The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 20: Asking for Marriage

During the busy period, Zhou Chengkang also ran to make up the noodles and meat dishes. There was a little rice left. Originally, Li Qinghe planned to eat it herself if she couldn't sell it.

When she was able to catch her breath a little, she raised her head, the street had already lost most of its people, and the box given to her by the aunty at the side was filled to the brim.

When Zhou Chengkang saw her stop, he handed over a handkerchief, "Are you tired?"

Li Qinghe took it, smiled, and shook her head, "It's okay."

The two of them shared the food and also asked the aunty to cook the noodles.

The auntie brought the noodles over but did not leave immediately. Instead, she sat down on the side, "If I may say so, you still have to open a shop, I can't turn around here."

Li Qinghe understood in a second, she sold rare pancakes today. Surprisingly, under normal circumstances, there would not be so many people spending money to buy food. If she has been here all the time, then some people are likely to not eat steamed buns and noodles to buy her pancakes for their family members, and the aunt's business will be more or less affected.

Today is okay, because of Li Qinghe's bizarre pancakes, it also attracted many people to watch. Those who can't afford pancakes can still buy the other dishes. The noodles and buns prepared by the aunty today were sold out.

Li Qinghe smiled and said, "Actually, I'm raising fish, so I can't spare time to sell this. Auntie, do you want to try it?"

Auntie was stunned, and then a little surprised, "Are you serious ?"

Zhou Chengkang ate his noodles in silence and didn't ask many questions. Li Qinghe glanced at him and nodded, "Really, I can teach you."

The aunt understood instantly, "How much money should I charge for this apprenticeship. To be honest, I don't want to do it myself, I want my daughter to come, and she doesn't have much silver."

"How much is aunty willing to give?" Li Qinghe's expression remained unchanged.

Auntie's eyes fell on the last bit of bibimbap left over there. This pancake will be delicious, and the most important thing was that rice. She looked at the copper plate beside Li Qinghe that hadn't had time to count. The box was her own. No one could know how much it contained. She also saw the ingredients Li Qinghe had brought. It was indeed better than her. this auntie would also like to make money, tentatively asked, "fifty-two?"

Li Qinghe laughed, "aunt, you give six taels, I promise to teach you everything."

At that, the aunt suddenly relaxed, "Deal."

Fearing that Li Qinghe would regret it, she immediately took the silver and gave it to her, "It just happens that I have cash, do you want to make a note?"

Li Qinghe did not refuse it and collected the silver. "If you want to learn, you'd better do it as quickly as possible. Two days after the autumn harvest, I have to cook." At that time, every family was busy. For the sake of the silver, she could not run away, and in the eyes of outsiders, they would think she was lazy and run away.

Upon seeing this, the aunt didn’t say anything about writing a note, “I’ll go to her later and let her come over tomorrow.” In the end, she added, “It’s just can’t teach others.”

The tone of the last sentence is much more cautious, Li Qinghe readily responded. After she finished counting the copper plates she found that there were two thousand and one hundred. Today, she bought the ingredients and spent one thousand and one, which just made a few silvers and a few more copper plates.

The woman also helped to count the money, and after counting it, she smiled and squinted, happier than she had earned it.

When the two returned to the carriage, Li Qinghe gave half of them to Zhou Chengkang, "This is yours."

"I don't need it." Zhou Chengkang hurriedly refused, "I help you, I didn't want you to thank me with the silver."

Li Qinghe took out three taels of silver. " Then I won't pay back the silver I borrowed from you?"

"No need to pay it back." Zhou Chengkang didn't know what came to his mind, his ears were red. "I will give you all the silver I earn in the future."

Li Qinghe was a little surprised and amused. "This is what you said."

The two of them went back to the village laughing and joking, and Zhou Chengkang didn't ask for her silver at all. Li Qinghe was also happy to put it away.

The next day, Li Qinghe went to town again, but she didn't ask Zhou Chengkang to send her off. She went by herself. After a day of teaching, the aunt's daughter could get started, and the money is considered to be handed. Before leaving, the auntie was quite embarrassed to take out a deed.

It was written in the deed that she was willing to teach this recipe, and could not teach other people in Luoyue Town. Li Qinghe saw it and had no objection. After pressing her fingerprints, she took a copy home with her.

She ran out of money on buying fish fry, and she wanted to sell some food to earn some money back, and it was only a whim to go to the aunt's shop.

Previously, she intended to set up a stall with Zhou Chengkang the day before the big market. However, because Zhou Chengkang was delayed, she couldn’t take the things back with her. She thought that selling food might have to be moved back. On the way to town on the market day, she suddenly remembered that she could go to the aunty store to sell, and there is no need to prepare pots and pans. They are all ready-made.

She thought she'd try it out, but she didn't expect that the auntie here would look over it several times, and she made no secret of the envy in her eyes. Besides, she left over two hundred pancakes over there and was hot and tired. This business was given to the aunt, and she could have a good relationship and good karma.

When she arrived at the village, she saw Zhou Chengkang standing at the side from a distance, and smiled when he saw her, "Qinghe, are you still going tomorrow?"

"Not going." It's not a difficult thing. One day she can practice it again and then sell it by herself.

Zhou Chengkang was not thinking about it. He was thinking about something else. After a long time, he coughed lightly, "I talked to my mother yesterday, and she agreed to the marriage. I want to come to propose a marriage tomorrow, is it okay?"

Li Qinghe was a little curious about the source of Zhou's family’s silver, but she could not ask. It was indeed time to settle earlier. She smiled and said, "Okay."

She answered casually, Zhou Chengkang's eyes lit up in an instant, and the smile on the corners of his mouth grew bigger and bigger, "Qinghe, don't worry, I will treat you well in the future."

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