Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 90: My Great Grandfather [2]

Song Lingyu ran out from Luofu, but the voices of her fellow disciples were still echoing in her ears.

“Ah, Yuan Fei is really a genius."

"Only she is worthy of Elder Martial brother Han."

"Song Lingyu is delusional wanting to compete with Yuan Fei, even after her magic weapon had exploded itself, she still lost so badly?"

Song Lingyu covered her ears. She didn't want to hear these voices at all. Why should she be pressured by Yuan Fei? Why did Elder Martial brother Han fall for Yuan Fei? Just because she was a sweet talker who could please people? Was that why the Sect Elders and brothers all like her?

How was she inferior to Yuan Fei? She had worked a thousand times harder than Yuan Fei, why was she not as good as Yuan Fei?

Song Lingyu knelt on the ground. Her snow-white clothes were dirty with mud, but she didn't care at all. She has been cultivating very hard so that she could be qualified to stand next to Elder Martial Brother Han one day, but Elder Martial Brother Han liked a woman who didn't deserve him at all.

What do you mean by "good sister"? Song Lingyu sneered. Didn't she secretly seduce elder martial brother Han while telling herself that she wanted to cultivate Taoism wholeheartedly? It is also her own foolishness, but she had really believed Yuan Fei.

Song Lingyu sat at the foot of the mountain, gnashing her teeth and weeping silently. If she could step on Yuan Fei and let Elder Martial brother Han see her true face, she would be willing to pay all the price.

"Confirming identity, binding host..."

A mechanical voice suddenly sounded in her brain. Song Lingyu was surprised and asked, "Who is it?"

"The system binding is completed. Welcome to the good man system."

"What system?" Song Lingyu looked around. "Who is talking?"

"I'm talking."

The mechanical voice rang again. Song Lingyu asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm a system. Haven't you read any novels? Haven't you read a system novel? I'm the powerful system written in those novels. My mission is to help the loser to become a winner in life."

Song Lingyu's face darkened and her heart said that she was a loser. But she had also read novels. Naturally, she knew what the system was. Her heart was drumming wildly. Did her chance finally come? She would soon be like the protagonist of the novel, God would kill God?

She held back her excitement and asked, "System? What type of system are you? Do you have any functions?"

"I'm a good-person system. I will release tasks to the host. The host can accumulate points through tasks. Points can be used to exchange everything you want, such as skills, secrets, magic tools, pills, spells, arrays and materials. As long as the points are enough, you can exchange it for anything you want."

Song Lingyu was so excited that she said, "Great, I just need a system like you. System, my magic weapon just blew itself up, can I exchange it for a magic weapon?"

"Of course you can."

A light curtain suddenly appeared in front of Song Lingyu’s eyes, with two big characters of magic tools written on the top. At the bottom was a grid of frames, in which were all magic tools.

Song Lingyu looked all the way down, saw the Seal of Heaven, the list of Gods, the divine whip, apricot yellow flag, human seed bag, vajra bracelet, three pointed two sharp knife, yin and Yang two qi bottle, purple gold gourd, glazed jade purification bottle ......

Looking all the way down, Song Lingyu was stunned. These were legendary treasures.

Unexpectedly, the system had them too. It seemed that this good-man system was really powerful. Song Lingyu wanted to exchange them all at once, but she still had a little reason. She said: "System, what magic weapons can I exchange now?"

Tao Ran was acting like a system for the first time. He just thought it was very cool. When Xiaomei just bound herself, did she feel so cool?

Xiaomei held her chest and said, "There's no way! When people first bind the host, the host will bargain with them. Only when they know there is a bonus will they be willing to do the tasks."

Tao Ran smiled and said to Song Lingyu, "At present, the host score is zero and currently can't exchange anything."

"Ah?" Song Lingyu looked disappointed, but soon got excited. She was not afraid of collecting points. As long as she completed the tasks, she could get points.

She said: "System release the mission, I can't wait to complete it."

Tao Ran said: "Okay, the main task is open: Help the grandmother to cross the road 998 times, task completion rewards one hundred points, task failure deduction of fifty points."

Song Lingyu: ".........”

What kind of task was this? Song Lingyu opened her mouth in shock, thinking in her heart 'Was this an opening task and that’s why there was no danger? But it was too difficult, right? You had to help a grandma to cross the road and that too 998 times. This was too difficult for people, right?'

Song Lingyu was entangled: "Can you change the task? This task is a waste of time, and also cannot train people."

Tao Ran was about to explode with laughter. He continued to say in that mechanical voice, "The task cannot be changed."

Song Lingyu: "Can you reduce it a few times?"

"It can't be reduced. As long as you do it 998 times, you can exchange for skills and tools, without 998 times you can't buy it and suffer losses..."

Song Lingyu: ".......”

Yuan Fei went to Song Lingyu's cave to find her, but found it empty. She happened to see a Junior Martial sister passing by. She asked: "This Younger Martial sister, did you see Lingyu?"

"Is Elder Martial sister Yuan looking for Elder Martial sister Song? Elder Martial sister Song has just left the mountain. I met her at the mountain gate as she was going out. She was chanting something about as long as 998 something or other to bring home."

Yuan Fei had a question mark on her face. She had planned to invite Song Lingyu to fight Firefox. Unexpectedly, she went out, and her state seemed to be wrong? She was not unhappy because she lost to herself right?

At this time in the nearest big city to Luofu, Song Lingyu stood at the roadside of the endless stream of traffic. Once she saw that the light was green, she picked up an old grandmother beside her and walked across the road without saying a word, "Grandma, don't worry, I'll hold you, you'll walk safely to the opposite side."

Song Lingyu helped the trembling grandmother to the opposite side, showed a modest smile and said, "Don't thank me or ask my name. My name is red scarf."

Then she stretched out her hand to hold another grandmother beside her and walked firmly across the road. The old lady looked aggrieved at Song Lingyu, who had already walked far away, and said weakly, "But... but I didn't want to cross the road."

Song Lingyu found that the speed was too slow, but she couldn't find a good way. There were so many people crossing the road every day, but only very few needed help. Among them, grandmas crossing the road were even a smaller number. In order to complete the task, Song Lingyu stopped sleeping and began to run back and forth to various road crossings. Trying to help one more.

This month, Song Lingyu had been working tirelessly, and finally helped 998 grannies across the road in one month. When she heard the mechanical voice ringing in her mind, prompting the completion of the task, Song Lingyu was excited and almost burst into tears.

It was not easy. As a cultivator in the peak Qi Refining stage, she had lost weight in this month. My God!

Tao Ran said: "Congratulations, the host has won 100 points. Do you want to start exchanging things?"

Song Lingyu nodded, "Let's start."

The light curtain appeared in front of song Lingyu, with options such as skills, secret arts, magic weapons, pills, arrays, spells and so on. Song Lingyu said: "Magic weapons."

The interface immediately jumped to the magic weapons interface, where magic weapons such as the Seal of Heaven appeared. The higher the magic weapon, the more precious it was, and the more points it required. Song Lingyu saw that the price of the above magic weapon such as the Seal of the Heaven was 99,999,999,999.99 +, it seems that there was no easy way to exchange.

In fact, how could Tao Ran have these things? He just put them up to make himself look authentic. He deliberately made the exchange points extremely high so that Song Lingyu could never exchange them.

Song Lingyu looked all the way down, until the last magic weapon Jasper Flying Sword also needed a thousand points. Looking at her meagre hundred points, Song Lingyu was lost: "I still can't exchange for a magic weapon."

Tao Ran couldn't let Song Lingyu down too much. He said: "The system suggests that the host exchange for pills first to improve her cultivation."

Song Lingyu brightened up, "Yes, why didn't I think of that, as long as I breakthrough to the Foundation stage, won’t the sect not bestow magic weapons?"

Song Lingyu clicked on the elixir interface, and between it was written the Innate Dao Golden Pills, Dragon and Tiger Divine Soul Pills, Nine-turn Jade liquid pills, and various legendary heaven-defying divine pills. Song Lingyu's breathing became heavy again as she moved all the way down to the bottom before she saw the pills she could currently exchange for.

Primary Yang pill, five points for one. Spirit Gathering Pill, five points for one. God Nourishing Pill, ten points can be exchanged for one. Foundation Building Pills, exchange ten points for one. Body and Blood strengthening pill, 50 points for one.

Song Lingyu was pleasantly surprised that such pills as the Foundation Building Pill and God Nourishing Pill, which can only be given by elders in the sect or bought with good deeds by doing sect tasks, could be exchanged for only ten points.

Looking at her one hundred points, Song Lingyu exchanged one Foundation Building Pill, two Spirit Nourishing Pills and four Yuan Nourishing Pills. The remaining fifty exchanged for vital blood-making pills, this kind of pills, although expensive, could instantly heal seventy percent of the body's injuries. It was a life-saving pill, so Song Lingyu clenched her teeth and exchanged it.

"It's really a good man system." Song Lingyu said happily, "I'm going to ascend soon!"

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