When she came back from feeding the fish, Zhou Chengkang was already standing at the intersection waiting for her and said, "I sent him to his aunt's house."

Li Qinghe snorted with laughter.

"You're still laughing." Zhou Chengkang glared at her, "I'm so anxious."

Li Qinghe wasn’t impressed, smiled, and walked in the direction of home. "People just ask for directions, what makes you so anxious?"

Zhou Chengkang was helpless and took a few steps after her. "I didn't deliberately break my promise this morning. A lot of things happened in my family today."

"I know. Your brothers have decided to marry, everyone in the village knows." Li Qinghe replied casually.

"Will we go to town tomorrow?" Zhou Chengkang asked tentatively, "It just happens to be the market day, you can buy everything." He also explained, "I planned to come to you in the morning today, but they quarreled early in the morning, and it’s very difficult for my mother."

Li Qinghe raised his eyebrows, "It’s okay ."

Zhou Chengkang sighed, "That’s because you don’t know the situation in our family. My mother only has a total of two silver, only a small deposit is enough, but later... the eldest brother took the initiative to say that only half a silver pays as bride price, and the second elder brother will pay for the bride price, as long as he gets a dress. The rest was taken away by the third brother, and the one or two silver is just a small set, although not much, for our family, there are already a lot. Just that, the third brother also said that they want two taels of silver, and he has to pitch in some himself."

Li Qinghe listened silently and did not wait until Zhou Chengkang said he. Speaking of which he is seventeen this year, it's time to set a marriage. However, she did not take the initiative to ask. If Zhou Chengkang is only sincere to her but will not fight for her, maybe she will reconsider the relationship between the two...

As she thinks so, just listen to him, "I also want to make a marriage appointment as soon as possible. Qinghe, I'll ask a matchmaker to come, okay?"

For a long while, Li Qinghe looked at the small courtyard of Li's house and answered cautiously, "Okay."

It is not her home. She has never had a sense of belonging. Xu's house is not hers either. At best, it is the same as her place to work in the restaurant in the town. It is a place of work, the kind without wages. Hope this time, she did not choose the wrong one.

Zhou Chengkang’s face was full of surprise, "Qinghe, you’ve agreed?"

Li Qinghe returned to her senses, looking at the surprise on his face, looked at her alone in his eyes, smiled, and nodded her head, "Mn."

not waiting for Zhou Chengkang to get excited, Li Qinghe said again, "But this little money must be from your mother."

Zhou Chengkang was a little puzzled, "But my mother..." When he met her clear eyes, he was a little breathless, "Okay."

Li Qinghe was satisfied. It’s okay to subsidize Zhou’s mother, but can’t subsidize her, and the benefits did not fall to her.

When she returned home, Li Fu stood in the courtyard with his hands behind his back and saw her entering the door, as if he hadn't seen her. Instead, he said to Zhao Wanwan in the kitchen, “Tomorrow’s market day, you follow your mother to the town to buy a decent dress, the Hu’s family will come home.”

He didn’t plan to consider Li Qinghe, so he didn’t wait for her to set a marriage for Zhao Wanwan first. Even so, it didn't affect Li Qinghe's good mood. As she hadn't expected anything before, so naturally she would not be disappointed.

The next morning, Zhou Chengkang came to pick her up. After Li Qinghe went up, Mrs. Qian grabbed Zhao Wanwan and hurriedly came out, "Wait for us."

Zhou Chengkang sat in the front and apologized, "I’m sorry, aunty, I have something to do today, so I can’t bring anyone with me. "

After saying that, he pulled the reins of the horse, and the horse trotted away quickly. Li Qinghe suddenly smiled when she saw Mrs. Qian's furious face.

As she smiled happily, Zhou Chengkang secretly relaxed, and after leaving the village, slowed down, "What are we going to buy?"

Li Qinghe thought for a moment, " Buy some meat and white rice, and some fine noodles."

 Zhou Chengkang was surprised when he heard the words. "Can this payback?"

Li Qinghe looked askance at him with a smile, "Try it and you'll see."

Now, most of the streets are selling steamed buns and fried buns. They are made of coarse grains. They are sold at low prices. No one buys them if they are expensive. Just make some hard work. Li Qinghe first bought fine noodles and white rice. She bought only half a catty of lean meat, then bought some lard, and took these things to the bun shop.

 The town's a big market, the bun shop is also busy. The aunty is not only selling buns, she also has meat and vegetarian noodles.

When we arrived at the bun shop, it was still early, and most of the people who came to the market were still on their way. Seeing that it was her, the aunty was very happy and seeing the things she was carrying, she was surprised, "These are not cheap. What do you buy these things?"

Li Qinghe’s face was full of smiles and her tone was generous," aunt, I want to sell some food, can I try through your store? "and added," I'll pay you money. "

aunt was a little surprised, she glanced at her hand again, and couldn't help but persuade, "It's not that I don't like it. Most of the people in my shop are farmers who work to fill their stomachs. You, I'm afraid no one will eat... You can get it back now. Don’t waste your money."

"Thank you." Li Qinghe thanked her sincerely, "I want to try it. I'll give you a taste when I'm ready in a while."

The food may affect her business more or less, but ordinary people don't buy these things, even if it's new, and there will be no fewer people in her store today.

Li Qinghe first boiled the rice and then asked Zhou Chengkang to chop the meat filling. Then she went to refine the oil, fatty meat into the pot. Gradually, the fragrance of the meat wafted, making people unconsciously swallow. People would look at the store's side when they passed by. When the oil was refined and the rice was ready, Li Qinghe mixed the meat and the prepared vegetables, added some salt, wrapped them in a fine dough rolled out skin, made it palm-sized, and then started frying.

At once, the whole shop was filled with the fragrance of meat and rice, which made the buns and the meat-added noodles lose their appeal a lot.

Immediately someone asked loudly, "Sister, what smells so delicious here?"

Li Qinghe made one and was giving it to the aunty. She looked over here several times. It was so fragrant that no one could afford to take silver to make such a thing.

The two sides of the golden cake into the hands, there was still a sizzling oily sound. The auntie couldn't wait to bite a mouth full of meat, with a slight scent of burnt rice. "It's delicious!"

The man over there had gotten up and walked to the pot. Bending down to see the golden flour pancakes in the pot, curiously asked, " How much do you sell this?"

"Eight yuan apiece." Li Qinghe replied immediately, "But uncle, you are the first to buy, and I will give you five yuan."

There were a lot of onlookers. Someone would buy it sooner or later. At first glance, it seemed to take advantage of. Coupled with the nose full of the fragrance, the brain immediately said, "Then I want one."

The pancake is not very big, and he suddenly regrets it. But so many people around, the uncle is not good to mention the matter of money back, only to admit it, after a bite, eyes are bright, "delicious!"

The crowd looked at him with a silly glance, eight yuan, you can get a bowl of meat noodles, for such a small pancake. Although it is fine noodles, there is white rice and meat in it... It’s quite a bargain for a few cents to eat. So many people squeeze forward to buy, they do not want to eat, but also want to take home to eat for the children at home.

Li Qinghe and the two immediately became busy.


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