-introduction, there was a part where the drug was taking effect. In the video, he was sweating profusely, his face was full of pain. He clenched his teeth so that he would not faint. It was agonizing to watch. Sure enough, it didn't feel so good to improve your levels, but if you could do it, the pain was worth it!

Half an hour later, Fu Bi didn't stop twitching. In addition to looking rather pale, he also discharged a layer of grime, which definitely didn't smell good, but Fu Bi didn't care. He joyfully looked at the camera and said, "My current physical fitness level is C-. This Myelin Solution is really effective! Thank you, Your Excellency Queen! In the future, all the properties of Fu Group will be charged free to the Queen! No, no, if you like it you can even take the Fu Group!"

Those words were too hefty. If Wen Qing was unkind and wanted all the Fu Group's industries, wouldn't the richest person in the Union change? However, those who had never experienced the taste of being a loser would not understand Fu Bi's feeling of flying into the sky once! What is money? Can money buy levels?

He couldn't before, but he could now.

The second video was from Gu Shanhe. Who was Gu Shanhe? There was probably no one in the Union who didn't know. He was the director of the Union Pharmaceutical Research Institute, which gathered the top pharmacists in the whole Union. Gu Shanhe was a master of pharmacy, and his pharmaceutical level was unparalleled.

This old scholar of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute didn't have an interest in anything except medicinal potion. Today he was exploring medicine when he accidentally stumbled upon Wen Qing's live video. Even an ordinary person could see the importance of potions. How could the institute not see them? Therefore, when Wen Qing published the prescription, he took it to experiment right away. After failing twice, he succeeded. However, the effect didn't seem to be as good as Wen Qing's potion. His video contained the queries about the potion he just made. "Your Excellency Queen, our research institute did it according to your steps, but the effect was greatly reduced. What is the problem?"

Shocking even the Institute of Medicine, Wen Qing's Myelin solution was approved, which made people crazier! It turned out the credibility of the medicine was true!

Wen Qing, not caring how the outside world was boiling, finished her own live broadcast, packed up the things, sent out the two potions, and was ready to go into the space to find something to eat. However, she had to give up the idea because she had been closely monitored here. Instead, she took the opportunity to browse. After scrolling through several forums she starred in, she saw several articles praising her, which made her happy.

Then she remembered that Su Ruan was also broadcasting live for the first time today, so she went through her live recording.

Su Ruan specially chose Friday night, a time when there was a large flow of people. She tried the voice condition of the original owner and found out it was very good, even better than her previous life! It was just that the original owner had been timid and unconfident, so she hadn't taken this road. But she was different. She was born to eat this bowl of rice! And after rebirth, she had the ability to never forget!

Everything she heard and read in her previous life was clearly engraved in her mind, and she couldn't forget it even if she wanted to! This ability made her laugh. She was more than sure about her success!

Most of Interspace's current songs were war songs, cover songs, EDM, etc., and even fast food songs were inferior! In recent years, although the trend of restoring ancient ways had risen, those so-called ancient-way-restoration songs were totally uninteresting. If she covered all the classic songs in her memory, they would know what the classical charm was! Wouldn't it be possible to make yourself popular in the whole Interspace?

When she heard Wen Qing's songs, she couldn't compare their songs. She could be popular. Why couldn't she?

So Su Ruan vowed to start the live broadcast. The threshold of live broadcasts these days was extremely low. You only needed to register an account if you had the correct equipment.

For the first live broadcast, she prepared three songs, all of which were widely acclaimed at her time. Well, since the original singer was not there, she brazenly marked her own name. She would donate more money to pray for the original composer in the future.

At first, the room would naturally be desolate and cheerless, but she was ready. Anyway, these songs would be popular after some time, so she didn't have to worry at all. But what Su Ruan didn't expect was that there were no more than ten people in the live broadcast room from beginning to end. There wasn't even one at the end!

Her face morphed into an ugly countenance. Although there would be fewer people at first, it should grow slowly. No matter how bad it was, people who heard her singing should stay. Now there was none!

Could it be that the song she chose was not suitable for this era?

That must be the reason.

However, when she quit the live broadcast and browsed it, she realized that things were not what she'd thought!

It was all the work of her former roommate!!!

Wen Qing could guess Su Ruan's face at the moment without looking at it. She viciously smiled. She did it on purpose, deliberately doing things when Su Ruan was broadcasting live.

This wasn't the case in the original novel. Su Ruan's premiere was smooth, and all the viewers who clicked in were attracted by her angelic voice. Then, after people recommended her video, she ended up with 10,000 followers. Moreover, her songs were put on the internet and heard by Just a Wandering King. It was immediately trending. It was shared multiple times, and the waves of followers ushered in. At that point, Su Ruan had already gained a foothold in the live broadcast industry.

However, an incident happened at the time. After her first live broadcast, Su Ruan ran into Wen Qing, who had come to the dormitory to find her. Consequently, she provoked Wen Qing to compete against her. Wen Qing naturally did what she wanted. The next day, Wen Qing and Su Ruan entered the PK room[1]. The competition was about singing live and to see which person could get the maximum vote from their fans.

Wen Qing had thought that since she had been broadcasting for so long, she had many diehard fans, while the opponent had just started broadcasting. Who was Su Ruan? She was the Female Lead with cheats who had the ability to surprise others with her voice's special effects. Hence, although Wen Qing had many fans when the voting started, her votes were up to par with Su Ruan, a newcomer who was broadcasting for the second time.

Originally this was Wen Qing's loss. After all, she was a veteran Hostess compared with newcomers, and the votes were neck to neck. Of course, the other party had greater potential. But this was not the final result. Just when the voting was coming to an end, fans of a certain heavenly king arrived and instantly turned the tide!

Therefore, Su Ruan easily trampled the cannon fodder, Wen Qing.

It was a common plot to trample upon the cannon fodder for the convenience to avenge the original body or whatever reason to advance the female protagonist. However, Wen Qing's client was cannon fodder! So, she had to see from the cannon fodder's point of view and act accordingly.

One might sing the flower out, but did improve one's level have any importance? Although later on, Su Ruan truly sang the flower out.

After watching the commotion of Su Ruan's broadcast, Wen Qing went to browse the forum again. At that time, she saw the video of Gu Shanhe on Weibo. Even if she was an outsider, she knew Gu Shanhe's position in the Union. Besides, he was more than one hundred years old, enough to be the grandfather of this body! He called her Your Excellency Queen, which made Wen Qing feel a little ashamed.

But since it was the Your Excellency Queen, how could she have such a thing as shame? She simply changed her username to Your Excellency Queen and replied to Gu Shanhe, "Send me the Medicinal potion. Let me have a look."

"WTF! Your Excellency Queen arrived! "



"Your Excellency Queen also help me!"

"Is this a real person? Be aware!"

"It is truly her! I paid attention when the Queen was still called Qingqing. Just now the Queen changed her name!"

Gu Shanhe had been waiting for Wen Qing's reply. When he saw the comment, he hurriedly sent things out. All the information of Wen Qing had already been exposed, so he didn't have to ask for the address in any way.

In this era, Intelligent Couriers were also very reliable. It would just take some minutes. If it exceeded ten minutes, it could be regarded as long-distance express delivery. Stuart Land Star, where the military academy was located, was adjacent to Capital Star, where the pharmacist lived. Gu Shanhe sent an urgent express mail, so Wen Qing received the express delivery after more than half an hour.

She opened the potion, sniffed the smell, took a little bit, and tasted it. She knew the reason right away.

"The interval between nitrocellulose and Jade Flower root was a little short. Jade Flower root is a neutral herb, so the time of adding it is very important. One minute earlier, the reaction with cotton nitrate would not be enough, and one minute later, the reaction would be too intense. We must strictly keep it in mind." Wen Qing replied on Weibo.

Pharmaceutical is similar to cooking. Even if someone tells you the steps clearly, the novice can't make the same taste as the chef. Among them, the temperature and feeling can't be learned by watching, but by experience.

It was good that Gu Shanhe could make it like this. He would make it if he practiced a few times to find a feeling. Couldn't you see that others were still fumbling?


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