Li Qinghe looked at him without saying anything, and only after a long time did she ask, "You realize that the man is unmarried and the woman is unmarried, but yet you want work for me without pay. Is this trying to ruin my reputation?"

"No!" Zhou Chengkang looked at her and said, "I want to marry you, so you will become a family member."

Li Qinghe was happy after hearing this and looked over at Zhou's mother who was still barely smiling and exchanging pleasantries with Aunt Liu, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Zhou Chengkang's tone was serious, "Although I am poor, I can hunt. You can rest assured that I will never let you go hungry."

The hunting knowledge was from his previous life. After Li Qinghe died, Zhou Chengkang moved to the mountains alone to live and learn.

Li Qinghe's smile could not be concealed, "Tomorrow, I want to go to Liu Village. I’m looking for fish sellers to buy fish fry."

"Then I will accompany you." Zhou Chengkang hurriedly answered.

This attitude was still okay, Li Qinghe turned around and went home, leaving a message, "Go back then, let’s meet tomorrow morning."

Behind her, Zhou Chengkang gave an affirmation in a light tone, and his steps into the courtyard were light.

Mrs. Qian did not go to Zhou’s house, but she had heard about the cause and effect. She saw Li Qinghe enter the door and sighed, “I just said that Zhou's family has a lot of issues. It's too late to regret now, Laiman’s side, the marriage was arranged yesterday. She was the daughter of Tang Xiucai in the village.”

Li Qinghe lost her smile. Qian Laiman is normal, the girl he likes is not willing to settle with him, it does not delay him to marry. The one who will end up alone like Zhou Chengkang is the one who is not normal.

She did not care, turned, and went into the kitchen. Zhao Wanwan was carefully cutting vegetables with her head down. She moved quickly when she saw her entering the door. She whispered, "Just now, my aunt came and showed off my cousin’s fiancée, on purpose."

Li Qinghe did not give any answer and just continued to help to fry the dishes, Zhao Wanwan approached her again, "Sister, are you going to Liu Village tomorrow?"

"Yes, to buy fish fry." Li Qinghe answered frankly.

Zhao Wanwan's eyes showed some envy, "I wish I could buy my own land like you. You can do whatever you want, and our parents can't control you."

They can't control Li Qinghe, not because of the land, but because she is stubborn and disobedient, Li Fu couldn't do anything about it.

Li Qinghe glanced at her, "I got that in exchange for my life." She did not forget that the girl wanted to turn around and go home when she saw a person lying on their stomach from afar, let alone rushed up when she encountered a gangster.

Zhao Wanwan is silent, "Just now my mother asked me for that copper plate again, but I did not give it to her."

It was an improvement.

The next morning, Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengkang went to town together to pick up the aunt, and then went to Liu Village. The journey was quite smooth, except for the high price of fish fry, which cost five taels of silver for five hundred fish fry. It was originally eight taels of silver, but they bargained and bought it cheaper.

Li Qinghe did not have enough silver on her body. It was only three taels, which is all her savings since she bought the land. She was going to buy less, but Zhou Chengkang on the side agreed.

On the way back, Li Qinghe said, "I don't have that much."

"I have some saved up, I’ll give it to you first." Zhou Chengkang casually answered.

Li Qinghe sat on his side, looking at the familiar scenery by the roadside, and swept-back, "I can't take your silver."

"Between us, there is no need to be so clear." Zhou Chengkang's voice was distorted in the wind.

The two of them ran around for half a day, and it was already late afternoon when Li Qinghe arrived home. In the courtyard, Li Fu and Mrs. Qian were sitting together whispering and laughing, and when they saw her enter, Li Fu smilingly said, "Qinghe, come, I have something to tell you."

Seeing the gentle smile on Mrs. Qian's face, Li Qinghe became wary in her heart. This must not be good.

"There is a family surnamed Hu in town, they own a courtyard in town, and also five acres of land in Liu Village. The son of that family is eighteen this year, good-looking, and still a scholar ......"

Listening to Li Fu explain one by one, Li Qinghe’s heart suddenly had a bad feeling, "Father, what are you talking about?"

"Talking about your marriage ah." Li Fu looked serious. “This is different from the Qian family. You have to think about it seriously, and they have said that the Hu family sister can find a restaurant helper job with the same work and pay as your original salary. I think this marriage is good, the two mothers and sons are dependent on each other, the relationship is simple. After you marry, you do not have to work in the sun and wind. If the children of the Hu family have a good talent for reading, maybe you can still find a talented ......"

Li Qinghe interrupted him and asked suspiciously, "Such a good person, how do you know?"

Mrs. Qian took it gently, “it's your uncle, that person and he is the most powerful of his classmates, and the master often praises him for his talents. It is only a matter of time before he becomes a scholar.”

When she heard that it was because of Mrs. Qian, Li Qinghe refused without thinking, "Don't think about it, I won't accept this marriage."

Li Fu frowned, "I know you do not like aunt Qian, but this time it is really good. Hu family came to the door today, I also watched that young man. He is a very decent and gentle person. I’m your father, how can I harm you?"

Speaking to her and seeing her not agreeing, he was already faintly angry.

Mrs. Qian was busy stopping him. "Don't be angry. Don't be angry, Qinghe doesn't like it, then forget it. It's just as well that Wanwan is 14 years old this year. It's also suitable."

Li Qinghe was surprised and looked at Mrs. Qian, and then at Zhao Wanwan over there. She saw that she had her head down and didn't say a word, and seemed to have an unnatural blush on her cheeks.

She suddenly remembered that Zhao Wanwan did marry in the town in her last life, and it seems that her husband's surname is Hu, and it seems to be this family.

She thought back carefully, Zhao Wanwan basically never came back since she got married, and she did not know if she was doing well.

Many things had changed in this life. Such as Xu Changjue was injured again. Such as when she took Zhao Wanwan to work in town. She did not expect that this marriage still cannot change. Forget it, other people's destiny of marriage, the most important thing is that Zhao Wanwan did not refuse. She did not need to say anything.

Li Fu frowned and pondered for a long time, "Qinghe is the elder sister."

Mrs. Qian spread her hands, her voice soft, "But Qinghe did not agree. Do not let the old man know again or he will come over to reprimand you for forcing her."

"Whatever." Li Fu dropped a word to Li Qinghe, got up, and went to the backyard.

When Li Qinghe passed by Mrs. Qian, she heard her whisper, "You are the oldest sister. I was quite optimistic about this marriage. But since you don't agree, hurry up and find another marriage to settle, don't delay Wanwan."

Li Qinghe sneered, "I said, this is my home. If I do not want to go, no one can force me away! If you don't believe me, try it!"

Why should her marriage make way for Zhao Wanwan?


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