"But these are your brothers’, and fifth child’s dowry. You took it all, what will your siblings do?" Zhou's mother's voice was full of despair, "If you get married, this house is not enough. It’s not necessarily enough to repair the house here.”

Li Qinghe left when she heard this. It was said that one of the Zhou’s family was strong labor, so the days shouldn’t be difficult.

If there are too many people, they will eat a lot. The food recovered from other people’s homes can be eaten until April or May, and better ones can be eaten until June and July, so they can barely eat. But the Zhou family... could eat up the food. After the Zhou brothers were a little older, they went out to find work to fill their stomachs, and they barely made it through. Later, Zhou's father was ill for a long time and completely emptied his family. They have paid off my debts in the past two years, and Zhou's mother saved the silver, which shouldn't be much.

Therefore, when people in the village mentioned Zhou's family, their first reaction was poverty.

Li Qinghe returned home. Li Fu was sharpening his knife in the yard and saw her enter. "You bought your fish fry back?"

Li Qinghe let out a hint, "I put it in."

Li Fu saw that she was absent-minded and continued, "It's good to raise fish, but you have to watch carefully, don’t let your money go down the drain. In a couple of days, you can help cook for the autumn harvest at home, okay?"

"Yes." Li Qinghe responded. She lives at home and is still very willing to help do something.

Hearing this, Li Fu's face eased up a bit, "Wanwan's marriage, I want to settle it as soon as possible. It's not that I have to force you, but that someone from the Hu family seems to be in contact. This marriage is very good, although Wanwan is not. Even though she isn't my blood daughter, I have raised her for nearly ten years, and I still hope she will be good. Besides, I think you are also good to her... Anyway, you have chosen the Zhou family, can you hurry up?"

"Can't." Li Qinghe was a little annoyed, "The brothers over there, one by one, the betrothal gifts are not a small amount, what is the hurry."

Li Fu was annoyed, "Then I don't agree with the Zhou family, you have to plunge into a family so poor. Everyone avoids it, you are just stupid."

Li Qinghe was silent. She was indeed stupid, but she just wanted a pure relationship. Most men are like Qian Laiman. Even if they are interested in her, they will change their goals if they find something impossible. In this world, there is only one Zhou Chengkang who is willing. Guarding her wholeheartedly, even if she is no longer there. She has no reason to push out such feelings.

"Don't rush." Li Qinghe went into the kitchen. "It’s useless to rush. The Hu family can't come to help you with the autumn harvest. Are you still going to decide the autumn harvest?"

Li Fu was silent this time.

For the country folks, after the two families have settled their marriage, as the son-in-law, he does have to help the in-laws work. Li Fu urged her, and it might not have been for this reason. Many people talk to their children about marriage after the autumn harvest, when the grain comes into the warehouse and the family is not busy anymore. Secondly, it is to avoid this work.

Of course, there are also many people rushing to make arrangements before the autumn harvest to show their sincerity.

The next morning, news broke from the Zhou family that the eldest of the Zhou family found a matchmaker to go to Liu Village and settle a marriage with him. Maybe because it was a second marriage (for the woman's side), the wedding date was set for the next month.

Immediately after the afternoon, the marriage of Zhou's second child and Li Qingmiao was also decided. In the evening, the third son of the Zhou family and the third daughter of the Zhang family in the town also made a marriage.

The group of brothers in the Zhou family who are prone to a bachelor at a glance has settled marriages for three people in one day, not to mention Wang Village, even in the whole town, it is very rare. Zhou's mother is the fastest moving mother-in-law.

With this kind of news, even if they saw Li Qinghe running to feed the fish in the wasteland, everyone was only curious for a moment and then cast them aside, excitedly discussing the three daughters-in-law of the Zhou family with great interest.

On the next day, everyone suddenly remembered that Li Qinghe had bought the barren land on the west mountainside. She also bought ten acres of land at once, scratching off a large area.

Many people were distressed. That's more than ten taels of silver. If you don't do anything wrong, you can build a decent house. But they heard that the land was written in her name. What does this mean?

It means that whoever marries her can get ten acres of land for free!

Although it is a barren land, it also has ten acres. Besides, the pond inside has been filled with fish. Two or three days have passed, the little fish is still alive, and will probably grow up smoothly.

This is all silver!

For a time, many people openly and secretly inquired about Li Qinghe's marriage with Mrs. Qian and Li Fu. Li Fu said that he was not in a hurry, and Mrs. Qian's side would not be able to take the land, but they knew one thing, Li Fu did not intend to swallow his daughter's land.

These people became more and more interested and ran to Li’s place to find out.

More than that, on the way to feed the fish in the morning and evening, Li Qinghe will encounter young people who she didn't know before, and greet her with a familiar greeting.

Unexpectedly, these ten acres of wasteland could still have such a big reaction. Looking at the dark and honest young man asking her for directions in front of him, Li Qinghe was lost in thought. Did she underestimate the attraction of this land to farmers?

"Girl, do you know this family?" The young man was a little nervous, "I'm not a bad guy, I'm from Shan Village over there. My aunt has been married here for many years and my surname is Li. By the way, my cousin is Qingyu."

Li Qingyu Ah counts as a cousin with Li Qinghe, and she lives not far from her house. "Go straight this way and see a jujube tree in the yard. That is her house."

"Thank you." The young man was honest and smiled nervously, said, "But I don't know jujube tree, can you take me there? Thank you."

The villagers don't know about the jujube tree?

Li Qinghe was surprised, and suddenly felt that she was wrong. This person is not honest at all. Isn’t it okay? Just about to say that there are not many people who have trees in the yard here to ask. A familiar man’s voice came from behind, "I'll take you there. Also, I can take you around the village a few times."

The honest-looking man looked stunned, "Who are you?"

"Don't you want to know the way?" Zhou Chengkang walked to her, stretched his hand over his shoulder, and took him away." Let me tell you, your aunt's house is very close, and I know it too..."

The corner of Li Qinghe's mouth couldn't help but be hooked up.


Zhou siblings

First brother: Zhou Chengwen

Second brother: Zhou Chengwu 

Third brother: Zhou Chengcai

Fourth brother: Zhou Chengkang

Fifth sister:?

Future daughter-in-laws

First: a widow from Liu Village

Second: Li Qingmiao

Third: third daughter of Zhang family


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