The Housemaid Wants to be in a Higher Position

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Chapter 20: Lady Bing's Favourite

Shen Xiangwan bit her tongue hard. She had a feeling that the boy knew Murong Xiude, in fact, it seemed like… he was coming at him.

Murong Xiude’s had always been the least inconspicuous person in the house. What was it that made this boy remember him?

Besides, Murong Xiude had not stepped out of the mansion for so many years, it would be absolutely impossible for him to have offended the boy.

There could only be one explanation—the boy knew about Murong Xiude through the Duke or Murong Xiude's mother.

Judging from the situation, he probably knew about Murong Xiude through his mother.

She silently reminded herself to send a message to Murong Xiude and ask them to be more careful towards the boy, if she had the chance.

"Little fat girl, you seem to have a lot on your mind. If you keep frowning worriedly like this, you will grow wrinkles on your face very soon,” the voice beside her teased jokingly.

Shen Xiangwan struggled hard and finally broke free from his grip that had been holding onto her for almost a whole day.

“Young Master, the Lady must have been waiting for us to join her for lunch, let’s not let her wait any longer."

"Little girl, do you care about that little master of yours?" he asked, shooting a scrutinizing look towards her.

Shen Xiangwan quickly relaxed and faked an innocent expression. "The Ninth Young Master is also one of the masters in our mansion. I am the servant girl of the mansion, so of course, I care for him like I do for all of the masters. What is it, Young Master? Do you think that this is wrong?"

“Well…” he smiled sarcastically and narrowed his eyes at her. “You are so devoted to a master who has been out of favor. Chubby girl, your heart is very pure, indeed."

"Thank you for your compliments, Young Master," she replied softly, pretending to be coy.

Feng Zhuoqing was stunned by her reply. Did she really not understand what he was implying, or was she faking it? How could her facial expressions change so quickly and naturally?

Ignoring the boy who was rendered speechless by her reply, Shen Xiangwan turned around cheerfully and continued walking. She pretended to be leading the way, but in fact, she just wanted to quickly run away from him.

As they arrived at the entrance, Shen Xiangwan heard the Lady’s giggles from inside the house.

It sounded like they were talking about something exciting.

Shen Xiangwan flicked her eyes at the boy walking beside her. He was looking at Lady and her guest with a wide grin on his face. She was curious. Who did the venomous Feng Zhuoqing come here with? As she stepped into the house, she quickly stole a glance at the guest sitting across the Lady.

She suppressed a gasp of astonishment as she saw the guest.

The guest was an elegant woman. Her dress looked plain, and her hair was held into a bun with only a dull hairpin. However, her graceful movements and beautiful almond eyes looked exactly the same as Feng Zhuoqing.

Shen Xiangwan had always wondered what Feng Zhuoqing would look like if he were a woman, and this woman would undeniably be the closest representation of her imagination.

Staring at the woman’s familiar face, she sighed in admiration. She had never seen such a gorgeous woman.

Even without makeup, she had naturally delicate eyebrows and healthy red lips, and her face was as small as the size of her palm. Although Lady Mei was one of the most beautiful women in this mansion, her elegance and looks were average compared to this woman.

"Sister, please stay for a few more days this time. The Duke is kind, he will allow our guests to stay for a while."

Lady Mei invited the woman warmly and cheerfully. She seemed to be very happy in the woman’s presence.

"Alright. I will stay for three days, and once I’m done with Zhuo Er’s matters, then I’ll leave. I apologise for disturbing you for the coming three days."

"It’s nothing at all."

Shen Xiangwan shifted her gaze away from the woman, and as she was about to retreat, the woman's calm gaze fell on her. The woman’s eyes widened as she noticed the chubby Shen Xiangwan. A grin immediately spread across her face as she gestured at her.

"Come, come here, little girl."

"My Lady..." Shen Xiangwan’s face flushed with embarrassment. She didn’t intend for the woman to notice her.

Lady Mei smiled too, and she beckoned to Shen Xiangwan.

"Come. Lady Bing likes you, come and talk."

"Lady Bing." Shen Xiangwan echoed, memorising her name.

Lady Bing seemed to like a chubby girl like her very much.    When she got close, the Lady took her hand and pinched her small face.

Poor Shen Xiangwan's face was already pinched swollen by Feng Zhuoqing earlier. She only dared to lower her eyes and wince as Lady Bing pinched her again.

 "Oh, how I love to play with chubby little girls like her! I always think that little girls should be fed enough to be chubby, as it brings fortune to the family. However, most of the girls out there are too skinny. Sister, your servant girl looks pleasing to the eye."

"That’s for sure! When I was searching for a servant girl, I noticed this chubby girl, and I immediately decided to keep her. If you like her, I will let her serve you for a few days. She may help to run your errands."

Shen Xiangwan faked a naive look on her face and quickly turned around to confess to Lady Mei, "My Lady, I can't bear to leave you."

Lady Mei was taken aback by her words and immediately explained to Lady Bing ruefully, "Looking at her, she had only been with me for a few days, yet she was already so dependent on me. She is a clever but mischievous girl."

Lady Bing was not offended by Shen Xiangwan’s rejection. Instead, she happily took off a bracelet from her hand. "Fat girl, this is for you. Keep it as your toy."

Shen Xiangwan held the bracelet and felt it in her palm. It was heavy, and it felt slightly cool. There was a strand of silver in the middle of the bracelet, which felt nice to the touch.

She didn’t dare to accept the bracelet, as she knew that it must have been treasured by the Lady, and she must have always worn it on her wrist. Lady Mei took a peek at the bracelet and gasped in surprise. She didn't expect Lady Bing to be so generous.

"Sister, you never took it off your wrist. How could you give it to a little girl?"

Shen Xiangwan was not only a little girl, but she was also a servant girl. Everyone in the room stared at the bracelet on her wrist.

She became even more scared to accept the gift when she saw the unusual reaction from everyone else. "My Lady, I, I can't accept it. I don’t deserve such a valuable gift."

However, Lady Bing raised her eyebrows and glanced at Feng Zhuoqing, who was standing not far away, "Keep it, little girl. Maybe we will have fate in the future."

Her words were ambiguous, yet the casual smile on Feng Zhuoqing's face disappeared, and his face turned serious.

Lady Mei seemed to take the hint.

"Sister, are you thinking about..."

Shen Xiangwan tilted her ears to listen, but the two of them didn't talk any more. Lady Bing suddenly looked sad. She stuffed the bracelet into Shen Xiangwan’s hand, "Zhuoqing, bring your sister down after lunch."

Sister... since when had she become his younger sister! Shen Xiangwan was annoyed, her face turned black.

Lady Mei heard it too, she looked at Shen Xiangwan again, and her eyebrows raised in realisation.

"Well, indeed... kind of alike."

Lady Mei stared at her meaningfully, as if she was looking at another person. Shen Xiangwan was in awe. It was obvious that she must have looked like someone that Lady Bing treasures.

Shen Xiangwan was about to leave, but Feng Zhuoqing glared at her and muttered, "Come. Eat with me."


Shen Xiangwan tensed under Feng Zhuoqing’s cold stare as she fidgeted with the chopsticks.

Although he was a guest, and he was only a boy, he was still an outsider male after all. Therefore, he had to eat in a separate room.

Lady Mei was busy accompanying Lady Bing.

"Sister, please eat something. Don't think about the past," Lady Mei persuaded.

Lady Bing gritted her teeth. "How can I forget her..." She swallowed her tears, visibly in pain. As she cried, the atmosphere in the whole room became depressed. Lady Mei's expression changed suddenly, and she waved her hand to dismiss all the servants in the room.

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