Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 69: This Hostess is Toxic [9]

Wen Qing had been in the limelight in the Alliance for a while. Her statements had been broken down and studied in an attempt to dig out more information from them. However, except for the two live broadcasts, Wen Qing's Weibo account had almost no other activity. After practicing, fans liked to read Wen Qing's Weibo over and over again, as if they could get closer to her this way.

Therefore, Wen Qing's first Weibo post since the live broadcast of refining techniques instantly caused a sensation among fans!

Ahhhh! The Queen has posted on Weibo! Watch quickly!



[T/N: 沙发 (shā fā) literally means sofa, as Internet slang it means - the first reply or replier to a forum post.]

"Front row!"

"Let's take a group photo!"

The excitement commenced without even reading the content. Once they read the content, there was another commotion.

"Su Huai? It's not the Su Huai that I thought, right? The number one beautiful man in the Alliance?"

"Blacklisted forever! What did he do to make the Queen so angry?"

"Whatever he did, it must be his fault to make the Queen angry! I will also blacklist him with the Queen!"

"Haha! I am very happy! I saw him waiting in front of the Queen's dorm yesterday. The dormitory manager told him twice but he didn't leave! Heh, self-righteous fool, got hit in the face!"

"Damn! This guy actually made the first move! Even though I am from the same school as the Queen, I don't have the guts to talk to her. What is this green onion Su Huai, ah? It's good that the Queen has blacklisted him."

"Vindicate the Queen, blacklist Su Huai!"

"Vindicate the Queen and unfollow Su Huai!"


The Internet* was abuzz with excitement, mainly because Wen Qing rarely released a Weibo post. The fans were too excited, and Su Huai just got impacted by this incident. Of course, there were also some people who spoke for Su Huai, but those weak voices were soon drowned in the denouncing army.

[T/N: 天网 (tiān wǎng) - Skynet (nationwide video surveillance system in China)]

The military headquarters gloated, "Deserve it. Want to use the beauty scheme after learning from us, hah! What about the No. 1 beautiful man in the Alliance? Isn't it still a useless little white chicken? Is the Queen like those mere mortals that could be tempted by one little beautiful man. At least they needed to send three!"

The government was in a hurry, "Secretary Su! I told you the mission was cancelled! What's the point of getting in the Queen's way? Now, we have been taken as an example!"

"You say you are usually quite an astute person, then how did you make such a mistake in this matter? Fortunately, your sacrifice will not be in vain. At least it gives a wake-up call to others who might be thinking to act as silly as you! Now no one will ever think of jumping and dying like this again! You are the only one! Now go ahead, the Alliance will remember your sacrifice."

Su Huai: "....."

When the Internet was bustling, Wen Qing received a reply from Zhuo Erfan. He promised to be a model for body refining techniques. However, there were some matters at hand, and it would take two days before he could come.

Wen Qing thought about it, the army must have strict discipline. And he was on the front line, so it was unlikely to be able to leave casually. Therefore, Wen Qing only asked him to pass on his body data without having to come in person.


Expeditionary Army's 17th Corps premises.

Zhuo Erfan had a depressed face, "Why did I have to say that there was something at hand?"

Fu Qingfeng laughed loudly, "Congratulations, you have become the second person to die for folly in front of the Queen after Su Huai!"

"Get lost, don't compare me with that hypocrite Su Huai!"

"Indeed it can't be compared. To lose the chance to meet the Queen just to first go around back to the Capital Star to buy a set of clothes and get a haircut, you're even more stupid than Su Huai! At least he did it unintentionally, while you? Tsk tsk!"

Fu Qingfeng's gloating expression was very cheap, making Zhuo Erfan even angrier, and he stomped over with a leg, "That's better than you. Three people showed their faces in front of her, but she just remembered me! Isn't it because you can't handle it!?"

Xia Houyan, who had been sitting on the sidelines, looked up indifferently, "Training room, two against one."

Zhuo Erfan: "....."

Ah ah! Why did my IQ drop again and again today?! I lost the chance to meet the Queen and now provoked these two bastards at the same time! He couldn't even beat a single Xia Houyan, fighting against two was simply out of the question. By this, wasn't he just asking for a beating?!

Wen Qing didn't know what happened to Zhuo Erfan. She was busy making 3D images of body training. It wasn't difficult for her as she had a strong mental power. She just had to put on the connection device and present all the 81 movements of all 9 tiers in her mind and then upload it on Skynet.

The emergence of the complete body refining techniques instantly transferred the hot discussion of netizens on Su Huai. It was also considered that Wen Qing only intended to kill the chicken in front of monkeys to set an example. There was no need to put people on the fire. After all, Su Huai didn't do anything, and there were no grievances between them. It was enough to teach him a lesson.

After the body refining techniques were uploaded, Wen Qing had nothing to worry about. As for how to cultivate and import Zergs, that was what the Alliance had to concern about. She just occasionally answered questions about cultivation on Weibo and forums.

The efficiency of the Alliance was still very high. It was just proposed last Friday that the Zergs could help with cultivation, and this Friday a special Zergs entry channel had already been set up. Of course, it was also because of a special case.

Wen Qing also bought a Zerg online. Since there were too many people buying it, the order that she placed in the morning was only delivered in the afternoon. But luckily, it didn't delay the live broadcast in the evening.

This time, she was going to cook delicious food live. After conquering the hearts and bodies of her fans, she was ready to conquer their stomachs now.

What she purchased online was a swine which was very similar to a modern pig. It was not even a first-tier Zerg, but the swine's whole body was a treasure. Every part could be used to make dishes such as braised pork ribs, sweet and sour pork tenderloin, stir-fried swine liver, cold pig ears, pork sausages, braised pork knuckles...

Just thinking about it, Wen Qing couldn't help drooling. She wasn't foody before. In fact, she wouldn't even pay attention to her appetite. However, when she was in the Canglan Realm, those spirit beasts were too delicious, so she liked to eat them. After she came to this world, she could only eat nutrient solutions until she almost vomited. Without comparison, there would be no harm. The ordinary meals she used to have had before now became something to crave for.

So she was going to cook live. It was not only to save her own stomach but to escape the strong limelight. The two things that she took out before were too heaven-defying, so it would be good to stay out of the limelight now. In the future, she would mainly focus on live broadcasting delicious food. Sometimes she would make some potions and forget about the things that were too eye-catching. She had over fulfilled the client's wishes anyway.

"Hello everyone, I'm your host, Queen! No new medicine has been developed recently, and the body refining techniques have been spread to Skynet, so today I'll broadcast something fresh."

Fresh? Fresh is good! The first time the Queen had said to show something new, she made the marrow cleansing potion on the live broadcast. When she'd changed for the second time, she taught body refining techniques. This time, she was again saying to do something fresh. No matter what it was, as long as it was related to the Queen, it was worth looking forward to!

"Everyone knows that eating Zergs can help cultivate, but how to eat it? It's definitely not good to eat raw. It's not only gory but also nauseating. So I'll teach you guys to cook!"

Wen Qing turned the camera to the kitchen. The swines handled in the afternoon had already been cut into neat big pieces. After introducing how to kill and deal with swine, she began to prepare the first dish.

After washing and blanching the pork chops, she kept them aside for later use. While waiting for the pot to heat up, she turned the camera on the spices she'd prepared and began to introduce them. Some of these spices were already available in the Alliance, while some were medicinal herbs that had never been used in food before. But there were some spices that she found on planet Arthur by herself.

Her first dish was braised pork ribs. It was a homemade recipe. After it was finished, the dish turned out to be red and bright in color, juicy, flavorful, and fragrant.

As soon as the familiar taste came out, Wen Qing couldn't control it in an instant and wiped the plate in a flash. The fans might not know what it tasted like, but just looking at the color of the dish and the Queen's eating so heartily, they felt tempted!

[T/N: 风卷残云 (fēng juǎn cán yún) Swift as the wind and quick as lightning]

So a large wave of reward began to brush the screen again. Wen Qing put the remaining dish in the insulated container to send it to her fans as a fan bonus benefit when the number gets drawn.

Then she made sweet and sour tenderloin, stir-fried pork liver, and sliced pork sausages. The fans became hungry as they watched, and then desperately brushed gifts, hoping to have a higher probability of drawing their number.

Wen Qing did a lot of work this time and drew a total of 11 fans. When everything was sent out, the robot cleaned up the kitchen. She marinated the remaining pork and put it to boil slowly. This way, it would be more delicious to eat tomorrow.

After that, she began to brush her Weibo and browse the forum.

"Want to cry, I couldn't get the Queen's fan gift!"

"Ahhhh! It's delicious to the point of explosion! I'm sorry Queen. I'm lacking in words to really describe the taste! It's just delicious! Yummy! Super delicious!"

"I got the only dish of braised ribs! It was the same plate as the Queen! I thought I was lucky, but my (Weibo) ID betrayed me, and the whole class was waiting at the dormitory gate! I could just smell it!! Beg the Queen to love me again!"

"Hahahaha, the person above is so miserable! I'm fortunate that only the whole family came to grab with me. I didn't even get a chance to smell it!!! Haha!"

"People who have not really tasted this type of delicacy are happy. Because you won't have to experience the pain of not being able to forget, scratching your heart and wanting to eat again and again!"

"My family owns a restaurant. Since childhood, my friends have envied me for being able to eat whatever I want. The most precious vegetables, rarest fruits and the top chef... However, after eating the sweet and sour tenderloin made by the Queen, I think I used to eat shit!"

"Whether you eat or not, it is a suffering both ways. I would rather eat and then suffer!"

"I don't expect to get food cooked by the Queen herself. Chefs of the Alliance should learn it quickly! Eating a duplicate version is also okay!"

"Yes, the one having a restaurant above, don't be dejected. Let your chef learn it quickly! The Queen has taught so clearly that if you still can't do it, then you should just close down!"


Wen Qing underestimated the impact of food on the people of the Alliance. Although the marrow cleansing potion and body refining techniques were very heaven-defying, food was still heaven for the people! What's the use of having cultivation and military ranks without heaven?

So, the Alliance quickly set off a wave of food storms! While restaurants were blooming everywhere, a large number of laborers were also recruited. Because many positions in the restaurant could only be taken by people, the machine could not produce that taste. As a result, it also solved the livelihood problems of some civilians and elevated Wen Qing's reputation.

Eating delicious food could not only cultivate but also eliminate Zergs. How could there be such a happy thing? The problem of Zerg infestation, which used to weigh heavily on the hearts of the citizens of the Alliance, was now solved so easily. Well, although they could only eat 1st or 2nd tiers now, people should take a long-term view. According to this course of eating of the Alliance, it would be lucky if the Zergs were not to be eaten till they perished!

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