Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 131: Highly Skilled Rival in Love [3]

The corner of Ye Aotian's mouth twitched, thinking in her heart how could she possibly have a good night's sleep with him here. She thought to herself that Feng Luyi was so amazing, he even invited the number one killer in the empire to be his bodyguard. Was she really that scary?

Ye Aotian looked at Tao Ran unconvinced and said, "You'd better go out now, otherwise I will call someone, and you won't be able to run away."

Tao Ran was not worried at all and said, "You can try it out, they come faster, or I kill you faster."

This bastard dared to threaten me! ! !

Ye Aotian took a deep breath, calmed down and said, "You know my identity, so do you know how much trouble you will get into if you kill me?"

"I don't know." Tao Ran said lightly.

Ye Aotian thought that he was just a killer who made money by killing people and didn't understand her terrible power. She said, "If you kill me, the entire Republic Empire will be your enemy, and then you will face the pursuit of one of the two great empires. Feng Luyi can't save you. I advise you not to do anything to me, I'm doing it for your own good."

Tao Ran smiled behind the hood and said, "Thank you for your concern, but you still care about yourself first. After all, you were already dead when I was chased, didn't you?"


Ye Aotian didn't want to talk to him, she looked at this single-strand killer angrily, suddenly thought of something, said, "You, Why do you want to help Feng Luyi?"

Tao Ran said, "He gave me money."

"How much did he give you?" As soon as it concerned money, Ye Aotian was full of confidence, "No matter how much money he gives, I will give you twice as much, come and help me."

Tao Ran, "I don't know."

Ye Aotian wondered, "I don't know?"

"He gave me a blank check and asked me to fill in a number I liked." Tao Ran raised his head slightly, looking very distressed "I haven't figured out what numbers I like."

Ye Aotian, "..." In order to deal with me, he was not afraid of this killer lion opening his mouth!

[Shi zhi da kai kou (狮子大开口) idiom, demand an exorbitant price]

This realization was too painful for Ye Aotian. She has been the proud son of heaven since she was a child, and she knew from a very young age that she would inherit a very large business empire. Her father believed her and gave her the power while he was still alive. Since childhood, Ye Aotian was surrounded by all kinds of people, until she saw Feng Luyi, who inherited the family business at a young age like her.

If there was anyone in this world who was worthy of her in terms of identity, looks, knowledge, age, then this person undoubtedly was Feng Luyi.

Ye Aotian originally thought that Feng Luyi was the same as her, and they should be very compatible. Who knew that Feng Luyi would refuse her and hide from her like this. Ye Aotian looked at Tao Ran and said, "Hey, is the one he likes more beautiful than me?"

Tao Ran said in his heart that I had never seen Li Lulu before, so I couldn't compare, so he didn't speak.

Ye Aotian said again, "What is her identity? Is she richer than me?"

Tao Ran knew this, and he said, "She has no money, and she can even be said to be poor."

"What?" Ye Aotian felt unbelievable that Feng Luyi actually reject her for a poor ghost.

Ye Aotian couldn't think of the reason, what kind of education would the poor receive? She once hired a girl from a commoner's family as an assistant. Once, she saw that girl was eating a box lunch and made a noise. This was really unbearable, and Ye Aotian dismissed her that day.

As long as he thinks that Feng Luyi will be with such a girl, holding hands and even kissing...

She can't think about it anymore, Ye Aotian feels a little nauseated. She sat on the sofa weakly and said, "I have to think about it, can you please leave?"

Tao Ran stood still, the blue veins on Ye Aotian's forehead burst out, suppressing the irritating heart, "I promise you I won't disturb Feng Luyi today, ok?!"

So Tao Ran quietly retreated. He walked to a place where no one was around, took off his killer outfit and put it in his backpack. Then he was walking down the street in a T-shirt, trousers, and a bag. The buildings of the Empire of God were a bit like European buildings, and they looked beautiful under the lights at night.

He walked into a restaurant. The restaurant was full of people eating. Tao Ran ordered a french fries burger and sat down by the window. He knew the plot, and soon Ye Aotian would be squeezed out due to internal disputes in the group, and she would have nowhere to live in the Republic Empire. Then she fled to the Empire of God and was taken in by Feng Luyi, and then she began to alienate Feng Luyi and Li Lu in order to make a comeback with the help of Feng Luyi's power.

Tao Ran was thinking if Ye Aotian hadn't been excluded from the Ye consortium, wouldn't she have had the opportunity to be a vicious female partner? After all, being a big boss was very busy, not to mention that she was not from the Empire of God.

But in the novel, the reason why Ye Aotian was excluded from the Ye Consortium was not very detailed. After all, she was only a female supporting role, and the author does not want to worry about her. But according to Tao Ran's understanding of the system, the system will improve the details that were not very clear in some novels. But now Tao Ran didn't know, he wanted to remind Ye Aotian, but he didn't know how to remind her.

Tao Ran took a nap after returning and only went to Feng Luyi the next morning.

Feng Luyi was beaming all day when he saw his beloved girl. He was sitting on the big chair in his office, eating marshmallows, "What if Ye Aotian that rude woman is powerful? Isn’t she leaving soon."

Tao Ran stood aside and said, "If she is no longer a threat to you, I can leave, right?"

"Of course, after all, I don't need to bother you when dealing with other people." Feng Luyi smiled, "But she is a persistent person, I am afraid I will temporarily still need your protection."

Ye Aotian should have an accident soon after she returned, Tao Ran said, "No matter how long I protect you, the numbers on the check are still for me to fill in."

Feng Luyi, "Of course, friend."

Sometimes people were different, just like Feng Luyi and Ye Aotian. Both of them inherited the family business from their parents, and Ye Aotian had all kinds of intrigue. But Feng Luyi here has nothing to do beside eating, drinking, playing, talking, and falling in love every day, because there are a group of dedicated people helping him.

Just one month after Ye Aotian returned to the Republic Empire, news finally came.

Feng Luyi was relieved that day, but he wasn't very worried. After he put down the phone, he said, "I always think this is not easy."

Tao Ran looked at him and did not speak.

"I'm afraid you can leave work early." Feng Luyi said: "Ye Aotian can no longer threaten me. She is wanted by the Republic Empire police on the charge of murdering her father. The Ye Consortium is now taken over by her half-brother."

Sure enough, Tao Ran said in his heart.

He said to Feng Luyi, "She looks like this, are you unhappy?"

Feng Luyi said, "I don't think this is easy, Ye Aotian is already the person in power of the Ye Consortium, what reason did she have to murder her father? You don’t understand, although people like us seem to be superior, but sometimes they take a wrong step or believe in the wrong person, they will be doomed.”

It turns out that Feng Luyi still has sympathy for Ye Aotian, no wonder in the book he took in Ye Aotian and was willing to help her make a comeback. Tao Ran didn't say anything anymore, he handed the check to Feng Luyi, and said, "Convert this number into cash, I'll come and take it tomorrow."

Feng Luyi glanced at the number on it, his mouth twitched and said, "Are you sure not put it in the bank? This number... Are you planning to use the money to build a banknote house?"

"You don't have to worry about that."

Tao Ran left. As a famous killer, how could he still have no way of handling cash?

After leaving Miracle Mansion, Tao Ran had no plans to return to the killer business for the time being. Although there were many people who contact him every day, he has not picked up a single list. People in the industry all know that the killer Wen Rou made a lot of money with Feng Luyi. Everyone guessed where he went to enjoy the holiday, but they didn't know that Tao Ran was still staying in the city.

He has money now, and he doesn't plan to live without a fixed place like before. He bought a house in a very prosperous area. The house is not very big, but it is absolutely enough for one person. Not far downstairs is a street of various restaurants and snacks, such a place is simply a foodie's paradise.

During this time, Tao Ran has been paying attention to the news on the side of the Republic Empire. Ye Aotian's older brother, Ye Nantian, is very proud, but there is almost no news about Ye Aotian.

Tao Ran said that to find her, he had to start with Feng Luyi. The weather was getting cooler, so Tao Ran wore a black casual trench coat to go out. He is always too lazy to cook when he lives alone, and it is easy to get tired of eating too much food from the outside. He heard that the food in the Republic Empire is similar to that in China. If he wasn't waiting for Ye Aotian here, he would have settled in the Republic Empire long ago.

Tao Ran ate a bowl of meat sauce noodles at the restaurant, and then bought a pizza to take back to eat.

When passing an alley, suddenly a dark figure rushed towards him.

Of course, with Tao Ran's skill, he would not be hit. He avoided that person very skillfully. That person rushed forward a bit, as if she didn't believe that Tao Ran would avoid her so easily. She turned her head, and her face was covered with a headscarf, revealing only a pair of eyes, and those eyes were staring at the pizza in Tao Ran's hand.

Tao Ran raised the pizza and said, "Do you want to eat it?"

That person looked at Tao Ran vigilantly, and finally nodded.

Tao Ran said, "Let's eat then." Then he handed the pizza over.

Pizza was snatched, and that person squatted on the ground and started gobbling it. Tao Ran squatted down in front of her and saw her face, feeling a little complicated. Ye Aotian swallowed her food vigorously, and suddenly raised her head to meet Tao Ran's somewhat complicated eyes.

She panicked and said, "You recognize me?"

Tao Ran smiled and said, "Why do I recognize you? Are you famous? Did you acted in any TV series?"

Ye Aotian breathed a sigh of relief, she was not a star, she didn't like being in front of the camera very much either. Even people in the Republic Empire may not recognize her, not to mention the person in front of her with an authentic face of the Empire of God.

Tao Ran watched her finish eating such a big pizza by herself, smiled and said, "It's not safe here at night, you should find a safe place to spend the night alone."

After Tao Ran got up and was about to leave, Ye Aotian suddenly called from behind and said, "Wait...wait a minute."

Tao Ran turned around, "Is there anything?"

Ye Aotian blushed, as if she was not used to doing this kind of thing, she said, "Sir...Thank you for your pizza. "

“No need to thank you." Tao Ran said, "This is what God's people should do."

Ye Aotian said again, "I really don't know how to thank you, I... I understand management and computers, and you can consider letting me help you?"

Ye Aotian didn't know that he was the killer who broke into her room in the middle of the night, Tao Ran shook his head at her and said, "I don't need your help."

Ye Aotian's expression darkened and she began to think about where to spend the night.

Tao Ran said, "But my house lacks a cleaning maid. Would you like it?"

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