Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 124: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [16]

At this time, a few burly men suddenly broke out of the door, and the rhinitis man was startled and said, "Are you going to the wrong place?"

He saw a few burly men walking to Tao Ran's bed, looked at Tao Ran for a moment, and said, "Big Brother, I haven't seen you overnight, why are you a little swollen?"

Big brother...?

The rhinitis man trembled, his eyes became fearful. Tao Ran glanced in his direction unintentionally, with a smile that was not a smile. Brother Rhinitis's legs became soft, Tao Ran said, "Oh, I was bitten by mosquitos."

"I will kill these mosquitos, even they dared to bite our Big Brother." Crow took out a heat preservation bucket and said, "This is the soup I asked Jiaojiao to stew for you, eldest brother, make up for it."

"Leave it for now." Tao Ran said, "I haven't drawn blood yet in the morning."

"Oh." Crow scratched his head, walked outside, and pulled someone in.

That person was petite, with a slender water snake waist swaying as she walked, who else was it if not Jiao Jjiao? Crow said: "Big brother, you can't have no one to take care of you here, and our group of elders can't take care of you well, so I brought Jiao Jiao to take care of you."

Looking at Jiao Jiao's sobbing eyes, Tao Ran smiled dryly, "It's not good, don't bother others."

Jiao Jiao said: "No trouble, you are the Big Brother, you should be taken care of."


"Look." Crow smiled proudly: "Jiao Jiao said it's not troublesome."

She didn't bother you to be proud, Tao Ran still wanted to refuse, Jiao Jiao said, "Could it be that Big Brother dislikes me?"

Tao Ran: "...Then I'll leave myself to your care."

"Well, I will definitely take good care of Big Brother." Jiao Jiao broke into a smile and walked in front of Tao Ran and said, "Ah, why is Big Brother's face full of mosquito bites? I'll go buy some electric mosquito coils."

After speaking, Jiao Jiao looked at Crow and said, "Go buy mosquito coils."

"Ah? Oh!" Crow smirked, "I'll go right now."

Seeing Jiao Jiao being so capable, everyone was very pleased. Old Wolf said: "I can rest assured that Jiao Jiao is with you here. There are still some things we need to do outside, so we will go first."

After they left, Brother Rhinitis flew towards Tao Ran's bed. With a sad face, he said, "Brother, I was wrong, I have eyes but didn’t recognize Mount Tai. Please don't remember this villain, spare me!"

Tao Ran said indifferently, "You can go!"

Rhinitis man rolled aside.

In the Mu family, Mu's father looked upstairs suspiciously and said, "The sound seemed to come from Huanhuan's room."

Mrs. Mu nodded, "Yeah, that's right."

Father Mu thought about it, went to the kitchen to get a spatula, and then walked upstairs slowly.

Mu Huanhuan turned around in a hurry. Mu Junjun was still in the room. It would be over if he was discovered. She had an idea and said loudly, "Dad, why are you going upstairs?"

The voice was really loud, and Mu Junjun tensed when he heard it. His heart said: If father is coming up, I would definitely not be able to go out now. Looking at the messy room, he had an idea and hid in the closet.

Father Mu went upstairs and carefully opened Mu Huanhuan's door, and saw that the room was in a mess, computers, vases, chairs, etc. were on the ground, but no one was there. Father Mu turned his head in shock and said, "Huanhuan, was this what the room looked like when you came out in the morning?"

Mu Huanhuan hesitated for a moment, then shook her head solemnly: "No, it was fine when I came out."

Mu Junjun in the wardrobe: "..."

Father Mu took the spatula into the room and walked around without seeing anyone. He said, "The person must still be in the room."

Mu Huanhuan said: "Don't look anymore Dad, maybe he jumped out of the window and escaped."

"The window of your room is locked." Father Mu pointed to the window and said, "If he is able to walk through walls, jump out of the window and leave, can he still lock the window from the inside?"

So Mu Huanhuan stopped talking, and Father Mu finally locked the target in the wardrobe. He pointed at the closet with a spatula and said, "Whatever you do, come out now!"

Mu Huanhuan felt that she might not have a chance to leave if she didn't leave at this time, so she quietly went downstairs while taking advantage of the chaos. At this moment, Dad Mu suddenly opened the closet, and saw a person curled up inside, he just shoveled the person down without saying a word.


Mu Junjun's shrill screams came from upstairs, Mu Huanhuan shivered, opened the door and rushed out.

The hospital smelled of disinfectant. Mu Huanhuan went to the front desk and asked, "Hello, did someone named Zhong Xiao come to the hospital yesterday?"

She asked from a very cute little nurse, who stared at Mu Huanhuan with round eyes and said, "Yes, you are also here to see that Big Brother."


The little nurse told her the ward and said casually, "Are you his sister? Be careful when you go, his girlfriend is here."

Mu Huanhuan stiffened instantly, and said in a gloomy tone, "His girlfriend?"

"Yeah, don't you know? She looks really pretty." The little nurse said enviously, "The waist is really thin, and soft."

Mu Huanhuan: "Is it really that detailed?"

"Of course." Seeing that Mu Huanhuan's face seemed a little bad, the little nurse quickly said: "Actually, you are not bad yourself, she is just a little younger."

Mu Huanhuan's face became even worse, "Do I look very old?"

"Uh... you’re not too old..." the little nurse said, "but she’s younger than the two of us."

"Humph!" Mu Huanhuan stomped her feet fiercely, and then walked away angrily.

After the nurse came to draw blood in the morning, Jiao Jiao opened the thermal insulation container, which was full of old duck soup. Jiao Jiao said: "You had pneumonia and can't drink fish soup, and the chicken soup is too greasy, so I cooked duck soup for you."

Tao Ran: "Thank you."

"You're too polite." Jiao Jiao said, "Open your mouth and I'll feed you."

"I'll do it myself." Tao Ran felt a little embarrassed and wanted to reach for the soup.

Jiao Jiao said, "Don't be so arrogant. Your right hand is still tied. How can you drink soup with one hand? Let me do it."

The rhinitis brother on the side looked envious, unlike himself who could only eat the hospital's set meal, it was really desolate in comparison.

When Mu Huanhuan walked to the door of the ward, she heard a very snarky female voice laughing: "Oh, don't be so impatient, you are not afraid of getting burned. Wait a minute, I will give you a blow."

Mu Huanhuan clenched her fists tightly, and there was a terrifying light in her eyes.

The female voice said again: "Okay, it's not hot anymore, come and open your mouth, ahh-!"


The door of the ward was suddenly kicked open, and Brother Rhinitis was taken aback. He wondered why someone kept breaking in these two days?

Tao Ran and Jiao Jiao turned their heads at the same time and saw Mu Huanhuan standing at the door with a dark face.

Tao Ran said in surprise, "Why are you here? Didn't you go home?"

"So I can't come when I go home?" Mu Huanhuan stared at Jiao Jiao, "Or did I disturb you?"

Tao Ran suddenly felt blessed and said, "No, no, it's great that you are here, otherwise I've been bothering Crow's girlfriend to take care of me, and I'm really sorry."

Mu Huanhuan raised her eyebrows, "Crow's girlfriend?"

Jiao Jiao still had the spoon in her hand and said, "I haven't promised Crow yet."

"Hmph." How could Mu Huanhuan be able to bear this grievance? She said fiercely: "Why bother others to feed you, you have no hands?"

Jiao Jiao's voice was as weak as her name, "Big brother hurt his hand, why are you so fierce?"

"I'm fierce?" Mu Huanhuan looked at Tao Ran, "Do you think I'm fierce?"



"But I like it."

"Humph!" Mu Huanhuan walked over to take the soup from Jiaojiao's hand, and said, "I'm really bothering you, our Zhong Xiao is rough-skinned and not used to being fed, so you should go back and rest."

After speaking, Mu Huanhuan moved the movable table on the hospital bed to Tao Ran, then placed the soup in front of Tao Ran, and said, "Don't you have a hand, I can let you drink it myself."


Jiao Jiao glared at Mu Huanhuan with her mouth bulging, and then walked away angrily with her bag.

Seeing Jiao Jiao leave, Mu Huanhuan was finally relieved. She looked at Tao Ran and said, "I've only left for a day and you're already hooking up with someone."

"No, don't talk nonsense." Tao Ran said desolately, "I almost lost my life, how can I have the intention to hook up with people."

"Humph." Mu Huanhuan reached out and touched the bandage on Tao Ran's head: "How is it, does it still hurt?"

"What do you think?" Tao Ran said smoothly, "Try to hit you on the head with a big stick."

"Fuck you." Mu Huanhuan said distressedly: "It's all because of that slut Xin Zhao, I won't let him go."

Tao Ran sweated for a moment. In the past, she loved Xin Zhao so much that she loved him to the death, but now she was scolding him and every bitch. Women are indeed very fickle. Tao Ran didn't dare to answer, and lowered his head to drink the soup.

Mu Huanhuan felt worried. She not only had to find a way to deal with Xin Zhao, but also worried about how to tell her family about herself and Zhong Xiao. Suddenly she thought of something, slapped Tao Ran on the back, and said, "By the way, did you really rape Su Mo three years ago?"

"Pfft!" Tao Ran almost had internal injuries, he said, "Can you be gentle, I'm injured."

"How's it going, are you okay?" Mu Huanhuan rubbed Tao Ran's back with guilt.

Tao Ran thought for a while and said, "I probably didn't do anything to her. That day I drank too much and was unconscious at the entrance of the alley. When I woke up, I found myself at Su Mo's house, and the police took me away. But I was so drunk, I shouldn't be able to do that to Su Mo."

"I believe you." Mu Huanhuan held his chin and said, "If you really didn't do anything, why did Su Mo wronged you? Did you offend her?"

"Heaven and earth conscience." Tao Ran said, "Although I used to be a mess, I never bullied people in the dark alley. I thought Su Mo was very pitiful, and I have helped her a few times."

The more Mu Huanhuan thought about it, the more angry she became. "She’s too much. You are clearly wronged, but Xin Zhao still wants to kill you. And that Su Mo, who just watched you be wronged, she's really... so cheap!"

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