The Abandoned Daughter

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Chapter 11: Different Route

Qian Bi looked at Xie Ru Zhuo’s tearful face with astonishment. Wiping Xie Ru Zhuo’s face, she said: "Miss, this servant told you just now, to save the third prince, you were hit by a poisoned arrow. As an act of gratitude, the Third Prince gave you his Snow Lotus from the Western Region. Now it has been spread all over the capital how blessed you are!"

Her heart sank when she heard her maid explain. In her previous life, she did accidentally run into Xiao Jun Xi being assassinated. It was only afterwards that she found out that someone wanted to murder Xiao Jun Xi. The Emperor was furious knowing someone wanted to murder his favourite son. Her father then invited a monk to exorcise evil spirits after she kept having a nightmare involving the third prince and the poisonous arrow. After that, she gradually forgot about this matter.

She never expected that she would be reborn again. She thought about the event in her past life where Xiao Jun Xi willingly gave Shen Jing Ci the Black Knight Command token in exchange for her life. How can she let a man who would give up the world for her to die? In addition, she really owed this man a lot in past life. Therefore, she can't let anything happen to him.

But what she hadn't expected was that her actions in this life changed the course of events from the previous life. In this life, she sacrificed her life to save Xiao Jun Xi, and as a result, he gave her the Snow Lotus of the Western Regions to detoxify her.

Wait a minute, the Snow Lotus of the Western Regions!

Xie Ru Zhuo's face became ugly. She knew how precious the item was. It would only bloom once in every five hundred years. Xiao Jun Xi's body is weak. The Emperor had tried every possible means to find the Snow Lotus of the Western Regions to save him. Finally, one of the tribes conquered by the Emperor has paid a tribute in the form of Snow Lotus of the Western Regions. Never in her wildest dream did she expect that it would not be used on Xiao Jun Xi, instead it would be used to detoxify her!

"Miss, what's the matter with you?" Qian Bi heart dropped when she looked at Xie Ru Zhuo's expression.

Xie Ru Zhuo sadly said: "I think I owe the Third Prince a lot."

Qian Bi was a little confused: “Miss, you are now the life-saver of the Third Prince. The emperor has rewarded you with a lot of items. His Royal Highness even allowed you to heal in the palace. How can you say you owed the Third Prince a lot?"

"Qian Bi, you don't understand." Xie Ru Zhuo shaking her head, "He exchanged his life for my life!"

"Isn’t Miss the one who exchanged her life for the Third Prince's life?" Qian Bi confusedly asked her.

Xie Ru Zhuo helplessly looked at Qian Bi. How could this maid be so stupid? She was exactly the same as Xie Ru Zhuo in the previous life. No wonder she was deceived, thus hurting everyone around her. It seems like in this life, she has to do well.

Qian Bi stared at Xie Ru Zhuo without blinking, she yelled anxiously, "Miss..."

Xie Ru Zhuo said in a faint voice: "Just now did you say that this is the palace?"

"Yeah!" Qian Bi nodded.

Xie Ru Zhuo sighed, " Qian Bi, you have been saying that I am the saviour of the Third Prince. Next time when we are outside, never mention it again to prevent people from badmouthing me."

Qian Bi frowned and angrily said: "Miss, you are too low-key. You don’t know, in the capital everyone talks about how heroic Miss Shen was for saving you and the Third Prince. The Emperor even rewarded her for her bravery. You're the one who saved the Third Prince. Miss Shen shouldn’t receive any credit for your bravery."

Xie Ru Zhuo said in a cold voice, "Who is this Miss Shen you talking about?"

Suddenly sweat appeared on Qian Bi forehead, "It's.... it's Shen Jing Ci from the Shen family!"

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