The Abandoned Daughter Chapters List

Chapter 9: Shen Jing Ci


Shen Jing Ci hit her desk furiously, she never expected that her plan would be ruined by Xie Ru Zhuo!

Wait, how did she meet Xiao Jun Xi in the forest?

The attack on Xiao Jun Xi was meticulously planned by the Shen Family. The plan was for Shen Jing Ci to rescue Xiao Jun Xi, but suddenly Xie Ru Zhuo appeared out of the blue!

Shen Jing Ci's maid looked at her, she then whispered: "Miss, the master just sent someone to tell you to calm down, we are at public places, it’s better to wait till we arrive at the mansion before showing your dissatisfaction, you must not break the facade!"

Listening to the maid's advice, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves down :"Fine, go and investigate Xie Ru Zhuo's condition, I'm guessing she will definitely die soon!"

Shen Jing Ci has a deep animosity towards Xie Ru Zhuo, the Di-daughter of Xie Family. Not only was her status higher than Shen Jing Ci, she was also favoured by the Xie Family. Xie Ru Zhuo is living a comfortable life compared to her.

While Shen Jing Ci, her soul is from the modern world. Her soul was transported to this world and became a concubine. In modern times, she has watched a lot of TV dramas about family fights in the ancient world. Thus, she understood that life as a concubine is not as comfortable as the main wife. The power in a family is always controlled by the main wife.

She was unwilling to accept her lowly status. After she was transported to this world at the age of six, she understood her situation. To attain better status, she began to neglect her own mother and get close to her Di-Mother. When she was 7 years old, her biological mother drowned to death. She was then raised by her Di-Mother. Since then, her status elevated from the daughter of a concubine to the daughter of the main wife.

However, she always knew that nothing could change the fact that she was not the biological daughter of her Di-Mother. One day, she would be abandoned by her Di-Mother if she was no longer useful. Therefore, she must grasp all the chances she has to climb higher. Fortunately, due to her intelligence, she is valued by her father. As a result of her diligent strategy to raise the status of her family, besides the Xie Clan, Shen Clan are also a widely known family in the capital.

But who would have known she suffered a setback today!

"Xie, Ru, Zhuo!" Shen Jing Ci uttered her nemesis name one by one bitterly.

After waiting for a while, the maid who was instructed to inquire about Xie Ru Zhuo's news returned with a gloomy face. After she saluted, she whispered: "The Third Prince gave Miss Xie Snow Lotus of Western Region to treat her injury."


When Shen Jing Ci heard the news, she accidentally overturned the tea cup beside her and said in disbelief: "Did you just say the Third Prince gave Xie Ru Zhuo the Snow Lotus of the Western Region?"

“Yes!”. The maid nodded her head.

"How could this be?" Shen Jing Ci muttered to herself. She originally thought Xie Ru Zhuo would die, but she never expected that Xiao Jun Xi would give her the precious Snow Lotus of the Western Regions!

When she instructed Shen family to arrange the assassination, she also knew that Xiao Jun Xi would be seriously injured, but would not die. The Western Region Snow Lotus in his hands would save his life, no one expected this man would give the Western Region Snow Lotus to Xie Ru Zhuo.

Xie Ru Zhuo, why are you so lucky!

Shen Jing Ci's heart was feeling resentful.

The news that Xie Ru Zhuo saved the Third Prince's life and as a gratitude, the prince willingly sacrificed his precious Snow Lotus from the Western Regions to save her spread throughout the capital. Due to her bravery, Xie Ru Zhuo was highly respected by Xiao Jun Xi.

Xie Ru Zhuo, who was in a coma, didn't know that she is a hot topic in the capital. She was sent to a palace near the imperial palace to recover.

Xie Ru Zhuo regained consciousness after 10 days in coma. When she opened her eyes, she saw a maid who was waiting by the bed. She said in a weak voice, "Am I dead?"

The maid, who was dozing off, opened her eyes in surprise, "Miss, you are awake!"

"Qian Bi..." she called the maid with a trace of tears in Xie Ru Zhuo's eyes.

"Miss, are you in pain? This servant will call the imperial physician." Qian Bi nervously looked at the crying Xie Ru Zhuo, thinking that she must be in pain, and anxiously wanted to call the imperial physician.

"Wait..." Xie Ru Zhuo grabbed Qian Bi's hand and said in a choked voice, "Qian Bi, I didn't expect we could still meet each other in the underworld. Just talk to me."

Qian Bi was perplexed when she heard Xie Ru Zhuo's words: "Miss, what are you talking about, you are still alive!"


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