At the Qiu Wei Camp, Emperor Jing learned that his beloved son Xiao Jun Xi was involved in attempt assassination while hunting. He was extremely furious and ordered a strict investigation.

After Emperor Jing reprimanded the officials for their failure to protect the Third Prince, he kicked them out of the tent. Now, there is only him and Xiao Jun Xi left.

Emperor Jing breathed a sigh of relief when he learned his favourite son was fine except for a little injury. It was extremely unfortunate to think about his son's ill-fated life. Years ago, a shaman made a prediction that Xiao Jun Xi will only live to the age of twenty-five years old. Therefore, the affection he showed towards him more than his other sons, he did not expect his attention toward Xiao Jun Xi would fuel the jealousy of others!

This son of his is just a sick boy, he didn't pose any threat to them at all!

The anger was shown in the emperor's eyes, if he found out any of his sons tried to eliminate Xiao Jun Xi behind him, that kind of son, he does need it! Hopefully, they will not let him down!

Xiao Jun Xi looked at Emperor Jing and calmly said: "Father, this son is fine, fortunately Miss Xie gave her life to rescue me."

When Emperor Jing heard Xiao Jun Xi's words, he nodded: "I will reward the family well, so you don't have to worry about it."

Xiao Jun Xi suddenly thought of the girl who had rushed over with the rescuers just now, he immediately asked, "Who was the woman coming with the troops?"

Emperor Jing’s Chief of Eunuch replied respectfully: “Your Highness, that woman is the daughter of Shen's family. She said that she heard the cries of help. Because she's only a woman, she went to find the soldiers patrolling nearby to investigate the noise. However, she did not expect that it would be the Third Prince and Miss Xie that needed aid. Also, it was General Qin who led the troops to the rescue!"

Emperor Jing nodded: "In that case, tell her to go back, later when we return to the palace, she will receive her reward!''

The eunuch nodded his head, he was about to retreat, when suddenly there was the voice of a minister from outside.

"Your Majesty, this minister has something to report!"

When Emperor Jing heard the voice of the imperial physician, he immediately allowed to enter.

Grand Physician Jiang and other physicians from the Imperial Hospital in charge of treating Xie Ru Zhuo wounds, what shocked them was that the arrow on Xie Ru Zhuo’s chest was extremely poisonous, and the poison was still spreading throughout her body. Thus, it would be difficult for her to recover.

As soon as Grand Physician Jiang spoke, Emperor Jing and Xiao Jun Xi were shocked, they didn’t realize that the arrow actually contained toxic substances.

Emperor Jing thought that if Xie Ru Zhuo didn't push his son away, wouldn't he lose his most beloved son now?

The more the Emperor thought about it, the more anxious he became, next to him, Xiao Jun xi's heart sank when he heard the news.

No wonder when Xie Ru Zhuo stabbed the bear's eyes with an arrow, the black bear fell to the ground and died. It turned out that this arrow was very poisonous!

If an animal can't stand this type of poison, how could Xie Ru Zhuo be able to survive this?

Xiao Jun Xi gritted his teeth. He suddenly thought of an idea and said to Grand Physician Jiang: "If you use the Snow Lotus of the Western Region, can you use it to detoxify the poison?"

"Xi'er!" Emperor Jing was shocked when he heard Xiao Jun Xi's suggestion. The Snow Lotus of the Western Regions was found by someone who had worked hard to find it and brought it to the royal palace. With the snow lotus, it could help to prolong Xiao Jun Xi's life beyond the age of twenty-five years old. Now, he actually wanted to give it to a girl.

The girl in question is the Di-daughter of the Xie family. In the eyes of Emperor Jing, his favourite son's life is far more important than that girl's life.

Even Grand Doctor Jiang was shocked when he heard Xiao Jun Xi's suggestion. Originally, after this autumn season ends, the snow lotus of the Western Region would be used as medicine for the Third Prince to prolong his life. Now, he actually wanted to give it to Miss Xie!

Xiao Jun Xi sensing the disapproval looks on his father's face, he chuckled: " Royal Father, if it weren't for Miss Xie using her life to save my life, this son would have died. The snow lotus of the Western Regions could only prolong this son’s life, but if using it to save the life of the benefactor, it's worth it!"

"Xi'er!" Emperor Jing felt uncomfortable when he heard Xiao Jun Xi's words.

Xiao Jun Xi knelt on the ground, "Royal Father, we could always find the Snow Lotus of the Western Regions, this son however doesn't want to feel the burden of debt of owing a life. Miss Xie has saved this son three times, and this son can’t let her die! I plead to the Royal Father to allow my request."

Emperor Jing sighed heavily, "Are you really sure about it?"

Jun Xi nodded repeatedly.

Emperor Jing watched his son's face, since there are still ten years left before Xiao Jun Xi reaches the age of twenty-five years old, it is more than enough to find another Snow Lotus of the Western Regions!

Emperor Jing finally agreed to Xiao Jun Xi's idea...


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