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Chapter 121: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [13]

"Don't go too far." A low voice said: "He is also a famous person in the road. We took the money to kill him. As for the rest, don't think about it."

"Hehe." Zhu Laosan removed his hand from Tao Ran's neck, and the sound of footsteps began to move away from Tao Ran, "That boy is so good-looking, I have never seen a better-looking than him..."

“Okay, When we finish this matter, I invite you to play in the restaurant..."

Tao Ran lay on the cold ground, feeling weak in his hands and feet. He said in his heart, "Xiaomei, can you help me?"

Xiaomei blinked her eyes and said, "Xiaomei can help the host untie the rope, but there is no way to help the host defeat the bad guy."

"It's good to untie the rope.” Tao Ran breathed a sigh of relief, if what they just said was true, they would throw him into the river at night. He could take this opportunity to escape.

Mu Huanhuan was anxiously waiting at home. She didn't know what was going on. She thought it was the rival of the old wolf and them who took Tao Ran away. Although she was very anxious, she had no choice but to wait at home alone. The food Tao Ran cooked for her was still in the heat preservation bucket. Mu Huanhuan hugged the heat preservation bucket and couldn't help but want to cry.

The crow advised: "Sister-in-law, don't worry too much. Eldest brother, he will be fine."

Mu Huanhuan didn't speak, but her eyes were red.

The crow scratched his head anxiously, and he sat down in the yard uncomfortably. Although the task of protecting the sister-in-law was very important, he also wants to save the eldest brother with his brothers.

Mu Huanhuan sat for a while when the phone rang.

It was her elder brother who called her, and it was the first time her elder brother called her after being away from home for so long. But why was it at this time, if only Zhong Xiao was there.

Mu Huanhuan hung up the phone and waited for Zhong Xiao to come back.

Unexpectedly, Her elder brother called again with perseverance, and Mu Huanhuan answered the phone, "Brother."

"Huanhuan, hurry back." Mu Junjun said, "Xin Zhao told me about you. How could you mix with that kind of person? You are so outrageous."

"What kind of person?" Mu Huanhuan said sharply: "Zhong Xiao is very good, he is the best person I have ever met, you are not allowed to speak of him like that!"

"He is good? A rapist can be a good person?!" Mu Junjun said: "You come back immediately, or I will break your legs and tie you back."

Mu Huanhuan was shocked by the news, she said, "You lied, how could Zhong Xiao be that kind of person."

"You Don't believe me? That Xin Zhao's ex-girlfriend was ruined by him, he just got out of jail, can I still lie to you? Come back and I'll show you the evidence."

Mu Huanhuan sat blankly, thinking of that day chance encounter at the restaurant. Zhong Xiao and Su Mo didn't seem to know each other, but when she asked Zhong Xiao, Zhong Xiao deliberately changed the subject. Zhong Xiao also said before that he has just gotten out of prison. Is what my brother said true?

Mu Huanhuan thought for a while, then picked up the bag and rushed out.

The crow stopped her, "sister-in-law, where are you going?"

Mu Huanhuan looked at crow and said, "Tell the truth, what crime did Zhong Xiao do for him to be jailed before?"

The Crow froze for a moment, and said “Why are you asking this?"

Mu Huanhuan: "You tell me the truth!"

"Because of rape." Crow said with a gloomy face: "But you don't need to take offend, we all see the way eldest brother treats you, you can't let eldest brother down."

“Get out of the way!" Mu Huanhuan yelled and rushed out.

The crow looked at her back and spit, "Damn, this bitch!"

When Mu Huanhuan returned home, her parents were not there, and the nanny told her that Mu Junjun was upstairs. Mu Huanhuan rushed up, Mu Junjun looked at her, rubbed his brows and said, "You are back."


"It's fine if you are back, why are you angry with your family?" Mu Junjun walked over and touched Mu Huanhuan's head, and said, "You have lost weight, you have suffered a lot outside, right? Don’t you think it was still better at home?"

Mu Huanhuan said, "Brother, show me the evidence."

"The evidence of the rapist?" Mu Junjun frowned and said, "Why do you care so much about him? It's not really like what Xin Zhao said. You got together with him, right?"

"I don't care, you show me!"

"Okay, let me show you." Mu Junjun showed Mu Huanhuan the information that Xin Zhao passed to him on the computer.

Mu Huanhuan saw Zhong Xiao's photo. Three years ago there was a kind of hostility between his eyebrows and eyes that was not there now. Below was his verdict, and the victim was Su Mo.

Mu Huanhuan sat slumped on the chair, unable to imagine that this was the Zhong Xiao she knew. The Zhong Xiao she knew was a vicious but soft-hearted person, narcissistic but very responsible. He will cook for her, he will enlighten her, and he will be forced by her to take pictures without washing his face.

He's so good, how could he be a rapist?

Mu Huanhuan was lying on the table and started crying. Seeing his sister crying so sad, Mu Junjun stepped forward to pat his sister's back, "Don't cry, brother will introduce you to the handsome guy starting tomorrow..."

"You go out. !" Mu Huanhuan roared: "You go out! Don't bother me!"

"Okay, you should calm down."

Mu Junjun went out, and Mu Huanhuan cried fiercely in the room alone. After crying, she thought, Zhong Xiao accident must be done by Xin Zhao. He had just met him, and Zhong Xiao had an accident the next day. And Xin Zhao cares about Su Mo so much, how could he let Zhong Xiao go?

Mu Huanhuan wiped her tears and called Old Wolf.

The Old Wolf said, "Where have you been? The crow said you ran away."

"I know who is going to deal with Zhong Xiao." Mu Huanhuan said, "It's Xin Zhao, the young master of the Zhao Group, three years ago... ...the girl's boyfriend who was insulted by Zhong Xiao."

"Fuck!" The Old Wolf scolded: "It turned out to be that grandson."

“Sister-in-law, how did you know? You..."

Mu Huanhuan hung up the phone, she didn't want to talk to them now. She felt very confused, she finally fell in love with someone who also liked her, but she didn't expect such an ending. She clearly knew that she should no longer be involved with people like Zhong Xiao, but she couldn't help but want to save him, and she was still afraid if something happened to him.

Late at night, in the warehouse by the dock. A few people walked up to Tao Ran, kicked him a few times, and said, "He hasn't woken up yet, it looks like he was beaten hard."

Zhu Laosan glanced at Tao Ran regretfully, and said, "With these thin arms and legs. How can he resist being hit like this."

"Okay, no more talk. Let's put a rock on him, and then sink him."

A few people squatted on the ground and tied a large rock to Tao Ran's body.

Zhu Laosan came out of the warehouse and looked around for a while, then came back and said, "Come out, there's no one outside."

Several people carried Tao Ran's body out of the warehouse, and when they walked to the river, they looked at the turbid waves in the river. Zhu Laosan glanced at Tao Ran again, and he said as if he couldn't bear it: "Damn, how come I didn't know he was so good-looking?"

"Stop talking." Their Boss speak “Throw him down.”

"Hey Ho”

The two who carried Tao Ran took a moment, and then threw Tao Ran out of the guardrail. Tao Ran generally fell into the river without much splash.

"With such a big rock, he was still unconscious, he can't survive at all."

Several people saw that there was no movement on the water surface, so they left.

As soon as Tao Ran entered the water, the rope on his body was untied. He snorkeled for some distance in the water, and then exposed his head. Seeing that there was no one here, he climbed up from the river.

A young couple having sex on a bench by the river late at night, and the two were in heat of adultery. The woman sat on the man's lap and lifted her neck in enjoyment. The man's lower body kept swaying, and suddenly the woman facing the river seemed to see something, her eyes got bigger and bigger, and her mouth got bigger and bigger.


"Fuck!" The man said, "Suddenly it's so tight, I can't do it."

The woman continued to scream, "Ghost!"

"What the hell?"

The man took time out of his busy schedule at a critical moment. Looking back, he saw a dark shadow crawling out of the rolling river under the moonlight. The shadow climbed ashore and looked at them motionless. Then the shadow moved, making a crackling sound. The shadow's stomach was clearly moving as if something was about to burst out.


The man also let out a shrill scream, and then the two immediately separated. They ran away without even pulling up their pants.

Tao Ran stood on the bank and grinned, "Hey, it really hurts. Fortunately, the bones are not broken."

He put his hand into his clothes and took out a fish. He threw the fish into the river, Tao Ran said, "Alas, do good deeds every day."

Xiaomei said, "This time, it can be regarded as the most miserable time since the host start doing the mission, did you have any thought?"

"Thought? Can I change the system?" Tao Ran said as he walked towards the riverside park, "I want to change to a system that doesn't talk too much."

Xiaomei hugged her chubby self aggrievedly, "The host is really too much, they just rescued him just now. "

“Thank you so really hurts..."

Tao Ran sat down on the bench and said, "I don't know if Mu Huanhuan was worried, I can't go back like this."

"But How do you go back?"

When Old Wolf and the others used Xin Zhao's clue to find Zhu Laosan's group, they were calling the little boys to play in the nightclub. The old wolf directly led people to surround this place. The leader of the group, Falcon, sat on the sofa and looked at the old wolf: "Brother Wolf, what do you mean?"

"You know it clearly." Old wolf pulled out an army knife: "Where is my eldest brother?"

Falcon laughed: "Your eldest brother? How do I know? I don't even know what you are talking about.”

"You can still retort when faced with imminent death.” The Old Wolf stabbed Falcon on the thigh. “What did that grandson Xin Zhao ask you to do to the boss?"

The other party has figured out the employer, and it would be silly for not telling the truth. Falcon was sweating from the pain, "He asked us to make your boss disappear, Just sank him in the river..."

"Fuck you!" The old wolf was furious, "Hit him, beat him to death!"

All the brothers behind him rushed up, and for a while, there were horrific screams in the room.

The old wolf panicked, and he said, "Crow, take some people to follow me to the river."

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