Saving One Hundred Million Stars Chapters List

Chapter 1: The Young and Renowned Drama Maniac [1]

"Four years have passed, yet the young movie emperor 's acting prowess remains as exceptional as ever. Even a 300-million-yuan big production film, in his hands, was like water vanishing into thin air."

Inside a milk tea shop, two high school girls sat facing each other. One of them, a short-haired girl, spoke with an ambiguous tone.

"The young movie emperor? Who's that?" The girl with glasses and a ponytail opposite puzzledly asked as she glanced at her classmate's phone screen.

"You don't know? It's Qi Zhi, the young movie emperor," the short-haired girl exclaimed. "Qi Zhi who won an international Best Actor award when he was just fourteen!"

She was a die-hard fan of a certain veteran actor.

Back in the day, this seasoned actor and Qi Zhi had competed for an international award, never expecting that a 14-year-old newcomer would defeat renowned actors from around the world and take home the title of Best Actor.

From the moment he stepped into the spotlight, Qi Zhi had reached the pinnacle. At the tender age of fourteen, he had earned the moniker "International Best Actor" and become a household name both at home and abroad.

"I haven't heard of him; I don't really follow these things," the girl with the ponytail said, pushing her glasses up and sighing. "To win an acting award at fourteen, he must be incredibly talented."


The short-haired girl sneered, her childish face taking on a mocking expression. "You have no idea. After Qi Zhi rose to fame in one shot, renowned directors were practically lining up to offer him opportunities."

Perhaps fearing that someone might overhear their conversation, the short-haired girl glanced around, lowered her voice, and whispered to her companion, "But little did they know, he's nothing more than a shooting star that couldn't sustain its brilliance. He's had two failed movies and two failed TV shows back-to-back."

"The gaze in front of the camera was vacant and lifeless, turning even the title of 'International Best Actor' into a mockery."

I thought the same: How could he possibly win the Best Actor award just after making his debut at the age of fourteen?!

The short-haired girl continued to jeer and mock with an indignant look on her face. "It is said that Qi Zhi is the heir of the Qi family, so that award must have been rigged by their connections!"

The girl with glasses finally caught on, her eyes widening with surprise. "Qi's family! You mean the one that started in household chemical products?"

Seeing her nodding in agreement, her face reflecting acknowledgment. "Given what you just said, the title of 'Best Actor' might have been bought."

The Qi family was indeed famous. They had risen to prominence in the business world and were the only domestic company bold enough to openly challenge a renowned international household chemical product corporation.

In recent years, riding the wave of patriotism, the Qi family, as a domestic daily-use chemical product brand, has made its way into millions of households across the country.

The founder's only son, Qi Zhi, who was now eighteen, was particularly under the spotlight.

"Tch, so what if they're loaded? If your acting skills fall flat, you're just a street-level movie star."

After saying that, the short-haired girl slapped her thigh excitedly, which drew the attention of those around her. She immediately shrank back, burying her face down, sucking on her milk tea like a thief.

Without the chattering of the two high school students, the only sound left in the milk tea shop was of the staff making milk tea. In no time at all, she called out, "Handsome guy, your milk tea is ready."

Suddenly, a tall young man wearing a black baseball cap stood up from behind the two high school girls.

On a midsummer day in June, he was wearing a white T-shirt and casual pants. His tall figure exuded a clean, refined aura, and his outfit was as simple as it could be.

The young man's hand, reaching for the milk tea, was fair and well-defined with distinct knuckles, resembling a work of art. The short-haired high school girl couldn't help but steal a glance.

Qi Zhi appeared aloof and disinterested, casting a casual glance at the short-haired girl.

The short-haired girl met with his cold and sharp line of sight.

When she recognized him, shock overtook her. She felt terrified and her right hand trembled, and with a 'clang' her cell phone fell to the ground, her mood and the screen of the phone cracking at the same time.

The short-haired girl stammered, her lips quivering, looking flustered and frightened. "Qi, Qi Zhi."

Oh my goodness! She couldn't believe she ran into Qi Zhi here! How long had he been sitting in this milk tea shop? And to think that he had heard every word she had said!

With his wealth, he wouldn't seek revenge on me, would he?

Qi Zhi paid no attention, lowered his cap, and offered a polite nod to the staff before carrying two cups of milk tea toward the exit.

The short-haired girl slumped in her chair, her energy drained. Her bewildered friend asked, "Was that really Qi Zhi? I was just about to say the guy sitting behind you is really handsome."

Though his face was mostly hidden by the cap, his entire demeanor and those fair, elegant hands were a dead giveaway. He was undoubtedly handsome.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier!"


As Qi Zhi's figure gradually receded, the short-haired girl's exasperated questioning could still be heard.

Opening the car door and placing the two cups of milk tea inside, Qi Zhi smoothly settled into the driver's seat.

His name was Qi Zhi.

He was the Young Movie Emperor Qi Zhi, and he was also the Tasker Qi Zhi.

Tasker Qi Zhi, in pursuit of a rebirth, chose to bind himself to the Star Savior System. He traversed different dimensions, saving people referred to as "Stars."

In this world, the Star in need of salvation was named Li Mengfu. She was the actress who portrayed the character of the girl "Jingyue", that the original host liked.

When the original host, Qi Zhi, was fourteen, he starred in a film called "Full Moon" alongside thirteen-year-old Li Mengfu. [pinyin of the movie name - wàng yuè]

He not only won an international acting award for this film but also developed feelings for the character "Jingyue," played by Li Mengfu.

Please note, he fell in love with the character "Jingyue," not the actress Li Mengfu herself.

The original host was a complete lunatic who puts himself completely into the role. He loved the character Jingyue from the movie, a pure and radiant figure who lit up his life like a bright ray of sunshine.

He knew Jingyue was a fictional character, yet he couldn't help but fall head over heels in love with her.

As a result, his acting always carried shades of the male lead from "Full Moon." He imprisoned himself within the movie, unable to break free and this led to the original host being criticized for having the title of an Emperor without the substance of one.

In the end, the original host, after a series of failed projects, chose to step away from the limelight at the age of eighteen and returned home to take over the family business.

The fourteen-year-old Young Movie Emperor streaked across the sky like a meteor day and night, leaving the world in awe, but the original host had been trapped in the world of a movie for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, Li Mengfu's life script took an even more tumultuous and tragic turn.

Unlike the original host, who reached the peak of stardom as a teenager, Li Mengfu was a well-known child star with considerable national fame and a substantial fan base.

At the time when Qi Zhi arrived in this dimension, Li Mengfu's parents had arranged for her to star in an online drama. It was intended to be her transformative role, an attempt to shed her child star image.

However, the male actor she would be acting alongside had his eyes on her, envious of her "National Sweetheart" popularity and wanted to stir up an on-screen CP with her.

Li Mengfu's parents didn't agree, but she was drugged and her compromising photos were taken, forcing her to publicly declare that she was in a relationship with the male lead of the online drama.

The seventeen year old underage actress blew up her romance, and the national fame and audience popularity that brought her countless rewards became a sharp blade that stabbed at her.

The image of "National Sweetheart" Li Mengfu crumbled in an instant, replaced by a barrage of insults and curses. Words like 'slut', 'prostitute' and 'whore' attacked a seventeen-year-old girl who had yet to experience the real world.

Meanwhile, the original host, who had taken care of Li Mengfu because of his love for Jingyue and regarded Li Mengfu as Jingyue's stand-in, felt resentful and spurned her when he learned of Li Mengfu was in a relationship with the male lead of the production.

In his eyes, Li Mengfu had betrayed Jingyue and tarnished the image of Jingyue he held in his heart. In this relationship of love and hatred intertwined, the two of them never saw each other again.

At the same time, her vampire-like gambler father incurred huge debts outside. This forced Li Mengfu to sign a contract with a talent agency in order to pay off his debts.

As a result, her underage romance met with fierce opposition from her fans, and after losing the advantages of being a child star, it became increasingly difficult for her to receive high-quality resources. Gradually, she faded into the obscurity of an eighteenth-tier actress.

It wasn't until a few years later that Li Mengfu, who had plummeted to the bottom rungs of the entertainment ladder and had long been reduced to an 18th-line escort, found herself face to face with a business upstart worth tens of billions she once co-starred with, at the wine table.

They had once shared the spotlight, both standing on the same starting line, but destiny took them on divergent paths. While one amassed immense wealth, the other found herself relegated to obscurity, reduced to being an escort. The appearance of the original host became the final straw that broke Li Mengfu's already fragile spirit.

Long-lost friends reunited, yet everything had changed.

Li Mengfu, who had long been seen as a cash cow by her parents, was deeply wounded. She jumped from a high building that fateful night.

After a brief moment of societal attention following Li Mengfu's tragic demise, her news was quickly drowned in the cacophony of gossip about "so-and-so's waist" or "so-and-so's incredible acting skills."

A once-beloved national sweetheart was gone, her star extinguished.

Qi Zhi, having received the storyline, rubbed his brows.

He slowly closed his eyes, his right hand stroked the position of his heart. The fiery love of the original host for Jingyue pulsed in his chest.

After a moment, Qi Zhi opened his eyes and looked at the two cups of milk tea, and a flash of light flashed across his eyes.

Today is Jingyue's birthday.

Afraid of arousing suspicion from Li Mengfu, the original host dared not directly give "Jingyue" a gift. Instead, he bought two cups of milk tea as a token of support during the set visit.

With a light tap of his finger, Qi Zhi unlocked his phone, silently changing all contacts labeled "Jingyue" to "Mengfu."


When Qi Zhi arrived at the web series set, Li Mengfu was sitting gracefully in front of the makeup mirror, patiently allowing the makeup artist to work her magic.

"Hi." Qi Zhi placed the milk tea in front of her, making a soft sound to signal his presence.

He had just finished his college entrance exams a few days ago and had been free recently, allowing him to visit Mengfu on the set.

Li Mengfu opened her eyes, and they sparkled like clear springs.

The stark, ghostly makeup couldn't diminish the impact of her crystal-clear eyes.

"Why did you bring milk tea again? My mom is going to scold me when she sees this." Li Meng complained like this, but his eyes were smiling.

Qi Zhi could faintly see the shadow of Jingyue still present in her.

Qi Zhi's gaze flickered briefly, he blinked and lowered his eyes, veiling his unusual emotions. He then lifted his lips into a gentle smile. "How about I bring you some lemon tea next time?"

Milk tea was Jingyue's favourite, but Li Mengfu, being an actress, didn't usually indulge in these high-sugar, high-calorie drinks.

"Sure, thank you, Qi Zhi." Li Mengfu pursed her lips, flashing two adorable dimples that felt as sweet as honey to anyone who saw them.

Li Mengfu embodied the classic image of a sweet girl. With a petite face, cherry-like lips, and crescent-shaped eyes when she smiled, her appearance had won her the favor of many viewers.

In a few moments, when Li Mengfu had finished her makeup, the assistant director called her over.

Li Mengfu didn't have a talent agency backing her; and all her business activities since she was a child were handled by her parents. She simply followed their instructions.

In this web drama, Li Mengfu played the role of a young lady from the Republican era who died unjustly after her marriage and returned as a vengeful ghost to collect debts.

As a former child star, Li Mengfu had mostly played roles of a good-natured girl that matched her personality and appearance. The role of the vengeful ghost was the best transformation script she could get now.

As Qi Zhi followed closely behind Li Mengfu, it attracted the attention of many onlookers. Rumor had it that the heir of the Qi family had a good relationship with Li Mengfu, and today, they were witnessing this connection in real life.

The slender youth wore a simple white short-sleeved shirt, yet he was so eye-catching that people couldn't help but linger on his face.

The reason was simple: the boy was excessively exquisite and beautiful.

Qi Zhi had picturesque eyebrows and eyes, a high-bridged nose, and fair, porcelain-like skin. If it weren't for the exposed Adam's apple and his height of six feet, one might easily mistake him for a girl.

In fact, when the original host was fourteen years old, he relied on this gender-ambiguous face to portray the character with a dual personality and won the Best Actor award in one fell swoop, earning the title of International Best Actor.

"Ah, Xiao Qi is here——"


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