The Zhou family house seems to be empty, so many people standing in the courtyard and no one from the Zhou family never appeared, the people present were quite familiar with the Zhou family, but they were very unfamiliar with these people carrying hoes to beat the door threatening to reason. Immediately someone asked, "What did the Zhou family do ah?"

The woman sneered, "What did they do? The eldest of the Zhou family is ill-intentioned and has been seen more than once hitting on my daughter-in-law, and I have brought all the witnesses."

The crowd was quiet for a moment, then whispered, after which the voices grew louder and louder. Many people said they had seen the eldest of the Zhou family and a married woman walking close to each other.

Hearing someone say this, the woman became more and more justified, "Right, so you said, the Zhou family did the right thing?"

"Then you can't make trouble like this." The village chief finally arrived, panting, "Let's talk, don't take these things. The autumn harvest is coming, it's not good to hurt anyone. The Zhou family is not here, so you guys should be calm."

"That is not possible, you hand over the people." The granny waved her hand forcefully, "I can't have him hiding to let you guys come and send me off. Anyway, I won't leave if I don't see anyone today!"

Then, she sat down on her buttocks on the ground, with the attitude of sitting until the end of the world, and the people with hoes on the side also shouted for the people to hand over the man.

The crowd was dumbfounded, and could not persuade, Li Qingmiao's mother Xu's face was very unpleasant, and Li Qingmiao beside her looked worried.

Another person asked, "Auntie, is your son here?"

Hearing that, the auntie's tears instantly came out, "My miserable son, was killed by sàng mén xīng*. I didn't expect that he had just gone less than a year, and here she has hooked up with the eldest of the Zhou family, I really ...... knowing this matter, I can't eat, sleep. I want to go to accompany my miserable son."

(TN: a woman who brings ill luck to her husband's family)

The crowd dawned, the woman originally is a widow, then it is not difficult to understand. It is also true that the eldest of the Zhou family is no longer ignorant and no matter how difficult it is to get married, it is not so far to the point of hooking up with a married woman.

However, this is the Wang Village, the Zhou family has lived here for many years, know a lot of people, immediately someone advised, "Auntie, this is your fault. If the widow remarries, that’s what the Yamen is in favor of, you can not do this."

"What do you know?" The auntie was furious, "The Zhou family has bad intentions, my daughter-in-law promised earlier at my son's grave that she would support me in my old age. Besides, she can make tofu, the recipe was passed down from the ancestors. I don't believe he, eldest Zhou, doesn't have the intention to covet the recipe."

In this way, the people do not know how to persuade. Fortunately, at this time, Zhou Chengwen hurried into the courtyard, saw the aunty in the middle. He hurried to come forward and said, "Auntie, you ......"

"Oh, you bastard, finally appeared ah!" The auntie grunted to get up and raise her hand to fight, Zhou Chengwen raised his hand to block, hurriedly said, "Aunty, Fang Cao and I discussed, later together we will support you old age to end!"

The elder mother originally grabbed the hoe in the hands of the people on the side and was about to knock him on the head, heard the words, and stopped, "Really!"

"In front of so many people, naturally serious!" Zhou Chengwen's tone was serious, "If you don't believe me, I swear to God! If in the future I do not give aunt Liu a final rest, heaven will strike me down and I will die a good death!"

Aunt Liu first froze, reacted, and swept a glance around the crowd, put down the hoe, waved her hand, and said, "Quickly, quickly, quickly, go, we have something to discuss."

Zhou's mother heard about the family's accident, hurriedly dared to return from the field, just walked to the door and heard her son's vow, her body went limp, leaned on the fence yard wall, and slowly slid to the ground.

The crowd was stunned by such a turn of events, turned around and saw the doorway Zhou mother a face of bewilderment, Mrs. Xu went forward, "Aunt, you are ......"

Zhou's mother sighed, "I'm fine."

Xu is indifferent, in the end, Zhou Lao Er, when the time is to move to her home, Here you will be relatives and walk around. Usually, everyone helps each other out. Don’t say that Zhou’s eldest cares for the end of life. It has nothing to do with her.

There is still some relationship, if the eldest of the Zhou family, even if he marries a widow, it is also considered to solve the marriage, and soon it will be the turn of Qingmiao. Thinking about it this way, it’s still a good thing for her, and a smile appeared on her face. "You have to relax. Isn't this also a happy event?" Approaching her lowered her voice, " If you do this, what if others don't agree?”

The wrinkles on Zhou's mother's face suddenly deepened, and she had to admit that Mrs. Xu was telling the truth, even if she was a widow, others might not be able to agree*...... It was only when she knew the fact that she thought more and more.

(TN: as in marrying the eldest)

Li Qinghe walked out with the crowd. She was in front of the crowd, as she walked she fell behind. Out the door, she saw Zhou Chengkang hurrying back.

Seeing the door of the house and seeing everyone walking out from a distance, Zhou Chengkang secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The fact that there was no trouble proves that it was not a big deal. He didn't make a fuss to prove that the matter was not big. He greeted everyone and he was about to enter the door. He raised his eyes and met Li Qinghe who came out of the yard.

His eyes were immediately filled with a soft smile, and his tone was full of surprise, "Qinghe ......"

Seeing him like this, Li Qinghe raised her eyebrows, "What have you been doing lately? It feels like you're so busy."

"I recently ......" he paused as if there was something hard to say, "I will be free after a few days. I heard that you are in the clearing pond. I will help you when I am free."

"No need." Li Qinghe refused, "already finished clearing." After saying that, she raised her steps to go home.

"Qinghe, I want to talk to you." Zhou Chengkang's voice sounded behind him.

Li Qinghe ignored it, seriously speaking, there is no relationship between the two, Zhou Chengkang also did not show her any thought. anyway, there is a lifetime, see who is anxious!

Zhou Chengkang looked at her head did not turn, his heart panicked, he ran a few steps to catch up, "Qinghe, recently I went to the county a few times."

"What do you want to do?" Li Qinghe was curious, the villagers usually would not think of going to the county town, those people who go can not afford to buy things.

Zhou Chengkang's eyes wandered and his voice was a little weak, "I went to the fish pond to do part-time jobs feeding the fish."

Li Qinghe looked at him, in her last life, he cried in front of her tombstone, a heartbreaking situation seems to appear in front of her eyes again. Her heart is complicated, sour, and swollen, eyes are also sore, can not help but ask, "Learn to do what? Help me raise fish? What if I don't hire you?"

"No need for you to invite me, I am willing to help by myself." Zhou Chengkang was a little eager.


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