Saving One Hundred Million Stars

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Chapter 11: The Young and Renowned Drama Maniac [11]

In early November, Vice President Liu of Jiaxin Pictures brought people to block Qi Zhi at the school gate, wanting to invite Qi Zhi to have a meal together.

"Mr. Qi, the thing about finding paparazzi last time was my fault. You are very tolerant and broad-minded. Don't see me as narrow-minded."

Liu the vice president could be flexible and yielding. He brought two burly bodyguards and stood with his beer belly at the school gate smiling and making amends to Qi Zhi, attracting the attention of passersby.

"Mr. Qi, I was wrong about the incident with the paparazzi. As an elder, you should forgive my momentary lapse," Vice President Liu, flanked by two burly bodyguards, stood at the school gate with a beer belly, attempting to apologize to Qi Zhi. Their interactions drew the attention of passersby.

Twirling his car keys casually, Qi Zhi replied nonchalantly, "I'm not free, you can go back."

He had not even taken revenge against Jiaxin Pictures yet, and people behind Ye Manting had already arrived.

After speaking, Qi Zhi walked to his car but was blocked by the vice president Liu. "No."

Vice President Liu stood like a wall blocking in front of Qi Zhi.

Qi Zhi looked impatient: "If you're smart, you should go back and make preparations instead of wasting time with me here."

"Prepare for what?" Vice President Liu asked following Qi Zhi's words.

Qi Zhi looked at him with a smile that was not quite a smile while thinking this vice president was really a wine and rice sack. If the top executives of Jiaxin Pictures were all like this, even if he didn't take action, they would eventually be destroyed on their own.

Qi Zhi's body turned tense, and suddenly, he stretched out a foot as if to kick Vice President Liu. A menacing glint flickered in Qi Zhi's eyes, causing Vice President Liu to take a step back in fear.

Seeing him dodge, Qi Zhi raised his eyebrows slightly, and only after sitting in the driver's seat did he leisurely say to him: "Prepare for the liquidation of Jiaxin Pictures's assets."

After speaking, Qi Zhi stepped on the gas pedal and drove away.

Hearing these words, the vice president Liu was stunned for a second. What a loud tone!

Seeing him drove away, the angrily cursed in Qi Zhi's direction: "I'll f##k you up!"

Vice President Liu's eyes reflected a venomous rage. He spat on the ground, "If you don't drink the served toast, then be prepared to drink the forfeit!"

Do you really think we Jiaxin Pictures have been running around in vain for so many years?!

Even now, Liu the vice president did not believe that Qi Zhi could have much ability to bring down Jiaxin Pictures. It would not be so easy, right? Being an outsider is like being separated by mountains. Even his father Qi Ye would not dare to say that he could effortlessly crush Jiaxin Pictures.

Even now, Vice President Liu didn't think that Qi Zhi had much ability to bring down Jiaxin Pictures.

Crossing industries is like crossing mountains. Even his father, Qi Ye, wouldn't dare to say that he could easily bring down the Jiaxin Pictures.


After recruiting people for "Full Moon 2", filming officially began.

As Qi Zhi was delayed for a while by Vice President Liu on the way, when he arrived at the set, the other actors were already ready.

Li Mengfu had grown out her long hair again, and she had just gotten her hair tied up in buns by the stylist. She asked him with a smile, 'Why are you only coming now? Was there traffic on the way?'

The first half of the movie involved mostly hospital scenes, and the filming locations were far apart from Qi Zhi's university, spanning almost the entire capital city.

"It's not because of traffic."

Qi Zhi sat down beside and let the makeup artist do his makeup, casually saying: "Juat ran into someone with no foresight."

The makeup artist holding the powder puff closely looked at Qi Zhi and couldn't help but marvel: "Xiao Qi has become even more handsome."

Qi Zhi's features were on the fair side, his originally androgynous features had opened up quite a bit, and his brows emitted a vigorous masculinity, weakening his slightly feminine appearance.

At first glance, he seemed like a completely different person from the gloomy and paranoid little boy four years ago.

"Just now, I was still marveling at how Mengmeng has grown up and become more beautiful. I didn't expect Xiao Qi to have grown up too."

The makeup artist was from the crew of "Full Moon" four years ago, and they had known each other since then.

Qi Zhi smiled, and suddenly withdrew his entire aura, revealing a trace of the gloom and melancholy expression belonging to 'Yusheng'. He spoke softly, "Teacher is joking."

Li Mengfu noticed his instant immersion in character and couldn't help but exclaim in astonishment: "My God, I almost thought you had been possessed by 'Yusheng'!"

The corner of Qi Zhi's lips lifted slightly, and then he smiled, completely devoid of the gloomy temperament. He caressed Li Mengfu's head, with a look of indulgence in his eyes: "Alright, let's go in front of the camera."

"Mm." Li Mengfu looked at him with frighteningly bright eyes. Suddenly closing them, she reopened them with a radiant smile belonging to 'Jingyue'.

Seeing the familiar smile, a warm current surged in Qi Zhi's heart. Suddenly, he wanted to hug Mengfu.

Qi Zhi clenched his right fist tightly and then loosened it, regulating his emotions with each breath.

Compared to the first part that mainly focused on the growth experience of 'Yusheng,' the second part not only delved into the story between 'Yusheng' and 'Jingyue' but also emphasized 'Jingyue's' childhood experiences.

Because the two main actors were now seventeen or eighteen, the crew had additionally found child actors to play the young 'Jingyue', saving Li Mengfu a lot of time and screen time.

Since the two main actors were already seventeen or eighteen, the crew hired child actors for the young 'Jingyue', saving Li Mengfu a lot of time and scenes.

The first scene to be filmed today was a long shot.

It shows 'Yusheng' and 'Jingyue' lying in the grass facing each other with their eyes closed, when suddenly 'Jingyue' speaks:

"'Yusheng', will I never see her again?" The "her" that 'Jingyue' referred to was another personality of 'Yusheng'.

'Yusheng's' eyelids trembled slightly and he opened his eyes with a dark melancholy look.

He looked at 'Jingyue' who was still closing her eyes and pretending to sleep, and let out a syllable from his nasal cavity: "Mm."

When the fair boy looked at 'Jingyue', his eyes were like stars, emitting a gentle and delicate light, as if there was only 'Jingyue' in his eyes and heart.

Being stared at by him like this, Li Mengfu couldn't help but twitch her eyelids. Director Wu saw her eyelids quivering slightly and raised an eyebrow, but ultimately didn't say to stop.

At the thought of Qi Zhi looking at her with such gentle eyes, Li Mengfu's earlobes began to redden the next moment. She forcefully suppressed her shyness and tried her best to immerse herself in the character of 'Jingyue.'

"Cut!" Seeing that Li Mengfu's state was off, Director Wu hurriedly called cut and shouted loudly: "Mengmeng, why are your ears red?"

Hearing Director Wu's voice, Li Mengfu hurriedly opened her eyes. However, Qi Zhi's handsome face occupied all her sight and Li Mengfu's gaze collided directly with Qi Zhi's gentle eyes.

Li Mengfu's eyes flickered to avoid his gaze, without realizing that under the camera not only her earlobes but her cheeks also flushed scarlet like maple leaves dyed red in late autumn.

Seeing the girl blushing so intensely, Director Wu, an experienced figure in the industry, perfectly understood what was going on.

"Let's pause for a moment. Mengmeng, adjust your state," Director Wu said.

Hearing the pause, Qi Zhi snapped out of his 'Yusheng' state. Seeing her blushing, he couldn't help but chuckle. With them so close, even subtle expressions glimpsed in a glance were taken in by each other's eyes.

Ah, Qi Zhi must have found out that I like him!

Li Mengfu covered her face and hastily got up from the ground, then went to the resting area to drink water in an attempt to calm down.

Li Mengfu's usually lively eyes blinked rapidly and her teenage thoughts were laid bare through the lens for the adults' eyes to see.

After ten minutes, Li Mengfu calmed down and the two returned to shooting.


In recent days Qi Zhi had been rather busy - he was filming "Full Moon 2" while also working to bring down Jiaxin Pictures.

The loss of Jiaxin's TV drama project meant Qi Zhi had torn off a chunk of flesh from it.

Industry insiders vaguely knew that Jiaxin Pictures had kicked Qi Zhi's iron plate by scheming against Li Mengfu, still the major entertainment companies were all watching from the shore.

No one knew to what extent Qi Zhi could deal with Jiaxin Pictures.

Until the end of December, Qi Zhi successively snatched endorsements from Jiaxin Pictures and even poached three A-list celebrities to his own company.

At this point, several entertainment companies could no longer sit still and  were itching to pounce to get a piece of the pie.

"Dixin Entertainment is quite clever."

Qi Zhi looked at the cooperation invitation sent over by the president of Dixin Entertainment, and typed on the keyboard with a crisp sound.

The escalating battle between Qi Zhi and Jiaxin Pictures intensified as Jiaxin did not sit still. They intended to start a counterattack against Qi Zhi.

However, on Qi Zhi's side, in addition to his abundant funds, the Qi Entertainment, which was just established, was as clean as a blank sheet of paper - whether openly or secretly, no flaws could be found in it upon investigation.

Watching as Jiaxin Pictures kept losing endorsements and key projects, gradually being beaten into repeated retreats under Qi Zhi's onslaught; Dixin Entertainment, an experienced player, entered the fray, and joined forces with Qi's Entertainment to eat what Qi's Entertainment didn't want.

With Di Xin Entertainment making a move, it undoubtedly sent a signal to other companies:

—Jiaxin Pictures was done for.

As the tree fell, the monkeys scattered - the endorsements of Jiaxin Pictures' artists were attacked or terminated one after another, and various entertainment companies greedily swarmed over to devour the remnants of Jiaxin Pictures bit by bit.

Observing the increasingly chaotic situation, Qi Zhi chuckled and cursed, "A bunch of schemers."

On the other side, his assistant who was sorting out the information said worriedly, "Mr. Qi, if Jiaxin Pictures jumps over the wall to deal with the Qi Group..."

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Jiaxin Pictures must have connections and channels unknown to outsiders. If Mr. Qi forces Jiaxin Pictures to a dead end - who knows what they might do?

Hearing this, Qi Zhi slightly raised his eyelids with a rather cold expression:

"A clean hand wants no washing. If something wrong is found within the group, we will just clean up the people. It's a good chance to clean it and have our people take over."

At present Qi Zhi had yet to formally interact with the Qi Group - and the battle between Qi Entertainment and Jiaxin Pictures could be seen as his first commercial confrontation to show his business acumen.

If this battle played out successfully, Qi Zhi would be easily parachuted to the top of the group in two years, and things will be much easier.

The next day, Qi Zhi packaged up the criminal evidence he and his system had collected against Jiaxin's high-level management and sent it to the authorities.

Disturbing scandals involving Jiaxin Pictures' top management frequently broke out, and former female stars who were once coerced by Jiaxin Pictures began to speak out against their former employer.

After all, everyone underestimated Qi Zhi, who was only eighteen years old.

Having experienced numerous worlds and engaged in countless business battles, even if Jiaxin Pictures had great connections and channels, Qi Zhi would inevitably find out if their hands were dirty.

By January of next year, many high-level executives were arrested, and the struggling Jiaxin Pictures finally announced that it would be acquired by Qi Entertainment.

#Qi Zhi acquires Jiaxin Pictures【Breaking News】

This headline quickly went viral like wildfire across the internet!

Everyone was shocked by the achievements of the eighteen-year-old Qi Zhi!

After all, Jiaxin Pictures was a seasoned entertainment company. In the early stages of the power struggle between Qi Zhi and Jiaxin Pictures, hardly anyone had confidence in Qi Zhi.

Instantly, rumors arose about Qi Group entering the entertainment industry through Qi Zhi. Various conspiracy theories began to emerge, suggesting that the usually low-key Qi Group was now ambitiously eyeing to get a share of the entertainment industry.

However, only a few people knew that Qi Zhi targeted Jiaxin Pictures merely because the vice president of Jiaxin Pictures hired paparazzi and manipulated public opinion against Li Mengfu.

That afternoon, the media crowded the gates of Qi Group, making it impossible for even one drop of water to trickle through.

Finally meeting the Qi Group's Chairman with great difficulty, various media outlets bombarded him with questions about his views on the matter creating a lively scene of everybody talking at once.

Facing so many microphones and cameras, Qi Zhi's father smiled kindly, "It's just a child playing around; you don't need to pay too much attention."

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