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Saving One Hundred Million Stars



In order to be reborn, Qi Zhi chose to bind with the Star-Saving System, traversing different dimensions to complete the mission of saving 'One Hundred Million Stars.'

World One: 【The Young and Renowned Drama Maniac】

Paranoid Actor X National Sweetheart

The young movie star, imprisoned by his own emotions brought to life through acting, falls in love with a character from his drama.

World Two: 【Mr. Merman and the Taoist Priest】

Whimsical Mr. Merman X Novice Female Taoist

Qi Zhi: I only drink pure spirit spring water (quan shui), and my first love is plain water (Bai Shui).

Taoist Bai: "I, this humble Taoist, shall apprehend you today!"

World Three: 【Class Teacher in a Campus Article】

Qi Zhi: You're crazy. I'm crazier (smirks). Bullying classmates in free time, it seems like there's just too little homework!

World Four: 【Bandit Leader in the Republic Era】

Bandit Leader X Female student of the Republican Era

World Five: 【The Brother Who Fell from the Sky】

The pitiful siblings rose to fame through a variety show!

World Six: 【The Six-Fingered Music Demon: Cranky Guitarist】

Cranky Guitarist X Gentle Florist

I have six fingers, which means I'm 20% better at face-slapping than anyone else!

World Seven: 【Reborn as the Main Protagonist of a Crematorium】

Qi Zhi: I just Set the crematorium ablaze with a single sweep.

After the ruthless sword cultivator ascended, he soared to the interstellar realm and used his broken sword to exact vengeance upon the system and its entire family!

One-sentence Summary: A male protagonist's quick-transmigration journey to rescue his tragic life.

Moral of the Story: Accumulate virtue and do good deeds, and avoid cultivating greed.

Tip: Some worlds have couples (CP), while others don't. Emotional memories will be erased after completing the mission.


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