The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse

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Status: dropped Alternate Titles: 论圣父的垮掉 Type: chinese Author: 打字机N号 Artists: Guni


Jiang Liu lost his father at the age of three. When he turned five, his mother decided to run away with another man. At the age of fourteen, he sent off the only relative he had, his grandfather, before carrying a small amount of property and stepping into the big dyeing tank called society.

He was stingy, selfish and absolutely disgraceful. Except for breaking the law, he accumulated all the bad habits available to the mankind. Yet, such a man, after an unexpected death, was bounded by a silicon-based creature called the righteous father’s system. Since then he started his magnificent career in the world system.


ComedyFantasyAdventureRomanceActionSlice of LifeDrama


World HoppingMale ProtagonistRevengePoor to RichTransmigration

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