Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 119: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [11]

Mu Huanhuan instinctively felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong. She looked at Tao Ran and said, "What's wrong? Do you know Su Mo?"

Tao Ran sat down and said, "Let's order food, I've been enslaved by you all morning, I'm almost starving to death.”

Mu Huanhuan immediately distracted, “What is being enslaved by me? Did I buy something for myself?"

Xin Zhao helped the pale Su Mo to get into the car, and he took Su Mo's hand worriedly. "Why is it so cold? What's wrong with you?"

Su Mo pulled her hand back, her mind was filled with the indifferent eyes of the boy just now and what he said. This young lady seemed to be knocked on the door by a ghost...

What kind of people being knocked by a ghost? Of course, it's someone who has done something wrong. Su Mo lowered her head and looked dazed, Zhao Xin said: "You know the person just now?"

"I don't know." Su Mo quickly shook her head and said, "I don't know him."

Xin Zhao wanted to say something, but Su Mo said: " A-Xin, I'm a little uncomfortable, let's go back, okay?"

Seeing that Su Mo was indeed pale, Xin Zhao could only press down the doubts in his heart, nodded, and said, "Okay, let’s go back now.”

It was a lot of fun, except for meeting Xin Zhao and Su Mo, two nasty guys along the way, everything was fine. When they went home in the afternoon, the two took a bunch of things out of the car. Tao Ran was thinking about some things while carrying the things.

Meeting Su Mo and Xin Zhao today, Tao Ran was a little confused. The pain and disaster of the male and female protagonists in the plot were basically brought about by the female supporting cast. According to the original plot, Mu Huanhuan had already found Zhong Xiao at this time. She and Zhong Xiao had dealt with Su Mo together. But now Mu Huanhuan didn't like Xin Zhao anymore, so naturally, there was no obstruction from Mu Huanhuan and Xin Zhao.

In this case, will it be smooth sailing between the male and female protagonists?

Tao Ran remembered how he saw Su Mo today, and felt that things were not that simple.

Mu Huanhuan called Tao Ran from the room, "Come here quickly!"

Tao Ran walked into Mu Huanhuan's room, Mu Huanhuan took out the mosquito net she bought today and said, "Help me hang it up."

Tao Ran stretched out his hand to hold the mosquito net and said, "Are you bitten by mosquitoes?"

"No" Mu Huan said.

"Then why hang a mosquito net?"

"Because it looks good." Mu Huanhuan said, "Many things have only one purpose in the eyes of girls, and that is to look good."

Well, Tao Ran was convinced for this reason. He helped Mu Huanhuan hang up the mosquito net, only to find that the shape of the mosquito net was very similar to the decoration on the princess bed in the stories. Tao Ran couldn't help but frowned and said, "The one who likes all these things shouldn’t be little girls?"

Mu Huanhuan said in a terrifying tone, "Do you think I'm not young enough?"

"Absolutely not.” Tao Ran was very aware of current affairs and said, "I mean it's no wonder you like this, it's suits you so well."

Only then did Mu Huanhuan let Tao Ran go. Tao Ran sighed with relief. He think Mu Huanhuan was getting scarier and scarier

At this time, the old wolf shouted from the next door: "Eldest brother, go out with us at night."

Tao Ran glanced at Mu Huanhuan. In front of a teacher, he could not agree with the old wolf, so he shouted: "No! Today, I... woo "..."

Mu Huanhuan covered Tao Ran's mouth with her hand, and shouted to the next door, "He said he would go, and he would take me with him!"

Tao Ran: "..."

The old wolf laughed, "Sister-in-law is going too! That's great..."

Tao Ran looked at Mu Huanhuan resentfully, "What changed you?"

Mu Huanhuan said, "Can't I play with your friends?"

"I didn't mean this.” Tao Ran said, "I mean he called you sister-in-law, why didn't you refute it?"

Mu Huanhuan's cheeks twitched, then looked at Tao Ran with an aggressive look, "What do you think?"

After she finished speaking, she went back to the room and closed the door. Tao Ran reached out and touched his chin, "She doesn't have a crush on me, does she?"

Xiaomei squeezed and said with distress and disgust, "Host, you finally got enlightened!"

Tao Ran shook his head and said, "Who made her so reserved? Look at the previous worlds. Those who liked me were shown directly by their actions. It's not like her being so coy and shy."

Xiaomei marvelled, The host is really hopeless.

In the nightclub, old wolf raised his wine glass and said, "It's the first time sister-in-law came out to play, everyone toast to sister-in-law!"

A group of big men stood up, "Hello, sister-in-law!"

Mu Huanhuan hoped that she could integrate into Tao Ran's circle. Hoped that Tao Ran and his friends could accept her, she said happily, "I'd like to propose a toast to everyone!"

Unlike the joy here, in a room late at night, Xin Zhao was reading an email from the detective.

Today Su Mo has been very wrong since she saw that young man, but she didn't want to say it, and Xin Zhao wouldn't force her either. Although Su Mo didn't say it, he also had his own news channel. He found a well-known detective and asked him to find out who that person was and how it was related to Su Mo.

He didn't expect it to be so fast, and the news came that night.

Xin Zhao slowly looked at Zhong Xiao's information, which said that his parents were dead and he have no relatives. He started to mix on the road since he was very young.

Xin Zhao couldn't help frowning. Today, he saw that Mu Huanhuan and this Zhong Xiao seemed to have a very unusual relationship. How could Mu Huanhuan interact with such a person?

Looking further down, it was written that Zhong Xiao was imprisoned for a rape case three years ago, and the victim was... Su Mo?

The mouse fell to the ground with a snap, and Xin Zhao looked at the document with a pale face. No wonder Su Mo had that look today, no wonder she was so scared. That despicable and disgusting guy has the face to say such words to Su Mo, how could he have the face to say such words?

Xin Zhao clenched his fists tightly, he couldn't imagine how Su Mo felt when she saw Zhong Xiao. What happened three years ago was not only Su Mo's nightmare but also his. If it weren't for what happened, his mother wouldn't be so fiercely against him and Su Mo, and Su Mo wouldn't be gone for three years. How much suffering she has suffered in the past three years, everything was because of that person!

Xin Zhao remembered that Zhong Xiao was now with Mu Huanhuan, and he probably took a fancy to Mu Huanhuan's family background. Mu Huanhuan used to be his girlfriend no matter what, he couldn't ignore Mu Huanhuan, Xin Zhao picked up the phone and started calling Mu Huanhuan.

The crowd wriggles their bodies to the music. Mu Huanhuan said to the old wolf with the wine glass: "Old wolf, you are so loyal, thank you for taking care of our Zhong Xiao."

The old wolf patted his chest, "This is what I should do, my elder brother saved my life before."

Mu Huanhuan said worriedly: "What? Is there life-threatening? Then you can't let Zhong Xiao do those things with you again."

The old wolf "..."

Tao Ran said depressedly, "Can you drink less?"

"No!" Mu Huanhuan blushed and said, "It's rare for me to be so happy."

The old wolf also said, "If sister-in-law wants to drink just drink, our brothers are here, who dares to mess with sister-in-law?"

The phone in the bag went on and off several times, and finally went completely dark. Xin Zhao irritably put down his phone. This was the first time Mu Huanhuan didn't answer his phone.

After Mu Huanhuan was drunk and brought back by Tao Ran, she lay on the bed and didn't know what she was thinking. She took out her mobile phone and found the photo taken with Tao Ran in the yard last morning. Looking at Tao Ran's disgusting expression, his upturned hair, and his silly smile in the photo, Mu Huanhuan couldn't help but smirk at the phone. Then she set this photo as the phone wallpaper, and just as she was about to put down her phone, she saw five missed calls.

She clicked in and saw that it was Xin Zhao. Mu Huanhuan sneered: "mentally retarded!" Then she pulled Xin Zhao into the blacklist.

The more Xin Zhao thought about it, the angrier he became. He would never let go of someone who hurt Su Mo like this. There was a glint of hatred in Xin Zhao's eyes. He stared at the photo of the boy on the computer with red eyes, "Never let it go..."

The next day was Monday, and Mu Huanhuan got up early in the morning to prepare to go the school. After she finished washing up, she saw that Tao Ran hadn't gotten up yet, so she pushed open the door of Tao Ran's room, and saw Tao Ran lying on his back sleeping like a little fool. Mu Huanhuan walked over lightly, Tao Ran slept with his eyes closed, his mouth pouted slightly, looking full of childishness.

Mu Huanhuan looked at him and thought he was really cute, she stretched out a finger and poked Tao Ran's lip lightly. It's soft, and it looks like a Q bomb. Mu Huanhuan's eyes twinkled then pouted her lip and gently stuck it up.

[Q dan (Q弹) was first used to describe food that tastes chewy/elastic then it was also used to describe a smooth and elastic skin]

Oh oh oh oh oh... It feels so good until she wanted to cry...

She turned into a wretched wolf girl, kissing and touching Tao Ran's face, and finally realized that the time was already late, so she stopped her sinful behavior. Still not satisfied, she took out her phone and took a picture of Tao Ran's sleeping face.


"Huh?" Tao Ran opened his hazy eyes, "What are you doing?"

"Uh..." Mu Huanhuan felt that her mind had never been so flexible, she said, "I'm going to work. You haven't prepared the lunch for me."

"Oh." Tao Ran was still not very sober and said, "I didn't prepare it last night, go to school first, I'll bring it to you at noon."

"Uhn, alright. "Mu Huanhuan ran away with a guilty conscience.

Tao Ran's head was dizzy and he wanted to sleep again, but suddenly he felt that something was wrong.

Huh? Why do my lips smell like lipstick?

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