The Abandoned Daughter

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Chapter 13: Seeds of Doubts

When Xie Ru Zhuo heard Xiao Jun Xi's words, she couldn't help but feel slightly slanderous in her heart.

Xie Ru Zhuo could only say it in her heart, she naturally didn’t have the guts to say it in front of him. She then paid a salute to Xiao Jun Xi.

Xiao Jun Xi immediately stepped forward to prevent her from saluting, "No need to be polite, you are still injured!"

Xie Ru Zhuo was shocked by his actions. Her eyes glued to Xiao Jun Xi's hands holding her arm.

Xiao Jun Xi immediately retreated his hands as if he was burned by hot water when he realized she was staring at his hand. He didn’t want Xie Ru Zhuo to misunderstand him.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward after their interaction.

Xiao Jun Xi coughed a few times trying to change the atmosphere, he then looked at Qian Bi: "Hurry up and help your lady to lie down!"

"Oh, yes!" Qian Bi quickly helped Xie Ru Zhuo lie on the soft couch.

Xie Ru Zhuo frowned. She felt it was rude for her to lie down in front of Xiao Jun Xi. If others found out about this, people would definitely say she acts like a lady without morals who disrespects the prince.

Realizing the reason for her hesitation to lie down, Xiao Jun Xi said to her: "Miss Xie is still injured, let’s just forgo the rule for now, no one will know about this.”

After Xiao Jun Xi finished speaking, she glanced at the palace maids who were serving her during her stay in the palace. All the palace maids bowed their heads obediently after hearing the tone of warning in his voice.

After she was assured by Xiao Jun Xi, she no longer cared about any rules. She weakly said to him: "Thank you Third Prince." She then signalled to Qian Bi to help her lay down on the soft couch.

Xie Ru Zhuo, who was lying on the soft couch, looked at Xiao Jun Xi sitting next to her. “Thanks to your highness help, all the poison in my body has been detoxified, I am very grateful, your highness."

He put down the tea cup in his hand: "Miss Xie, you saved my life, I am the one who should thank you."

She suddenly thought of something: "By the way, I heard that Sister Shen saved us that day. I was a little puzzled. Sister Shen clearly said that she hated hunting. Isn’t it strange that people who don’t like hunting will be at the hunting ground alone?"

Xie Ru Zhuo looked perplexed.

When Xiao Jun Xi heard Xie Ru Zhuo's words, his eyes suddenly turned cold. He stared at her, "You mean Miss Shen didn't participate in the hunting event that day?"

She then said with an innocent look, "Yes, or did I remember it wrong? When me and other ladies were going to the hunting ground, Sister Shen clearly said that she was unwell. Why did she suddenly appear there?"

Xie Ru Zhuo didn't lie, although she and Shen Jing Ci had a bad relationship, but Shen Jing Ci had a best friend, and that was Miss Huang from Huang's family. She gradually recalled the events of her previous life in the past two days.

At that time, she secretly listened to Miss Huang's words. Shen Jing Ci was a little uncomfortable riding a horse. Later, the friendship between Miss Huang and Shen Jing Ci broke down. Shen Jing Ci refused to hunt with them but then she happened to be able to save Xiao Jun Xi and get a reward from the emperor. Miss Huang considered her actions to be a betrayal.

That’s right!

In the previous life, it was Shen Jing Ci who saved Xiao Jun Xi.

Xie Ru Zhuo's words made Xiao Jun Xi suspicious of Shen Jing Ci. Xiao Jun Xi immediately stood up and his facial expression was a little ugly.

She secretly smiles and hits her forehead: "How can I say this, Miss Shen has saved me. How could I be suspicious of her?"

When Xiao Jun Xi heard Xie Ru Zhuo's words, "Miss Xie, don’t tell other people what you have told me just now okay?"

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