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Chapter 104: My Great Grandfather [16]

Tao Ran couldn't help but turn his body around and said with resistance in his tone, "Don't do this. I'll send you the shampoo."

Song Lingyu straightened up and solemnly said, "No need for the Patriarch to do this. The disciple can smell it. Clearly, that's not the smell of shampoo."

Tao Ran: "Really?"

"Yes." The corners of Song Lingyu's mouth twitched slightly, "That is clearly the body scent of the Patriarch."

Tao Ran: "..."

Tao Ran's expression was like being punched on the face. He felt uncomfortable, but he could not show it. He slightly frowned and thought, there must be something wrong with Song Lingyu, otherwise how could she suddenly become like this? Not long ago, she was blushing when she hid in his arms and cried. But now, how could she say such shameful words to her ancestor now?

Song Lingyu looked at Tao Ran's reluctant expression and felt a burst of joy in her heart. When she saw that he was tangled and confused, it was probably the same feeling she had felt back then, right? It was really unpleasant to experience the retribution cycle of the heavens. Even the real soul of Yuanying couldn’t escape this circle.

Song Lingyu reached out to comb Tao Ran's hair. It was so silky to touch that she couldn’t put it down. Was a person’s hair quality also related to cultivation? The Patriarch's hair was the best hair she had ever seen.

While Song Lingyu was combing his hair, she kept stroking it repeatedly, like grooming a cat’s hair. Tao Ran finally couldn't bear it anymore and said, "Aren't you very good at combing hairs? I'll do it myself."

"Huh? No, I'll brush it and fix it for you." Song Lingyu finished combing and quickly tied Tao Ran's hair with a hairpin, then reluctantly withdrew her hand from Tao Ran's head. Song Lingyu asked, "Patriarch, you have been in seclusion for so many years. How did you know about things like mobile phones as soon as you came out?"

Tao Ran said, "My Primordial Spirit Tribulation was spent in the sky above the city, so I took the opportunity to learn about the current Earth."

"Oh, so that's it, ah!" Song Lingyu thought that it was no wonder that Luofu didn't move at all. It was reasonable to say that the movement of a Yuanying cultivator's tribulation would not be small.

Song Lingyu looked at Tao Ran and suddenly wanted to take him to modern society. However, why would a disciple of the Foundation Building stage invite the Patriarch who was in the Yuanying stage to go shopping? Song Lingyu thought about it, he cheated her just to brush his favorability, and she had a reason to do anything. Anyway, everything was for favorability.

After she figured it out, Song Lingyu smiled and asked, "Patriarch, you haven't seen the modern world of mortals well, so why don't I take Patriarch to go shopping?"

Tao Ran felt bitter in his heart, he now realized that it was no good to post any task for Song Lingyu, but he let her check his favorability. Now that he had let the horse come over without care at all, how could he accept this trick? So Tao Ran refused, "There is no need. Cultivation is still important."

Song Lingyu gave him a disapproving look and said, "Patriarch, didn't you say that cultivation should be down-to-earth and step-by-step? Also, you said that it’s possible to make progress only by cultivating hard? You haven’t been a Yuanying immortal for a long time. What you should do now is consolidate your realm and improve your mind. Wouldn't it be helpful to go outside to see different worlds?"

Tao Ran, "..." What happened? Why can't I reason out with her?

Tao Ran, "What you said also makes sense."

"Let's go then." Song Lingyu took out a set of men's clothing from her storage bag, "Patriarch, put on these clothes and let’s go."

Why was there men's clothing in her storage bag? Tao Ran looked at Song Lingyu, only to feel a mess in his mind.

Song Lingyu looked at him for a moment and suddenly said shyly, "Oh, I’m sorry, I’m going out now, Patriarch, change your clothes yourself."

What is there to be shy about? What are you nervous about? When you laid your face on my chest a while ago, why didn’t you know how to be shy?!

Tao Ran changed his clothes with a deadpan face and then used an illusion spell to shorten his hair. The boy in the mirror looked no more than eighteen or nineteen years old. He was wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, and soft bangs hanging on his forehead, looking like a schoolboy.

He went out and was immediately greeted by everyone.

The female disciples looked at Tao Ran and sighed, "Those who didn't know he is the Patriarch would think he is a schoolboy who escaped from school."

Song Lingyu felt that the Patriarch who looked like this had lost his usual majesty and indifference and became very approachable. Many people would like him when he goes out looking like this, right?

Knowing what was going on in these female disciples’ minds, Song Lingyu felt a faint regret in her heart.

Tao Ran ignored the look of the disciples and said as he walked out, "Let's go."

One of the female disciples asked, "Is Patriarch going out to play? I can be your guide."

Song Lingyu turned her head back and said mildly, "Junior sister, you just stay here. Recently, it's not safe outside, and those with cultivation below the Building Foundation stage may encounter terrifying things when they go out."

Female disciple, "..." Actually, the most terrifying thing is you, Senior Sister, right?

The two were walking on the street when Tao Ran asked, "Why did you lie to her just now? The monster has been dealt with, and there will be no danger outside at all."

Song Lingyu curled her lips and said, "If one has a low cultivation base, one should cultivate well. Every day if you think only about when you can go out and play, when will you cultivate successfully?"

Tao Ran silently said in his heart, ‘your cultivation is also not high, so why did you still come out to play?’

The people in City A were utterly unaware that a monster in the Golden Core stage lived in the city before. The sun was just right today, and the streets were crowded with dog walkers or people who came out for shopping. Tao Ran and Song Lingyu were walking in the crowd.

Song Lingyu pointed to the front and said, "Patriarch, let's go there to eat ice cream."

When Song Lingyu mentioned this, Tao Ran also wanted to eat, so he lowered his head and walked forward. Seeing that Tao Ran was not speaking, Song Lingyu asked, "Does Patriarch know what an ice cream is?"

The second stick of Golden Arch Ice Cream is for half price. Tao Ran said, "Two."

Only then did he answer Song Lingyu, "I have eaten ice cream before."

Song Lingyu's nose almost wrinkled. Initially, she wanted to show the Patriarch modern products he had never seen before. Still, she never thought that the Patriarch had eaten ice cream before. "Did you eat it after your last tribulation?"

The truth is, I have eaten this since I was a child...

Tao Ran opened his mouth without changing his face and said, "Yes, I have stayed in the city for a month after passing through the tribulation."

Song Lingyu looked at Tao Ran, "Did Patriarch enjoy that month?"

"Not bad."

Tao Ran admitted, and Song Lingyu continued, "Didn't the Patriarch say that people who practice cultivation can't be too emotional and can’t enjoy too much? So why can't the Patriarch restrain himself?"

Because I didn't want to cultivate at all, Tao Ran felt that he was a bit passive today. So he decided to save the situation and said, "How can you understand the realm of Yuanying? Last time I said that you are too emotional for cultivation, unfavorable, have you changed it now?"

Song Lingyu pouted, "It's changed."

Liar, you are still saving points to exchange for Yin-Yang Acacia.

Tao Ran knew the truth but couldn't tell the truth, but he was so angry that he said to Song Lingyu coldly, "You’re lying."

After speaking, Tao Ran ignored Song Lingyu and walked ahead. Song Lingyu jumped in anger behind Tao Ran. Am I the only one lying? Aren't you lying too?

She trotted to catch up, "Wait for me, you're walking too fast."

Tao Ran walked a short distance and heard Song Lingyu calling him behind. Why am I mad at a woman? Tao Ran, you really come back the more you live. Tao Ran was annoyed and began to reflect on himself, feeling that his behavior just now was a little naive. Not to mention that Song Lingyu was a woman, even the age gap, he should not be angry with her at all.

Song Lingyu chased after him and panted, "What's the matter with you, Patriarch?"

Tao Ran said, "Is a Building Foundation cultivator also short of breath? Stop pretending."

"Oh." Song Lingyu straightened up immediately. Her face was not red or out of breath.

Tao Ran said, "Where do you want to go? I'll go with you."

Song Lingyu couldn't help but laugh and asked, "What's so fun about mortals playing?"

Tao Ran, "Then let's go back to Luofu."

"Let's go to the movies." Song Lingyu immediately changed her tune, "A new movie has been released recently."

As expected, women were both fickle and easy to babble. So Tao Ran followed Song Lingyu and watched her buy tickets and snacks. When he saw the movie she was going to watch, it was called ‘Only envy mandarin ducks, not envy immortals’.

Tsk tsk, a wave of cheesiness hit his face.

When Song Lingyu came over with the ticket, Tao Ran said disgustingly, "Do you like watching this?"

"Isn't it good?" Song Lingyu stuffed Tao Ran with the popcorn, "I read the ratings on the Internet, and the scores are very high."

Tao Ran knew what kind of movie it was only after the movie started. The protagonists were two immortals who fell in love in heaven. But Heavenly Court does not allow personal relationships. So the two suffered various hardships and persecutions. They finally gave up so many years of cultivation for each other and eventually became mortals living happily together in the mortal world.

The protagonist's acting skills were not bad, and in the later stage, there were whispers from the audience around.

Song Lingyu saw the eruption of emotion, turned to Tao Ran, and saw Tao Ran's disgust.

Song Lingyu asked, "Isn't it terrific?"

Tao Ran said speechlessly, "When you have cultivated to that level, your mind would be very powerful. How could you give up your cultivation and be willing to be a mortal for love? It is absolutely impossible for people to cultivate this kind of thinking to this level. So this movie is simply just insulting my wisdom."

Song Lingyu, "..."

The surroundings were tranquil, and Tao Ran's voice was still heard by a few people next to him. A man who brought his girlfriend to a movie frowned and said, "Damn, you have to listen to a fool to watch a movie. Do you have the ability to shoot one that doesn't insult your IQ?"

Tao Ran turned his head to look over, and the man's girlfriend was shocked by Tao Ran's appearance on the spot. She slapped her boyfriend on the arm and snarled, "Who told you to swear? This movie obviously insults your IQ. You, a big man, actually like to watch this."

Man, "..." Who am I provoking?

Tao Ran couldn't help laughing. The man's girlfriend's eyes almost turned into peach shapes. Ma Ye, a beautiful teenager who came out of the comics, actually met him. In contrast, her boyfriend was simply inhuman.

Song Lingyu stuck her head out behind Tao Ran and glared at the man's girlfriend.

Snort! Is my Patriarch who you want to see?

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