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Chapter 65: This Hostess is Toxic [5]

Wen Qing woke up and washed up. She took two nutrient solutions, clenching her teeth and drinking them in one go. She felt full. It could supplement all the nutrients needed by the human body, and it was convenient to eat. Therefore, the food of the Union had long been replaced by the nutrient solution. It was okay to eat at first, but she was getting tired of eating it every day. Wen Qing wanted to get something to eat in the space. But she'd noticed that her dormitory had been thoroughly monitored since yesterday.

Unsurprisingly, she made medicine like Myelin Solution, and the Union couldn't ignore her. It was just secret surveillance. Wenqing had no fear. Why did she broadcast live like this from the start? So that everyone would know her. If someone wanted to harm her, they'd have to worry about whether they could bear the anger of the citizens of the whole Union.

However, this was the most useless plan. The Union was very protective of talents. Although there were internal struggles, all parties and factions might want her to join their side, but no one would do anything to her if she refused. After all, what she made was an epoch-making medicine, which could improve the combat effectiveness of the whole Union by a level. It could be recorded in the history of the league. Internal strife was internal strife, but it was a sin to hinder the development of the Union!

Besides, the war against the Zerg hadn't been positive over the years. If the Myelin Solution was popularized in an all-around way, the combat effectiveness of the Union would surely rise, so no one would be willing to kill such a talent. Wen Qing had perceived the present situation of the Union, so she had nothing to hide.

The live broadcast of making medicine and posting the procedure was also the repayment for the Union. After all, this was the client's wish.

Union Military Academy Forum.

# Broadcast Queen's Travel Journals!#

"Ahhh! So excited! I saw Your Excellency Queen as soon as I went out! Your Excellency Queen is more beautiful in reality than on the screen!"

1L: I envy you. Show us the picture!

2L: I envy you +1! But my Queen doesn't need her face to be popular!

3L: It's evident that you have a face value, but you must rely on talent!

4L: The landlord is a bit timid and afraid to go up and say hello! Fearful of being blacklisted by the Queen!

5L: Don't be a coward! Send your location!

6L: 2 Area, building B, unit 19. Now we're at Unit 18...

7L: WTF! The Queen is in my area!

8L: Your reaction is relatively too slow. The Queen moved to Area 2 last week!

9L: Let me remind you, the Queen said not to look for her privately, or you will be blacklisted forever!

10L: Still, I am telling you, secretly peek from the window!

72 L: Where does this goblin (admirer) come from?

73L: I know that man, Song Ji from Class 2, Zords Grade 3!

74L: Song Ji, right? Remember, you must let him know what happens when you strike up a conversation with the Queen later!

75L: Huh? The person up there has some nerve!

76L: Nerve +1!

77L: standing in silent tribute for 74L!

Wen Qing looked at a boy who suddenly appeared in front of her. He stood in front of her and was embarrassed. His ears were red, but he didn't speak. She was puzzled. "What's wrong?"

"Ah? That ..... Wen Qing, uh no, Your Excellency..." He amused Wen Qing. The shy boy was odd. "You can call me Wen Qing."

"Ah?" The boy was stunned, but he hurriedly answered, "Oh, okay."

Wen Qing looked at the time. It was almost time for the physical fitness test, so she asked him again, "What do you want to see me for?"

"Well, I just want to say thank you. I used yesterday's Myelin Solution, and my physical fitness went from S+ to SS-, which only rose by one level. I was too stupid. I was embarrassed to post it on Weibo for fear of discrediting you ..."

Wen Qing instantly knew who it was. She sent out two Myelin Solutions yesterday. One was The Glittering Super Tycoon, which was Fu Bi. She saw his videos and knew what he looked like, so the other one was self-evident.

She narrowed her eyes and asked, "Qingqing's Little Chirp?"

"En~, it's me." Song Ji was embarrassed to admit it.

Wen Qing's face darkened. This guy didn't hesitate to find her! She thought it was a stingy man with such a trivial name, but she didn't expect it to be a handsome little boy. Sure enough, all that glitters isn't gold!

"Why do you take such a trivial name?"

"Ah?" Song Ji was dumbfounded, "Trivial? It is from my ancestor."

Whose ancestor was so unreliable!

Wen Qing didn't hesitate as she said to him, "Then you can get rid of Chirpy! Otherwise, I will beat you whenever I see you! "

Song Ji finally reacted. "Ah, My username. I took it myself. My name is Song Ji. Eh~, then, I ..."

This time, not only his ears but his whole face got red. He mumbled the words but, at last, didn't say anything.

What else did Wen Qing not understand? Interestingly, this pure boy was still an admirer of the original owner.

"Okay, you have to change it quickly, see you later. I will go to the exam first!"

"Oh, sorry for disturbing you."

Wen Qing carefreely waved her hand, went through the Hover Car parking lot, and got into the teaching area.

721L: Yes, yes, the Queen has entered the teaching area!

722L: What is she doing in the teaching area on Saturday?

723L: Are you stupid? The Queen said she had a re-exam for her physical fitness test this week!

724L: Can the Queen pass this time? If she doesn't, it's going to be demotivating!

725L: Impossible! The Queen is now a C+ physique. She can cope with the physical examination. Even if the Queen doesn't pass, the military academy is reluctant to kick her out!

726L: You can't kick her out! Who's willing to let go of the Queen's great pharmaceutical talent? It's said that the head of the pharmacist department went to the headmaster last night and urged the Queen to be transferred to their department!

727L: In other words, when the Queen entered the school, why did she sign up for the dumb Literature and Art Department?

728L: Yes, if she has pharmaceutical talent, why didn't she join the pharmacist department? I haven't heard that she has been exposed to medicine before, but now she suddenly knows how to make medicine. Why is it so strange?

729L: What's so strange about this? Studying medicine needs a lot of money. The Queen was born in an orphanage. The Union only funds her basic life, but to sponsor her to study medicine? Didn't you hear her say she didn't even have the money to buy training resources when she first came to the military academy? As an orphan who'd never been exposed to potions, how do you ask her to report to the pharmacist department? Now it's because of the live broadcast that she has earned money so that she has the opportunity to buy those medicinal instruments. As a result, she developed the Myelin Solution.

730L: The upstairs is correct, and I think the Queen should also know that she has a talent in this field. Otherwise, she wouldn't buy these for research as soon as she has money!

Without Wen Qing's explanation, someone gave her a reasonable and believable reason, which was perfect and accountable, and most people accepted this statement.

When Wen Qing's physical examination finished, the threads had more than 3000 comments. Wen Qing also scrolled through it and felt that these students in the military academy were quite lovely. She didn't feel anything when she saw the previous questions about her sudden pharmaceutical talent. If no one questioned her, she would feel strange.

However, the statement on the 729L coincided with the wording she thought, which was quite unusual, so Wen Qing went into battle and replied.

3233L: 729L is correct.

3234L: I hope the Queen will broadcast live every day.

3235L: OMG! Is 3233L the real Queen!

3236L: 1st!

3237L: I am 3234L! I spoke right after the Queen!

3238L: scrolling over, scrolling over! What did 729L say?

3239L: The Queen personally certifies! Lucky brother 729!

However, in half an hour, the explanation that Wen Qing suddenly made potions was forwarded by the significant forums. All the parties personally admitted it, which was a fact, if not a reality.

Wen Qing didn't care that her news was all over the Internet. When she left the campus, she secretly came to see her fellow students. Although she pretended to be invisible, she didn't want to go out and be watched. And if she guessed correctly, after a day and a night's consideration, those who had been watching would come to visit.

Wen Qing had a headache at the thought of dealing with a group of masked people, so she sent an email to the class director and asked for a week off. Then she packed up and ran away.

Not half an hour after she left, the principal of the military academy came to her door with the head of the pharmacist department. After knocking for long, no one answered. Only after asking her class director did he know that she had asked for leave.

"Xiao Li, why didn't you report to the school for such a big thing? How many people are waiting for Wen Qing outside? I was blocking all of them! You've let her go! What if she is taken away by other schools?" The headmaster's beard flared up with anger.

Xiao Li's class director was dumbfounded. "Oh, no, she is so powerful now. I dare not stop her!" When Wen Qing asked for a leave, he immediately agreed. He still felt that giving Wen Qing convenience would make her remember his kindness! "What should I do now?"

"What else can you do? Send her a message to come back! Or send some people to protect her, although her physical fitness has improved now, but still... " The headmaster stopped speaking mid-sentence. If this guy tells Wen Qing what he said behind her back that her physical fitness was still poor, what would he do? The headmaster coughed to cover up his slip of the tongue. "In short, you should send her a video first and ask where she is."

"Oh, okay," Xiao Li answered as he dialed Wen Qing's Photo Computer.

"Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is not in the service area..."

"Not in the service area? So where is she? Is there a part in the Union that Skynet can't cover?" The headmaster worriedly said.

"Maybe the signal is blocked."

‘That could also happen.’ The headmaster thought for a moment. "Let's do this first. We can't find her, then no one else can find her. However, Mr. Xiao Li, you should keep in touch with classmate Wen Qing and report to me as soon as you hear from her!"

"Okay, headmaster."

He had just finished processing here. Before the headmaster Wei Hua came to the office, he received a message from his secretary saying that the military had sent someone over. Then came the second message that the government also sent people.

"These people are swift," Wei Hua muttered. "Unfortunately, the person you are looking for is not at school."


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