Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 66: This Hostess is Toxic [6]

In the headmaster's reception room, the military and the government were sitting opposite each other. They were as different as the clear water from the Jinghe River and the turbid water from the Weihe River.

The military representative, Lieutenant-general Chu Tiankuo, coldly spoke, "The former minister is very idle today! Did you come to my military school to inspect the work?"

"Isn't General Chu also idle today?" The former minister smiled very kindly. "I am busy, but our federal government has finally produced a talented pharmacist. Even if I am busy, I have to express my regards!"

How could Chu Tiankuo not understand what he meant? He faked a smile, "Ah! If your government has produced a talented pharmacist, what are you doing in my military academy?"

"General Chu, are you saying we are strangers? Military and political affairs are not separated. The whole Union is a family!" The former minister still laughed, "General Chu also knows that I am in charge of civil affairs, and the orphanage of the Union is under my control. Although our responsibility is to raise and rescue these children, it is also gratifying for us to be parents when watching our children become talents. Let me express my regards to Wen Qing, an outstanding student of our Commonwealth Orphanage..."

"You liar!" Chu Tiankuo couldn't endure anymore and burst into swearing. These politicians enjoyed playing mind games. Did anyone become their children with just three or two words?!

"When she had no money to buy training resources, why didn't you say she was your child? Why didn't you come to visit when she was too poor to eat? Now that she has made great achievements, Father comes to befriend her! I told you no way! All the students in the military academy are from our military department! If you want to pry the corner, you have to go through me!"

The former minister wasn't annoyed and still smiled gently. "General Chu's words are unreasonable. It is the student's choice to go to school. It is the student's freedom to work after graduation. Military school graduates are politicians. Political university graduates had joined the army. Which federal law stipulates that when you go to military school, you must enter the Ministry? As long as you are loyal to the Union Military Academy, is it not the same where they work?"

"You!" Chu Tiankuo sneered. Before he could retort, the headmaster Wei Hua came in. Chu Tiankuo hurriedly went up and asked, "Where does Wen Qing live? You take me there."

Wei Hua didn't expect him to be so anxious that he didn't even have the time to greet him. He didn't know Chu Tiankuo was angry with the former minister. "Unfortunately, Wen Qing just left the school on leave."

"Where did she go?"

"I don't know this either."

Wen Qing, who all parties searched for, went to the edge star by spaceship. She'd found on the Internet that Arthurs's star was a plant star with the most prosperous plant species. She had many medicines but couldn't find a substitute, so she had to try her luck here.

When disembarking, the flight attendant reminded her to be careful as it was closer to the front line. Thanking the gentle and beautiful lady, Wen Qing walked into Arthur's star alone.

The climate on Arthur Star was a bit like a tropical rain forest, hot and humid. It had tall trees and lush plants. As soon as Wen Qing entered, she found the plant she needed, which immediately made her feel that this trip was worth it.

Moreover, the signal here wasn't so good. The Photon Computer, which was thrown into space by her, shut down, so there was no need to worry about being noticed by Skynet. She could finally use the space with confidence. Just to be safe, she only used her space to take things out or for qi cultivation. Anyway, the space button had appeared in this world. Although it was sporadic, it wasn't that it didn't exist. Even if someone ran into her, she could make up a lie.

Wen Qing searched for herbs while eating, drinking, and having fun. Her days were natural and unrestrained. One day, she just came out of the tent and suddenly felt a strange smell.

Wen Qing held her breath, induced it carefully, and suddenly looked into the tree in front of her, where there was a blue-winged bird.

Wen Qing's eyes brightened, "Hey? There are five-level beasts here?"

Her first reaction wasn't fear. She felt blessed! Since leaving Canglan, she had never eaten a spirit beast. The meat of the spirit beast tasted delicious. It wasn't comparable to ordinary meat at all! Wen Qing gulped as she stared at the bluebird in the tree. She smiled and said, "Get down."

Five-level spirit beasts were intelligent and could understand people. However, the bluebird wasn't stupid. Its intuition said Wen Qing was dangerous.

Wen Qing looked at it and smiled, "Not coming down..." Then she threw a golden net and covered its head.

Huayin had given her this net when she was in the Canglan Realm, which they predominantly used to trap the spirit beast. When Wen Qing left Canglan's domain, she'd kept it in her space.

"Caw! Caw! " The bluebird was trapped, it was struggling violently, but the net was getting tighter and tighter. Wen Qing hit it with aura and knocked it out. She muttered, "What a terrible sound!"

However, she also saw that the bluebird had been injured and had a burn on her abdomen. It seemed to have been glazed by a laser gun. Wen Qing nonchalantly plucked its feathers, washed it, then fried it.

The smell of barbecue overflowed, and it made people want to drool. Wen Qing hummed and sprinkled seasoning. As she heard footsteps in the distance, Wen Qing looked up, and it turned out to be a military Zord!

Three dark green humanoid Zords were coming from the depths of the jungle. They had a smooth fuselage with glacial luster, a beautiful streamlined figure, tall and mighty, and every step had the ground shaking. The three Zords saw Wen Qing and stopped for a moment. They seemed to have communicated as they walked towards Wen Qing.

Wen Qing lowered her eyes. She carefreely brushed a layer of honey on the barbecue. She was a citizen of the Union. Would the military Zords still bombard her?

The Zords stopped five meters away from Wen Qing. "Kacha, Kacha." All three mecha squatted down while three people jumped down from it.

"Wow, it smells good! What did little sister cook?"

Wen Qing didn't lift her head. Everyone who smelled her barbecue wanted to be her friend!

Striking up a conversation failed. Zhuo Erfan touched his nose. He thickened his face and glanced at her. He unexpectedly thought Wen Qing was very familiar, "Aye? Have I seen you somewhere?"

Fu Qingfeng came out from behind him. After seeing Wen Qing's appearance, he was surprised. "Your Excellency Queen! You are the queen who makes Myelin Solution, right! "

"Hmm." As others recognized her, Wen Qing casually made a sound.

Zhuo Erfan reacted and raised his eyebrows. "The whole Union is looking for you like crazy. I didn't expect you to be here!"

Wen Qing finally looked up, and suddenly her eyes lit up. This man looked so beautiful! Well, as beautiful as a coquettish wretch.

"I didn't want to deal with them so I hid here." Wen Qing answered.

"That's right," Zhuo Erfan squatted down and stared at her barbecue. "What are you barbecuing? It looks delicious."

Before Wen Qing spoke, the third person who had been silent spoke. "It's the blue-winged iron owl we chased."

"What! That fifth-level bug!" Fu Qingfeng jumped up and said. "Queen, you killed it? Er, no, you can't eat this! You will die!

Wen Qing accusingly glanced at him, "What bug? So disgusting! Why can't I eat it? This thing is a significant supplement!" Originally, this monster beast was what they called Zerg! It seemed that if she didn't have any work, she could go for a stroll and have a rare sumptuous meal.

"It is because of the great supplements that you can't eat it. People will explode and die! Some people have found that these Zergs' bodies contain tremendous energy before, and they want to try whether humans can absorb them, but they are all dead without exception!" Zhuo Erfan explained.

That's right, ordinary people couldn't absorb such power contained in the monster beast's flesh and blood, but she was different. She just built a foundation two days ago. "Then you people can't eat it!"

"Can you?" Zhou Erfan and Fu Qingfeng were surprised at the same time.

"Of course," Wen Qing rolled her eyes. She suddenly had an idea, "Would you like to try? I can teach you!"

"Luckily, it's Friday today, and I want to prepare for the live broadcast. Today, I will broadcast how to refine the monster beast. Oh no, the power of the Zerg!"

Not only Zhuo Erfan and Fu Qingfeng, but also Xia Houyan, who had been silent all along, was surprised. They said in unison, "You can refine the power of Zerg?!"

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