The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 82: Leave

The remaining two people in the room were not surprised by hearing her words.. Mrs. Xu nodded and continued, "They have already departed for the county. Did your father not promise to take you too?"

If he did, she wouldn't be here right now.

"They will not kick me out once I reach the county." Zhang Haiyao took a deep breath and said, "Auntie, I want to go with you as well."

After departing for the county with Mrs. Xu, far away from the Wang Village, no matter how dissatisfied the Zhang family was, they had to let her enter the house first. Once she entered the house, the situation would be as she had described. How can they possibly drive her out?

But if it wasn't for Mrs. Xu, she might not have even been allowed to enter the house.

"Actually, I am not sure about when I will go. I told your eldest uncle to wait until Qinghe had given birth to the child that would be around October, so there is more than a month left." Mrs. Xu explained patiently, "By then, a carriage will be sent from the countryside to pick us, mother and son."

Zhang Haiyao's eyes lit up and she grabbed her hand, "Auntie, you must help me this time."

"What about your child?" Li Qinghe couldn't help but ask. It had been more than a year since her daughter was born and the child had already started walking. The little girl was fair and chubby. It was clear that she didn't treat her daughter poorly.

Zhang Haiyao was silent for a while, "After I settle down in the county, I will come back to pick up the father and daughter."

While she was leaving, she repeatedly instructed, "Auntie, you really have to help me this time and I will make sure to repay you in the future."

They watched her go out and then closed the door. Mrs. Xu shook her head in denial, "The county is so far away, why does she want to go through this trouble? If it wasn’t for Bin'er, I really wouldn’t want to go either."

It would be profitable for Bin'er to study in the county town as the teachers and the environment over there were better. It was not as difficult as comparing the education of Hu Yanxi, who had spent a year in the county.

Li Qinghe's body was getting better day by day. After a few days, she was able to get out of bed and walk around. Mrs. Xu stayed with them all this while. Zhou Chengkang was the one who cooked for her every day while Mrs. Zhou cooked for the rest of them. After the child was ten days old, Mrs. Xu made a trip back to the town to pick up her son, along with the old maidservant.

After all, women were the ones who cook and clean at home.

Though Mrs. Xu was a guest, it was still impolite to ask Mrs. Zhou for help with cooking. In private, she whispered to Li Qinghe, "I am always a guest here, so I think you should cook for me, that's all. You now have a mother-in-law, and our relationship has grown more distant because of this. Food is not easy to prepare, we cook a lot of meat and fishes daily. It’s difficult and she might feel reluctant to do all this work. Maybe we can have a maidservant to do all the work instead.."

Though the situation seemed odd, it was indeed the truth. Agreeing, Li Qinghe fetched a silver and handed it to Mrs. Xu to pay the maidservant. However, Mrs. Xu didn’t accept it..

Mrs. Zhou originally planned to help Li Qinghe while she was resting after the labour, but now that there was a maidservant to look after her, she would go back to Zhou's house and come over once every two or three days.

Time passed gradually. In addition to Li Qinghe's improving health, the child was growing healthy and pretty as well. Lin Zhixian came again just before the full moon celebration. He gave them a congratulatory gift not only for her child's birth but also for her help and methods of growing sweet potatoes during the calamity. Their village was the least affected among the others. Therefore, as a token of gratitude, all the land under the name of Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengakng would be exempted from tax for the next 30 years. He also announced that if there were any special or new methods for farming that would boost the production of grains must be shared. Depending on the success of the shared method after a trial, the tax would be reduced or exempted for the same in return.

As soon as the news came out, everyone was surprised. They didn't think that just by her method of sowing seeds, she would not have to pay grain tax for next 30 years. She had ten acres of land under her name. It is a wasteland, but since they don't have to pay any grain tax, in 30 years they could save thousands of silver taels.

After this, many people secretly visited the mayor's house to talk about the usage of fertilisers and even the size of the pit dug to sow the seeds. But this level of information l, wasn't worth reporting at all.

Li Qinghe was able to walk around the house before the full moon celebration. Today, Li Fu came to her house. Recently Mrs. Qian shocked all of them by not coming back after the fight. Li Fu was now living alone. Sometimes, Zhou Chengkang would take the food to his house.

Mrs. Xu was holding the child and coaxing him. When she saw Li Fu enter the house, She carried the child to her room in order to avoid him.

Li Fu saw her go inside but didn't say anything. When she left the living room, he asked Li Qinghe in a low voice, "Is your mother leaving?"

Li Qinghe nodded, "She is waiting for the carriage that is coming from the county to pick her up."

Li Fu seemed to have something on his mind, but didn’t speak it out. He waited for a while; then said, "I heard the land under your name can be exempted from the grain tax for 30 years. Is it true?"

"Yes, it's true." This wasn't a secret, the entire village knew about this matter. She continued, "If I find any suitable land, then I am thinking of purchasing them."

"That's good." Li Fu looked outside and lowered his voice, "Why don't you put my land under your name too? That way, we would not have to pay the grain tax and can also save more than 300 catties. How wonderful would that be!"

Well, if she wanted to, it was actually workable.

She knew that since Qian Laixing passed the exam, many people went to the Qian family for help. Qian Laixing now of 20% land belonging to the people of the village. On the surface, there was no need for them to pay grain tax, but internally, they had negotiated benefits with the Qian family. Most of the people paid 50% of the grain tax to the Qian family, and the lesser half paid about 30% to 20%. Because of this, many people went to Mrs. Qian to mediate. She lived alone and relied on thank you gifts from others for food and water. She was living fairly well now. Li Qinghe also heard that Mrs. Qian would sometimes send meat to Zhao Wanwan.

Li Fu was very happy, "Then the food collected would be quite good for my grandson to eat."

After Li Qinghe’s approval, Zhou Chengkang took him to the mayor's home and changed the land in his name to Li Qinghe's.

The matter of changing the ownership of the land was a very simple matter. But after learning the news, Mrs. Qian went directly to them. First, she went to Li Fu's house and quarrelled with him. Seeing that she couldn't enter the oil and salt, she then went to Li Qinghe's house.

Enter the oil and salt - someone who is very stubborn, and refuses to listen to advice from others.

When Li Qinghe opened the door and saw that it was Mrs. Qian, she had no intention of letting her in, but Mrs. Qian squeezed herself in. After entering the house, she pointed her finger at Li Qinghe and scolded her," You are so shameless! You are already a married daughter, yet you are eyeing your father's land…"

Mrs. Xu stood at the door with her arms crossed, and sneered, "Who is the shameless one? Li Fu only has her as his daughter, why should he ask you before giving his daughter anything? Are you waiting for him to give it to your son-in-law to pass the exam?…"

Having said that, Mrs. Xu glared at her contemptuously, "When he passes the test, it will be the year of the monkey and the month of the horse. Now that your nephew passed the test, is he still planning to acquire Li Fu's land for the Qian family? When the time comes, are you thinking that since Li Fu doesn't have a son after he passes away the land will be under the name of the Qian family?"

The year of the monkey and the month of the horse - It is a commonly used Chinese slang that refers to a date far in the unforeseeable future.

She then added, "You are dreaming!"

Mrs. Qian's chest was heaving with anger. She not only wanted Li Fu to not put the land under his daughter's name but also thought of persuading him to put the land under Qian Laixing's name. When Zhao Wanwan proposed to her to put the land under Hu Yanxi's name, she didn't agree. Since she knew that Li Fu was very resistant to the Qian family, she was just looking for a suitable opportunity to reconcile and slowly persuade him into changing his mind when she heard the news that the land had become Li Qinghe's.

The land could never be taken back from his daughter even if he lived more than a hundred years from now.

But she was so angry that she didn't care about that and ran over. Seeing that Mrs. Xu still looked so fair and young, along with the contempt in her eyes that looked down on her, her complexion turned pale. She wanted to say more, but Mrs. Xu was very annoyed. She stepped forward and grabbed her by the collar, "This is not Li Fu's place, get out of here."

She grabbed her roughly and the maidservant who heard the commotion came running out of the kitchen and hurriedly stepped forward to help. The two then pushed the still resisting Mrs. Qian out of the house and slammed the door shut.

Standing outside the door, Mrs. Qian was angry and annoyed. She heard Mrs. Xu from the inside taunt loudly, "Qing He, don't let her come inside the house in the future."

Mrs. Qian couldn't bear the humiliation any longer and tried to humiliate Mrs. Xu, "Do you think you are better and nobler than I am? You hooked up with a married man…"

Before she could finish speaking, the door was opened again, only for a fierce-looking little rhubarb running towards her with his mouth wide open; enough to see his sharp white teeth inside. Mrs. Qian who was frightened to death, turned around, and ran away.

Seeing the embarrassed Qian Shi who was chased away by little rhubarb, Li Qinghe was stunned for a while. She didn't have to sacrifice her brain cells after coming out of her room and the matter was settled neatly by Mrs. Xu.

"Don't let her into the house in the future." Mrs. Xu instructed, "You're just going to get pissed off if you talk to her for more than a few moments." She pointed to her head, "This place of hers is different from normal people's."

"The land from your father's side is originally yours. Even if you didn’t want it, it would go to your eldest uncle's children. It was never her daughter's turn to pick it up."

Li Qinghe replied with a smile.

Two days after the full moon celebration, the carriage from the county arrived directly at the door of Li Qinghe's house. Mrs. Xu packed up her things and took her son onto the carriage.

Bin'er had lived here for half a month. He usually read books and when he had time, he would go to feed chickens and pigs with Zhou Chengkang. He even caught the fish and threw them back into the pond. Now that it was time to leave, he was a little hesitant, "Sister, I'll come back to see you next year."

Zhou Chengkang prepared his carriage and drove Li Qinghe to see them off to the town. When they passed by the Zhou family's house, they saw that Mrs. Xu's carriage stopped in front of them. Zhang Haiyao knew that Xu was leaving as soon as she saw the carriage pass by the village. So she ran back to the house and swiftly packed her belongings and stood by the roadside waiting for the carriage.

Third brother Zhou who was holding his daughter looked calm while he stood in the yard watching.

Li Qinghe was holding her child. It was cold now. If it wasn't for seeing off Mrs. Xu, she wouldn't make this trip. She thought it was just one person who was going to onboard the carriage. But who knew that after waiting for a long time, the carriage didn't move, and there seemed to be a quarrel in front of her.

Then she saw Zhang Haiyao's angry face, "You're talking nonsense, how could my father not want me to come? He told you not to bring me? I don't believe you!"

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