The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 53: Just A Game

The crisp sound of a slap in the face was heard the moment the sentence ended.

She hadn’t noticed it when she was in the restaurant, but after coming out, Tang Susu got to see clearly that the person Jian Dan was tangled with was a popular actress -- Ye Zitong. She’d even seen her face on the TV two days ago.

But no matter how beautiful a woman was, the scene of her punching someone's face and grabbing hair wouldn’t look too good.

Although Jian Dan looked energetic, she had just recovered from her illness and wasn’t Ye Zitong's opponent. In addition, there was a man next to Ye Zitong, staring at her.

Tang Susu was initially curious about the man's identity. Only after listening to their fight for a while did she confirm that the middle-aged man who was only 1.7 meters was Jian Dan’s manager.

More precisely, it should be her manager-boyfriend.

Um... How exciting. Shen Shenxing and Jian Dan had both cheated, and they just happened to bump into the two unfortunate partners who had come to catch the adulterers.

How could things be so coincidental?

Then Tang Susu discovered that there was more than one coincidence. Seeing the few small vans hurriedly stopping in the distance and the few people carrying cameras and microphones running out towards them, she knew that this matter wasn’t over yet.

Before those people even came closer, she could already guess what the news topic for tomorrow would be.

Superstar actress cheating on her boyfriend.

The past relationship between the newly-popular model and her manager must be uncovered.

Young Master Shen caught cheating by his girlfriend.


“Let’s go.” Turning her head and giving a smile to the man next to her, the two of them avoided the group of the gossip news reporters who were surrounding the two couples, and left.

The next morning, the first thing Tang Susu did was turn on the TV and watch the news.

As expected, the news today was extremely exciting. Ye Zitong slapping crazily, Jian Dan crying rivers of tears, Shen Shengxing coldly standing beside the fight and Mr. Manager whose sense of presence was low but had a pair of vicious eyes.

Every photo was enlarged and posted on the internet for everyone to appreciate.

AnonymousEvil1L: Douchebag and bitch. Collected.

2L: Grabbing the sofa

3L: The bench

5L: Why do I find this Jian Dan to be so clingy lately. What famous model? She’s just a low-level noob.

14L: Stealing people’s boyfriends. Shameless!


DandanDon’tCry87L: Shaming her as the mistress just because Jian Dan was simply having a meal with someone? Bet Ye Zitong’s the madwoman with a few loose screws in her head.

LovingBitch88L: Of all places, they had to dine at Norman. Everyone knows that Norman’s the holy site for couples to date at. A slut pretending to be innocent. Tsk.


DandanDon’tCry135L: LovingBitch, your dear master’s the slut. As if no one knows about her sleeping with people from the producer to the director.

The subsequent hundreds of comments were about fans from both ends arguing with each other. The news had been released last night and it still remained very lively even after one night.

After flipping through tens of pages, Tang Susu saw a comment:

3526L: Is no one gonna care about that douchebag? I remember just two months ago someone said that he was the world’s best gentleman? Link

After clicking on the link, the page was directed to the post that was shaming Bai Mian.

Seeing this, she laughed and closed the page. There was no need to continue looking anymore.

Of course, her best friend wasn’t a person who didn’t fight back. She would create a big one, dump all the sluts together, and save herself from disgust.

In a dark and narrow room, a woman's cries continued.

Jian Dan was sitting curled up on a dirty and torn pink plastic stool. The phone in her hand was continuously on dialing mode, but the owner of that number didn't seem to have any intentions of answering it.

After a few consecutive dials, it was turned off the next time she dialed again.

Seeing Mr. Shen's name on the screen completely darkened, Jian Dan covered her face and burst into tears.

After crying for half a day, she sniffed and turned to dial another number.

In just three rings, the call was picked up.

“Jian Dan?” On the other end of the phone, a coarse and sexy man’s voice rang.

“It’s me, Qiyang. Can you help me? I have no other solution but to find you.” Jian Dan pleaded as she cried.

“Help you with what?”

“Announce to the public that you’re my boyfriend and I’m not a mistress.”

Without her manager’s help, Jian Dan couldn’t do anything. With Shen Shengxing not even picking up her calls, she finally felt scared at this moment.

She had only just gotten famous. What would her life become if she were to lose all of these resources?

After having a taste of being famous, how could she be willing to return to be a nameless model?

The voice on the other end let out a light laugh. “But Jian Dan, we’ve already broken up. I remember you’ve already found a new boyfriend, haven’t you?”

Qiyang’s voice was as gentle as it had used to be, yet felt cold coming into Jian Dan’s ears.

“Qiyang, I’m just pleading for one thing from you. Just take into account the fact that we’ve been together for so many years…”

“I remember saying something similar as well. Remember what your reply was?”

Jian Dan’s hand that was holding onto the phone froze. Of course, she remembered.

That had been their first breakup. She hadn’t wanted to remain a nameless model; she had wanted to succeed. When someone had happened to stretch out an olive branch to her, she had initiated the breakup with Qiyang.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t liked Qiyang. In reality, it was hard to dislike someone as good-looking as Qiyang, who always followed her demands and treated her very gently.

When she had still been a student, there’d been people who’d been jealous. Back then, Jian Dan had really enjoyed the gazes that people had been giving her.

But everything had changed the moment she stepped into society.

When Qiyang had pleaded with her to not break up, accounting for the fact that they’d been together for so many years, she’d mocked him that looks couldn’t bring meals to the table, that even a hawker could make more money than he did.

“I didn’t mean it. I didn’t want to hurt you.” Jian Dan quickly explained. Qiyang was her last straw of hope. As long as he stood up, everyone would believe that she wasn’t a mistress.

And she would still have the chance to break up with him in the future.

Jian Dan’s plan was built on the premise that Qiyang was able to stand up to admit their relationship. Yet Qiyang who had always heeded her words did not agree this time.

His voice sounded gentle. “Dandan, a good kid does not lie. If you have done something wrong, you must be punished.”

The call ended. Her call was rejected when she dialed back; clearly, she had been blacklisted.

Jian Dan’s anger was about to spill over. She couldn’t understand how Qiyang could treat her this way!

On the other end, Qiyang took out the SIM card and crushed it into fine pieces.

Humans tended to change easily. They may not be in love now, but they may fall deeply in love the next moment, probably because they had little time and yearned to hold tightly onto each and every second.

Whereas, demons never looked back once they turned cold.

Love was probably just another game to entertain themselves.

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