The Abandoned Daughter

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Chapter 10: Rebirth

Xie Ru Zhuo was confused when she heard Qian Bi's words: "What? I'm not dead?"

Qian Bi was shocked. Could it be that her young lady was so frightened that she thought she was dead!

Qian Bi then said to Xie Ru Zhuo: "Miss, you and the Third Prince were rescued. You are fine now. This servant will call the imperial doctor to check upon you!"

Qian Bi then quickly left.

After waiting for a while, an imperial physician arrived with Qian Bi. He immediately checked Xie Ru Zhuo's pulse. "The poison in Miss Xie's body is gone. All you need now is just rest and wait for the wound to heal." The imperial physician smiled and spoke with a tone of flattery. This Miss Xie of Xie Family is really lucky, moreover she also saved the Third Princes. Now she has been rewarded by the emperor, and her future is as high as the sky. It’s better to flatter her as it is more beneficial to him later.

Xie Ru Zhuo dazedly nodded: "Thank you imperial physician!"

"Miss Xie, you are too polite!" The imperial physician left afterwards.

After the imperial physician left, Xie Ru Zhuo said in a weak voice: "Qian Bi, tell me what happened in the past few days."

Qian Bi explained to Xie Ru Zhuo that she had made a bet with other high born ladies that she would join the hunt. She then quietly left her brother's hunting team. Unexpectedly, she rescued Prince Xiao Jun Xi. Fortunately, the Third Prince gave Xie Ru Zhuo the snow lotus of the Western Regions to save her life, otherwise she would have been dead!

Xie Ru Zhuo was stunned by her maid's explanation. She did not escape from Shen Jing Ci to the forest with Xiao Jun Xi, but instead she was reborn! She was born again in the autumn season 5 years before her death.

Oh my goodness! God is joking with her right?

"Miss, what's the matter with you?" Qian Bi asked when she saw Xie Ru Zhuo's facial expression.

"Qian Bi, pinch my arm, am I dreaming?" Xie Ru Zhuo said in disbelief.

Qian Bi was dumbfounded. Could it be that in addition to Xie Ru Zhuo being injured by the arrow, she also suffered from brain damages?

"Miss, it’s still early in the morning, what dream are you talking about?" Qian Bi amusedly said to Xie Ru Zhuo.

Xie Ru Zhuo murmured: "I'm really not dreaming? I actually..."

Before Xie Ru Zhuo could finish her sentences, she burst into tears.

Qian Bi panicked, thinking that Xie Ru Zhuo’s wound must be hurting badly. Qian Bi quickly said: "Miss, this servant will invite another imperial physician!"

"Qian Bi, stop!" Xie Ru Zhuo stopped her, “I'm fine."

Refusing to believe Xie Ru Zhuo's words, the maid cried and nodded her head.

Xie Ru Zhuo looked at Qian Bi's and immediately understood her feelings, she then said in a hoarse voice: "I cried not because the wound hurts, but I just feel happy for surviving the disaster."

She originally thought that she would be in the underworld with the rest of the Xie Clan. Because of her, Xie Clan would be annihilated, but she didn't expect that God would give her another chance. A chance to change the future, and giving her a chance to save the Xie Clan, and what’s more important is to destroy people who ruined her in the past!

Qian Bi sighed and said with accusation: "Miss, you must know that Miss Huang and Miss Luo have bad intentions towards you. I bet they just wanted to see you making a fool of yourself. The fact that you secretly joined the royal hunting caused the Master and the Young Master to be extremely terrified. Fortunately, you survived this catastrophe and the Third Prince even gave you Snow Lotus of the Western Region. Otherwise, you would leave Qian Bi alone in this world!"

"Snow Lotus of the Western Region?" Xie Ru Zhuo's eyes widened in shock…

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