The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 54: Siblings After All

Ever since the news of Shen Shengxing cheating had broken out, the paparazzi had been eyeing him. In a few days, the news of Young Master Shen breaking up with actress Ye Zitong was announced.

Subsequently, Ye Zitong revealed in an interview that she had been secretly dating Shen Shengxing for three years and the other party had even proposed to her; she even brought out the proposal ring.

The dazzle of the pink diamonds studded on the ring could still be seen in the photo. Any woman would love it.

However, not even Ye Zitong herself probably knew how much disaster her casual remarks had brought to the Shen family.

It was originally the Bai family that had let down the Shen family, but now, it had become the Shen family who had first played tricks. Even the engagement rings they had prepared before were fakes, and the genuine ring had been given to an actress by Shen Shenxing. This was clearly slapping the Bai family in the face!

Bai Qi, who was initially a little apologetic to the Shen family, was furious at this time. He nearly flipped the table early in the morning before eating.

Bai Mian glanced expressionlessly at her father who was making a big fuss over it and then looked at the person sitting opposite her. “Bai Le, shouldn’t you say something?”

Bai Le’s hand that was holding onto the chopsticks tightened as he remained silent.

Though he didn’t make a sound, Bai Mian would not let him go so easily. She adjusted her chopsticks and knocked on the ceramic plate. “Aren’t you a close buddy of Shen Shengxing? I remember the both of you always went together when you were hooking up with girls. Didn’t he say anything to you before?”

Bai Le’s face looked bad yet he refused to say anything.

“She’s asking you a question! Answer now!” Before Bai Mian got to ask again, Bai Qi roared.

“He didn’t say.” Bai Le closed his eyes.

Ever since Bai Mian returned, everything had changed. The father that had once been biased towards him now only stood aside coldly and watched Bai Mian take over whatever had belonged to himself -- the people under him, the projects he initiated -- everything that he owned had been snatched away by Bai Mian.

Now the entire Bai Group was in Bai Mian’s hands. Even as she blatantly suppressed him, their father did not care about it.

“But your secretary says otherwise. He said that you were the one who proposed such a good idea to Shen Shengxing.” Bai Mian gave Bai Le a smile, her smile filled with evil intentions.

Bai Le froze and looked at Bai Mian in disbelief.

“Why are you so surprised? Did you forget the words you said?” Bai Mian looked at his astonished look, suddenly finding it a little hilarious.

Bai Qi’s gaze that came over gave Bai Le shivers. He tightened his fist and said while gritting his teeth, “I’ve never said that.”

Even if he had, he couldn’t admit to it.

Once he did, he would have no other chances to make a comeback.

Bai Mian smiled without saying a word and turned to look at Bai Qi.

Bai Qi stayed silent for a while before saying to his daughter, “Mianmian, let’s not pursue this matter anymore. Just settle the Shen family properly, and make sure you do not let them off easily.”

Whereas Bai Le had been subconsciously casted aside.

A cold glint flashed through Bai Mian’s eyes. He was, after all, still leaning towards his son. It looked like what she’d done in the past hadn’t been enough for her father to learn a lesson.

“But I don’t want to let this go.” Bai Mian threw the chopsticks in her hand aside. Bai Mian smiled, yet she didn’t look quite like she was smiling, as she turned her head and looked at Bai Qi.

Bai Qi frowned. He was slightly unhappy with his daughter’s disobedience and broke out, “Mianmian, both you and your brother belong to the Bai family. No matter what, you’re related by blood. You ought to be more sensible.”

Bai Mian gave him a smirk. “A family? Your illegitimate child was never a family of mine. You want to protect Bai Le? Sure, suit yourself. We can all do our very best. I hope that you won’t come begging me when the time comes.”

Finishing her words, she stood up and left.

Seeing Bai Mian leave, Bai Le let out a sigh of relief. Father’s heart was ultimately still leaning towards him. As long as Father didn’t give up on him, he still had a chance.

Bai Le’s thinking wasn’t wrong. Unfortunately, Bai Mian never gave him a chance.

The next day, the police came directly to the doorstep to ask him to assist them in investigating an ongoing murder case.

Watching his dear son being taken away, Bai Qi was deeply furious. He called his old friends in the police investigation force to enquire about the reason but the other said that this matter was only related to his son.

It turned out that the person who had reported Bai Le as the murder suspect was none other than his most trusted secretary who had previously worked at the Bai Group, Gao Yuan. Gao Yuan expressed that Bai Le had given him 2 million yuan to hire a killer to assassinate Bai Qi and Bai Mian.

Usually the police wouldn’t establish an investigation over such matters without any concrete proof, but this matter was related to the Bai Group. Additionally, the secretary’s account had increased by 2 million yuan all of sudden.

After investigating, this sum of money had indeed been transferred over by Bai Le.

The matter turned even more interesting subsequently. The family head of the Bai Group expressed willingness to cooperate with the police. With Bai Mian’s agreement, the police immediately sent Bai Le for investigation.

The big show at the Bai family made the onlookers dumbfounded.

They had previously heard that the young mistress of the Bai family had gotten schemed against by Bai Le and thought that she had fallen into a pit. They hadn’t expected her to have such a ruthless character.

Ever since she had returned to the Bai family, her first move had been to snatch the power from Bai Le’s hand; next was the fiancé Shen Shengxing whom “she cheated on” becoming unlucky to the point that his name became notorious. Following that was her illegitimate brother being labeled of plotting his father’s murder and arrested for investigations.

As to whether he had hired a killer or not, did it really matter?

With so many years in the business industry, Bai Qi was more than aware of such tricks. Yet he couldn’t help but recall the words Tang Susu had said to him when she had visited him in the hospital.

Since Bai Le had dealt with Bai Mian without hesitation, would he not have thought of dealing with him too?

Bai Qi wasn’t sure.

Especially since Gao Yuan had even said in the police station that Bai Le had done something to Bai Qi’s car a few years ago.

Bai Qi recalled that a few years back when he had gone out for business, he had nearly gotten into a car accident, but it was Bai Le that had protected him. So he trusted his son more.

Now that he thought about it, could it all have been a play arranged by Bai Le?

Bai Qi entered the police station aggressively, but left dejectedly. He didn’t bring Bai Le along when he left. Instead, the lawyer stayed behind, but Bai Le hadn’t been bailed out.

Bai Mian only laughed when she got the news. She knew what kind of person her father was, better than Bai Le did.

Being able to betray her mother’s deep affection and bearing an illegitimate child just to inherit his family’s business.

Such a man was the most selfish.

He only loved himself and would never allow anyone to surpass him.

Even if he could assess rationally that Bai Le would never hire a killer to assassinate him, he could still doubt, question, and then no longer trust.

This method of toying with people’s hearts had been personally taught by Bai Le. Seeing the look of it today, she had learned really well, hadn’t she?

The allegations that had been made without any concrete evidence led Bai Le to be released after being imprisoned for two days. But he did not know that the moment he stepped out of the police station, his life had completely gone in the other direction.

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