The Abandoned Daughter

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Chapter 17: Xie Mansion

Madam Qiao was startled when Xie Ru Zhuo courteously greeted her. She can't help but stare at the girl in front of her.

Never in her wildest dream did Madam Qiao expected there would be a day where Xie Ru Zhuo would speak to her politely. Usually, once Xie Ru Zhuo saw her there would be nothing but insults and hatred. Sensing her hesitation to speak, the maid next to her pulled Madam Qiao's sleeve quietly before pulling her hand back.

Madam Qiao was a little apologetic with the fact that she was distracted. Fearing that Xie Ru Zhuo would resent her attitude, she hurriedly smiled, "What are you talking about, we are a family, I would naturally worry about you."

In her heart, Xie Ru Zhuo knew that she had done too many evil deeds before. Although Madam Qiao treated her sincerely, she has nothing other than loathing towards her stepmother. Trying to mend their broken relationship, she smiled, " What mother said is right."

Again, Madam Qiao was surprised by Xie Ru Zhuo's attitude, she was stupefied.

At this moment, suddenly a female voice can be heard "I was wondering why it's so noisy at the gate, turns out it was the Fourth Miss who finally came back to the mansion, I missed her so much!"

A plump woman with heavy makeup suddenly appeared at the door. Her head was fully decorated with pearls ornaments. Wearing a gold silk dress with a red gauze, the woman seemed like an opera actress who just robbed a jewelry store.

It was Xie Ru Zhuo's Third Aunt, Madam Lu.

Before Madam Lu was able to finish her words, her gaze shifted to the carriages behind Xie Ru Zhuo.

The first carriage carried Xie Ru Zhuo and the maid, and the other carriages definitely carried rewards from the palace!

Xie Ru Zhuo saw how greedy Madam Lu was, eyeing the other carriage, a trace of disgust flashed in her eyes. In her past life, Madam Lu loved to provoke others, and it’s not a surprise if there will be a fight today!

Qian Bi helped Xie Ru Zhuo leave the carriage. Once her feet touched the ground, Xie Ru Zhuo was a little dizzy. She sighed when she realized how weak her body was right now. Before she speaks, she saw that Madam Lu had ordered her maid to bring Xie Ru Zhuo to her yard.

Madam Lu immediately winked at Xie Ru Lan. When Xie Ru Lan saw it, she immediately understood. She hurriedly walked forward, pushing the maid aside. She took Xie Ru Zhuo's arm affectionately, "Let me support the fourth sister. I haven’t seen you for a long time, I missed you so much."

As soon as she approached Xie Ru Zhuo, there was a strong powdery smell. Looking at Xie Ru Lan who was thinner than Madam Lu, an idea formed in her mind. She then deliberately placed most of her body weight on Xie Ru Lan and smiled weakly, "Then I have trouble Third Sister."

Madam Lu, who didn't know what was going on, proudly smiled "Is it because of their sisterly love."

With a smile, Madam Qiao didn't pay attention to Madam Lu, instead, she ordered her servants to count and send all the medicines and jewelry gifted by the emperor to the small warehouse.

Naturally, it was Xie Ru Zhuo's Head maid Qian Bi job to count.

As soon as the golds, diamonds, and other expensive jewelry were taken out to be counted, Madam Lu stared intensely. Envy was formed in Xie Ru Lan's heart, smilingly, "Fourth sister is really blessed. This is the first time I have seen rewards given by the emperor."

Xie Ru Zhuo naturally knew what she was thinking. From their childhood to adulthood, Xie Ru Lan would inevitably seize everything she got, if there were no elders present, she would take it directly from her hands. The items she received were directly received from the emperor, thus, Xie Ru Lan didn’t have the guts to snatch them from her. Since she dared not take it, she wanted Xie Ru Zhuo to take the initiative to give it to her!

After all, it’s not like Xie Ru Lan never used this way to snatch Xie Ru Zhuo's possession.

"Third Sister, do you think my life isn't worth these rewards?" Xie Ru Zhuo spoke lightly and took tea from a maid. She was really thirsty on the way back home.

Xie Ru Lan was speechless and smiled dryly, "Fourth sister, you saved a prince, not only a prince but the emperor's favorite prince. The rewards given are a lot!"

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