The Housemaid Wants to be in a Higher Position

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Chapter 15: Wanwan, You're Still Young

The first meeting ended after a full hour.

After this meeting, they established a goal for themselves, and the name was determined.

Mama Yi and Shen Xiangwan were the only two left in the room after the meeting adjourned. Shen Xiangwan kneaded her tired neck and groaned with pleasure as Mama Yi wrapped the leftover dim sum.

"Take these to Jiaochi Garden,” she stuffed the packed dim sum into Shen Xiangwan's hands. “The two boys are still growing, they are insatiable."

Shen Xiangwan rebuked, "Mama Yi, you’ve been spoiling these two so much that you don’t even care if I’m jealous.”

“Oh yes, I could smell your jealousy even from afar. By the way, what you said about seeking an old gentleman for him, the plan is about to materialise."

"Oh?" Shen Xiangwan moved closer. "Is he from our manor?"

"No, he’s not from our manor. He’s an outsider who had done something wrong and came to plead guilty, asking to be a slave in the manor. From what I observed, this man is talented. I’m afraid he suffered some minor aggravation, and came here to plead only because he was forced to." Yixuan sneered and picked at the remnants of dimsum on her finger.

"Oh, someone who did wrong and recently came to plead guilty? I heard rumors about the man a few days ago. Apparently, an appointed steward caused a great loss to a sum of goods due to his bad management. The female butler was furious -- she intended to punish the man, but knowing that he had been working hard for decades, she accepted his plea to become a slave in the manor. I heard that this man was arranged to..." Xiangwan words trailed.

Yixuan continued Xiangwan’s words and said, "The family temple in the backyard and he has been tasked to sweep the floor.” She shook her head pitifully. “As an appointed steward who had been in the business for decades, he couldn’t have easily made such a mistake. In fact, everyone knows the truth behind it, it’s just that no one is willing to expose it. After all, the concubine runs the house now and she has eyes around the messengers and butlers out there -- her brothers, nephews, her relatives.

It is said that the concubine has become more and more unfit in recent years, and many matters in the manor have been neglected. Although the Duke worked hard to support the people in the manor, I’m afraid because of her, everything that he earned may be reduced to nothing by then," Yixuan described the whole situation in perfect order.

"Of course, how else could Jiuye end up like this? He is a legitimate heir after all, but he has been oppressed by the other houses. However, although the Duke did not appoint a Duchess, he still had three wives, all from extraordinary backgrounds. Mama, did the three wives really allow the concubine to act like this?"

Yixuan sneered. "Even if the three wives had good backgrounds, they could only watch the concubine’s forces grow. Who are they to stop her? At best, they are only three women who served the Duke. They did not have the title of the Duchess -- they couldn’t do anything but to only loathe and succumb to their fate. Just like the Lady Mei you served, it is said that she was also very good at playing up to power and influence a few years earlier. However, ever since the former Duchess passed away, she also withdrew and stayed low!

The concubine seemed to have power over some things that allowed her to take control of the main house. Besides, with the support of the ancestors, it wasn’t easy to threaten her position."

Chen Xiangwan listened and finally understood everything clearly. "So if the main house wants to take control of the lady in charge of the manor, they’d have to appoint a Duchess.” She paused and suddenly, her face scrunched unpleasantly. “The Duke was in the wrong too. He worked hard outside for so many years, yet he did not show the children much affection, and he even made a mess in the manor. I could never guess what these men want!" Chen Xiangwan's tone was slightly contemptuous. In fact, she was really disappointed with the men of well-to-do families. In the past, her father was a person who just wanted to sow his wild oats and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

After witnessing more men acting irresponsibly in this manor, her impression of men became even worse.

"Wanwan, there are still plenty of good men on earth, it’s just that we haven't met one." Yixuan preached, afraid that her daughter would be radical.

"I know, Mama. Let’s not talk about these people. That old sweeping servant, how can we get him to work alongside Jiuye?"

"I will need you to think about that yourself, you can also discuss it with Jiuye. I believe, with the sweeping servant’s talents, if he can serve Jiuye, we can teach him more things."

Shen Xiangwan nodded silently.

This is indeed the case.

After all, as a steward who served the government manor, his abilities and insight will not be too far off.

"I will talk to people and learn more about him in order to devise a detailed plan."

Seeing her daughter's comprehension, Yixuan tilted her chin and said, "Go send the snacks, meanwhile, ask Jiuye to decide on a plan or something."

Mother once again emphasised to let Murong Xiude think of a plan.

At this moment, Chen Xiangwan realised she had been careless the whole time, and finally took the hint of her mother’s words.

"Mother, you emphasised again and again to let him devise a plan. Is it because from now on, you will support him while establishing a foothold in this backyard?"

Yixuan nodded lightly and looked at her daughter with a slightly complicated expression, "Wanwan, in this mansion, which young master do you think is more promising and more likely to inherit the Duke’s position in the future?"

Chen Xiangwan frowned, "Anyone but the ninth master, Jiuye. With the reputation of his biological mother breaking the taboo, I'm afraid it will be difficult for him to change his fate in his lifetime."

Yixuan shook her head. "Wanwan, there are some things that are too early to say. No one will know the ending until the last minute."

Chen Xiangwan raised her head and looked at her mother in shock. Her mother just waved her hands. "Go, we have talked for a while, it's late. Send it to them soon, so you can rest early."

Her daughter was still too young after all. Even though she was talented and intelligent beyond her years, her age and experience limited her so she still could not see through some things now.

Shen Xiangwan's eyebrows were still tightly knotted while watching Yixuan leave.

Until now, she couldn’t understand why the mother was so optimistic about the ninth master, who had nothing.

Even though he was the son of the former Duchess and he could be regarded as the legitimate heir of the Duke/s manor, because of his mother's reputation, there were so many people in the manor who were oppressing him and watching his actions. He could never rise as the heir.

"Forget it, I'd better send the things quickly instead of worrying too much about the future."

After making up her mind, Shen Xiangwan went to Jiaochi Garden with the two packets of dim sum.

The old Jiaochi Garden was actually huge. Every time she walked here, Shen Xiangwan couldn't help thinking about the time when the Duchess was alive years ago -- it was unprecedentedly prosperous.

Perhaps, how prosperous the years were, now, how decadent it is.

‘However, this place has never been inhabited by other people in the mansion. Moreover, the Duchess lived in such a far place back then. She really likes quietness,’ Sheng Xiangwan thought to herself.

Jiao Chi Garden is located farthest in the entire mansion.

The lanterns that hung loose from the buildings swayed in the air, long silhouettes formed under the moonlight. The shadow of the tree under the candlelight also looked terrifying. Occasionally, the shrill of birds filled the air.

Such a terrifying view would have scared others until they were trembling all over. However, the little girl walked forward calmly.

The candlelight flickered when she pushed open the small door of Jiaochi Garden, and then a thin figure hurriedly rushed in front of her.

"Oh no, Sister Wanwan, something has happened to Jiuye... He’s feverish, his whole body is cold and he’s talking nonsense. He had not eaten any food for a day now... What would happen to me if Jiuye were gone?"

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