Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 129: Highly Skilled Rival in Love [1]

Late at night, in the tallest building in the Empire, a man stood in the largest room on the top floor. He stood in front of an entire glass wall and looked down at the whole city.

And behind him stood a man wearing black tight clothes, the man's entire body was wrapped, making him look invisible.

The man didn't look back, still looking out the window, the blood-red wine in the goblet in his hand reflected a magnificent light.

"You are the most powerful killer in the entire empire?"

The man whose appearance couldn't be seen said, "Currently, yes."

"Humph!" The man turned his head and said, "I've been in a bit of trouble recently, I want you to protect me, let me get through this crisis safely."

"I am a killer, not a bodyguard."

The man smiled slightly, showing a smile of determination, "But I am rich."


This man in front of him was indeed rich, and it seems there was no one richer than him in the entire empire. Those who were almost as rich as him can be counted on one hand. As long as it's the person he wants, as long as it's what he wants, there's nothing he can't get. Whether it was the righteous or the underground, everyone has to give him some face. If such a person was in trouble, it would be a big trouble.

Most people dare not take this job at all, but standing in front of him was the most powerful killer in the entire empire. Killers are murderers, but when a killer is proficient in all methods of killing, he will be the most qualified bodyguard in the world.

The Empire's number one Killer was silent, and after an unknown amount of time, his hoarse voice sounded, "What price can you offer?"

A smile appeared on his face, the man handed the killer a blank check, his thin lips stained with red wine said, "Fill in a number you like."

So this business was done.

The man stretched out his hand to the killer, and the killer in front of him was indifferent, the man said, "Won’t you shake hands for our cooperation?"

The killer said coldly, "My hands are used to kill people."

The man gave a wry smile, no longer insisting.

In other words, after Mu Huanhuan's death, Tao Ran cleaned up his emotions and continued to a new world. The moment he opened his eyes, he was startled. Because there was a dead man lying in front of him, and he was holding a very peculiarly shaped knife in his hand. Just when Tao Ran was still thinking about whether this was a vendetta, a crime of passion, or a counter-kill, a group of burly men rushed in, and when they saw the situation in the room, they shouted, "It's not good! The boss has been killed!"

Tao Ran silently looking at these big men who filled the whole room, he felt very sad. Because he felt that it was impossible for him to escape at all, this mission would probably fail at the beginning. Sure enough, the tasks become more difficult.

Just when Tao Ran was wondering if he should say something, the group of big men suddenly saw Tao Ran's outfit and the knife in his hand.

"He’s Wen Rou!"

"He's Wen Rou!"

Tao Ran, "???" What the hell?

The group of big men looked at the motionless Tao Ran with a look of incomparable fear, and slowly backed away in a group, "Someone invited Wen Rou to kill the boss..."

"He's not looking at me, right? His eyes are so scary. ..."

Seeing this situation, Tao Ran took a step forward, and everyone took a step back. Tao Ran took another step forward, and everyone took another step back. Just like this, one group went forward and one group retreated, and Tao Ran left.

Everyone looked at his back with fearful eyes, only he himself was confused.

Xiaomei said, "Find a safe place to watch the plot."

Tao Ran said, "Do you think I am not in a safe place?"

"Uh... at least don't stand on the street wearing such clothes, right?"

Tao Ran looked sideways and saw his own image reflected in the glass beside him. A black tights wrapped his well proportioned figure tightly, with a hood on his head, and even a special kind of glasses on his eyes. Generally, people who dress like this are either going to fight terrorism or being terrorists themselves. As far as the current situation is concerned, it may be the latter.

Tao Ran slipped into a deserted alley and began to receive the plot.

The background setting of this world was quite special. The previous world setting was basically similar to the setting of the real world. But this world was not. There were only two empires in this world, and these two empires were controlled by five consortia. And the male protagonist of this world was Feng Luyi, who was in charge of the Miracle Consortium of the Empire of God, and the female protagonist was an ordinary student named Li Lulu. The vicious female partner Tao Ran wanted to attack was called Ye Aotian, the ruler of the Ye family consortium in the Republic Empire.

It can tell the style of the two empires from their name. What was the difference between the two empires? The Empire of God was an empire where the people believed in religion. You can see a small church after walking a few steps here. People in the Empire of God believe in God's Creationism. What they hated most was the people in the Republic Empire next door.

Because the people of the Republic Empire were simply devils, they never went to church!

People in the Republic Empire advocate science and believe that there is nothing that science cannot explain. If there was, it means that science has not developed to the extreme. What they hated the most was the people in the Empire of God next door. The people there were like lunatics. They don't enjoy life when they have time. They have to go to the church to repent. It also said that people were born guilty, so they must always atone for their sins.

All in all, they didn't like each other, and they fought for many years. Later, they found that it was impossible to eliminate each other unless the human race was wiped out, so the two sides maintained superficial peace. Those who believe in religion stay in the Empire of God, those who advocate science stay in the Republic Empire, and they have been at peace for many years.

The starting point of this story was that Ye Aotian, the ruler of the Ye Consortium of the Republic Empire, fell in love with Feng Luyi, the ruler of the Miracle Consortium of the Empire of God. Ye Aotian let out the words, saying she would not give up until she got Feng Luyi. How could Feng Luyi give in obediently, not to mention that he already has someone he likes? Just say that Ye Aotian took over the person in charge of Miracle Consortium, then how could he still be in business? Does he want to lose face?

So he found Wen Rou, the most powerful killer of the two empires, to protect him. Why was this killer called Wen Rou? It is said that his method of killing was extremely gentle, and the people he killed had smiles on their faces after death.

[Wen rou (温柔) means meek, gentle, and soft]

Tao Ran just wanted to complain about this. The reason why those people smile after death was because the killer's weapon was coated with a neurotoxin. The toxin damages the person's nerves, causing the nerves in the face to twitch and form a smiley expression.

The person that Tao Ran crossed was the killer Wen Rou. He stood in the dirty and dark alley, raised his head and sighed silently. Who is the author who made such a middle school setting? Come out, I promise not to kill you!

[中二(zhong er) Internet language refers to some morbid self-awareness of teenagers. It was the same as Japanese Chunibyo]

Xiaomei said, "Host, you have already understood the plot, the next thing you need to do is to wait for Feng Luyi to come to you. After all, you won't have many chances to meet female supporting roles."

Tao Ran said, "Am I not a killer? If I go to kill her, won't I be able to get in touch with her?"

Xiaomei's panda face distorted, and he roared with his lovely voice, "Host, please be awake! Ye Aotian is the most talented person in this world. One of the powerful people, do you think you can really approach her so easily?"

"Okay." Tao Ran said, "That Feng Luyi is also, he even asked the number one killer in the world to protect his chastity."

Xiaomei, "..."

So there was the opening scene, Feng Luyi contacted Tao Ran, invited him to Miracle Mansion, and asked him to be his bodyguard.

Tao Ran collected the check, and then looked at Feng Luyi for a few seconds. Feng Luyi looked at Tao Ran's cool glasses and asked curiously, "I heard that you are very gentle, how gentle are you?"

Tao Ran still looked at him coldly through the glasses.

Feng Luyi touched his nose embarrassedly and said, "I'm sorry, I don't seem to have told you what trouble I've encountered, right?"

Tao Ran said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Ye Aotian of the Republic Empire threatened to take a year to steal your virginity, you invited me here for her, right?"

"..." This killer's words are so annoying...

Feng Luyi coughed awkwardly and said, "Uh... yes, I know that woman very well. , she will first tempt me with her wealth and power, then she will use her wealth and power to beat me, then she will use her wealth and power to threaten me, and finally she will use her wealth and power to ask people to get me.”

Oh My God, this Feng Luyi way of speaking really makes people feel tired.

Feng Luyi said excitedly, "She thinks beautifully! How could I succumb to the devil of a republic? Ye Aotian should have never been to a church since she grew up until now, right? Oh my God, how could such a sinful person make me submit?"

Tao Ran struggled to maintain that cool posture and remained motionless, if it weren't for him being the male lead, he would have given him a taste of why Wen Rou was called killer.

Feng Luyi held the wine glass and said to Tao Ran, "Mr. Killer, would you like a drink?"

Tao Ran kept complaining in his heart, this Feng Luyi wouldn't be mentally retarded, offering a killer who protect him for a drink, does he not want his chastity anymore? His loss of virginity was a small thing, but losing his life was a big thing.

At this time, a woman came up and pushed open the door of Feng Luyi, "Sir, you should leave, Ye Aotian brought someone here in person."

"Oh, God." Feng Luyi said with a pained face, "I have to leave quickly, I would never meet that rude female demon who has never been to church."

Tao Ran followed him and left, but they were blocked by Ye Aotian on the first floor of the Miracle Building.

Ye Aotian was a beautiful woman in her twenties. She dressed professionally, and her big eyes reveal a breathtaking coldness. Tao Ran glanced at her flaming red lip from a distance, and secretly praised it, this color was so beautiful.

Ye Aotian also saw Feng Luyi and his group, and she said from a distance, "I'm already here, and Mr. Feng doesn't even want to see me, isn't it too rude?”

After finishing speaking, she waved her hand. Several black-clothes people around her rushed toward Feng Luyi. That group of people was really powerful, and they almost broke through Feng Luyi's protection in an instant. Feng Luyi said to Tao Ran, "Sir, it's up to you."

Tao Ran rolled his eyes, squatted down slightly, and shot out with a force. His figure was so fast, Ye Aotian's subordinates hadn't reacted yet, Tao Ran had approached Ye Aotian's body.

Feeling the man sticking behind her and pinching his hands on her neck, Ye Aotian said angrily, "You dare to touch me?!"

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