After Li Qinghe finished, she glanced at the silent Zhao Wanwan over there, ignoring the exasperated Mrs. Qian behind her, and walked in by herself.

After entering the door, it suddenly occurred to her that she hadn't eaten yet, so she went to the kitchen and re-steamed the buns again, as she was doing it Zhao Wanwan came in, "Sister, let me help you."

Li Qinghe glanced at her, "You want to get married?"

"When girls get older, don't they all have to get married?" Zhao Wanwan was a little dazed, "Hu family is pretty good, sister, do you know, what I use to envy the most is your work, you can get silver every month and save it yourself." She hung her head and lit the fire into the stove hole. "I think this is the closest I've ever been to this job. I really don't want to let go of this opportunity."

In the end, this still means she wants her to get engaged sooner. Li Qinghe wouldn't be lost. She didn't have much affection for Zhao Wanwan. She just helped her a few times. Besides, most of the people living in the world are selfish.

Li Qinghe was silent as she cut vegetables, ignoring her.

Zhao Wanwan couldn't wait for her to answer for a long time, and tentatively asked, "Sister, are you angry with me?"

"Not so much" Li Qinghe casually said, "But it's too early for me to get engaged. It's the same whether you rush it or not."

Zhao Wanwan's face was full of disappointment, "I know you and Zhou's fourth brother... can't you rush him for me?" After a pause, she said, "If you want me to say, he disappeared for several days, so he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to settle down. Sister, you don’t have to just wait for him. My cousin was pretty good earlier, has craftsmanship, and also has a heart for you."

Li Qinghe didn't bother to listen to this, and when the steamed buns were ready, she took the dishes with her and returned to her room.

Zhao Wanwan said that Zhou Chengkang was not interested in her. After all, this is a fact, but she boasted Qian Laiman that Li Qinghe personally refused, which is very irritating. Besides, she is already engaged now, to talk about this. So, was it really wasn't intentional?

She went to the pond to cut grass for two more days, and Li Kui was still helping her to compact the soil on the edge of the pond.

Two days later, she went to town in Zhou Chengkang's carriage early in the morning to pick up the fish fry today.

As expected of the frequent fish transport, the two large barrels of fish fry can only be seen in a few bellies turned white. "You take it back and don’t get bored. Hurry up and put it in the water. When I transported it, it is five hundred and no one died. Even if it’s only ten died, then it’s not five hundred.”

It’s quite quick. Li Qinghe paid the silver, and there were Zhou Chengkang’s three taels of silver. The two of them did not delay any more. They picked up the fish fry and got on the carriage back to the village. However, after two quarters, the fry had been released. Into the pond.

Looking at the faintly visible little fish in the water, Li Qinghe let go of her heart slightly, it was different from her previous life.

She looked at the pond, but Zhou Chengkang looked at her, and tentatively asked, "I heard that your sister is going to be married?"

Li Qinghe casually said, "I'm not sure."

Zhou Chengkang opened his mouth and wanted to ask her why she didn't tell him but felt that it was really not a good idea to ask, after all, he hadn't heard her talk about being engaged to herself or anything like that. He said, "If she was engaged first, your position would be awkward."

Li Qinghe raised her eyes to look at him, "I don't think so myself."

Zhou Chengkang was in a complicated mood, and suddenly said, "Should we get engaged too?"

The words came out of his mouth and he felt abrupt, he was busy looking away from her, out of the corner of his eyes peeked at her expression secretly, he was apprehensive and very nervous.

Li Qinghe seemed to be unaware of it, and casually said, " You haven't even hired a matchmaker, how can you get engaged?"

Zhou Chengkang's expression changed, first stunned, and then full of surprises, "If I had found a matchmaker, you would have agreed?"

Li Qinghe glanced at him. "You haven't even looked for a matchmaker and asked me about this... again, moreover what should be done about your third brother?"

 At the moment, they are all in order, especially in marriage. That's why he said just now that if Zhao Wanwan as her younger sister gets engaged, she would be embarrassed.

The difficulty of the Zhou family is not only the inability to find a daughter-in-law but also a house. Now they can barely live in the three rooms in their family, but after getting married... How do they divide the rooms?

Zhou Chengkang picked up the fish food brought back from the side and sprinkled it into the water, "I will think of a way. Also, I have something to do these days, I will teach you to feed the fish later..."

" You want to go into the mountains?" Li Qinghe’s brows furrowed.

Zhou Chengkang was silent, which was considered tacit consent.

Seeing him like this, Li Qinghe was not in a good mood, "There are many ways to make money. You have to choose the most dangerous one. If something happens to you, I won't wait for you."

Zhou Cheng looked cautious, "I will be careful. "

Li Qinghe is indeed short of money, she thought carefully," Why do not we think of another way to make money? "

Zhou Cheng Kang's heavy heart rejoiced at the "we" in her mouth, "What kind of ideas?"

She spoke in a normal tone, "Make some delicious food to sell in town, it should work, tomorrow we both go to town again. We will have the autumn harvest in a few days. At that time, you will have no time."

It also made Zhou Chengkang secretly determined to quickly earn the money to set up a marriage. Even if they were not married, after the two were established, no one would talk nonsense about the two people. As far as he knew, many people in the village now know that the two are close to each other, secretly discussing that they do not set up a marriage, it will damage her reputation.

The two of them fed the fish, and then they went back to the village after another half an hour.

When he arrived at the door of Zhou's house, Li Qinghe said goodbye to him, and was about to leave, when he heard Zhou's mother howling, "You are forcing me to die..."

Zhou Chengkang's expression changed and he opened the door and rushed in.

Li Qinghe was puzzled. The next moment she heard the voice of Zhou Chengcai, the third elder brother of the Zhou family, with a question in his tone, "Mother, I want to marry her. Although the bride price is a bit high, you can get it. Why don't you agree with it?"


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