Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 92: My Great Grandfather [4]

Now the earth's environment was so poor that one could only hope for a secret realm to open up. After all, basically there was no one in the secret realm, and some precious things could still be found.

So now the cultivators were very keen to enter a variety of secret realms, the clan elders also did not stop, this was also a kind of training.

Song Lingyu followed a group of Luofu disciples to the secret realm and was praised by all the disciples along the way. As the Sect Leader's inner disciple and the youngest Foundation Building stage cultivator, Song Lingyu instantly overpowered Han Yileng and became Luofu's most popular disciple.

While enjoying this feeling, Song Lingyu thought that when she goes to the secret realm later, she must stay with her Senior Martial brother and not let him and Yuan Fei alone.

However, as soon as they arrived at the secret realm, they were sent in separately. Song Lingyu stood alone on a towering tree. Not to mention Han Yileng, even the shadow of other disciples of Luofu couldn’t be seen.

Song Lingyu comforted herself that even though she was not with her Senior Martial brother, Yuan Fei was certainly not with her Senior Martial brother either. She was not worried, she was in Foundation Building stage, and she could definitely find him faster than Yuan Fei.

Song Lingyu couldn't feel it, but Tao Ran knew the whole secret realm clearly. Tao Ran saw that Yuan Fei was being chased by a demon beast. He said he might as well add some road blocks for Song Lingyu and said: "Opening branch mission- do good every day. Someone in the frontline is in danger. 100 points will be awarded for successful rescue, and 200 points will be deducted for failure."

Song Lingyu almost vomited blood. What the hell? There are only 100 points after completion, but 200 points will be deducted if it is not completed. I have only 200 points in total. I have to exchange it for pills or magic weapons. How could I afford this deduction?

She didn't have time to think about it, and flew to the left with her flying sword.

Just a short time after flying over, Song Lingyu saw a huge demon beast shaped like a wolf running after a person, from time to time, its mouth was spewing out powerful and terrible flames.

Without any time to think, Song Lingyu controlled the flying sword to cut off the monster's head. With a loud noise, the flying sword beat the demon beast's body. When Yuan Fei turned around and saw Song Lingyu, she was overjoyed and said: "Lingyu, help me!"

Song Lingyu was nervous about dealing with the demon beast. When she saw Yuan Fei, she almost vomited blood. How could it be Yuan Fei? She wouldn't have saved her if she knew it was her.

But by this time, the demon beast had already changed its focus on her. She couldn’t escape without fighting it. So she could only continue to control the flying sword and hit the demon beast while it sprayed fire from time to time at her.

At the bottom, Yuan Fei was very moved. She was a little jealous that Song Lingyu broke through the Foundation Building stage so soon. Unexpectedly, Song Lingyu cared so much about her and worked so desperately to save her from the cruel wolf demon beast. Lingyu was really a good person.

Song Lingyu exerted all her strength and ate her only Blood-Replenishing pill to kill the wolf demon beast. She was so tired that she fell to the ground, and Yuan Fei was moved to go over and help her, "Lingyu!"

Song Lingyu thought in her heart that she was really unlucky to have gotten herself into such a mess for Yuan Fei. At this time, Yuan Fei suddenly hugged Song Lingyu tightly, she was so moved that she had tears in her eyes, "Lingyu, you are really my good sister!"

Song Lingyu: "......"

On the next road, Song Lingyu was supported by Yuan Fei and ate the Blood-Replenishing pill. Her injury recovered quickly and she would completely recover by the evening. Of course, Song Lingyu collected the wolf demon beast’s body. After all, Yuan Fei didn't help at all.

Han Yileng had been looking for Yuan Fei. On the way, he met several lost Luofu disciples, so he took them to find Yuan Fei. Finally, in the evening, he saw Yuan Fei and Song Lingyu, who was being supported by her. Han Yileng was surprised and asked: "What's the matter? Why do you look like this?"

Yuan Fei spoke about the wolf demon beast. Han Yileng realized how dangerous the situation had been. He sincerely thanked Song Lingyu and said: "Thank you, Junior Martial sister Song."

Song Lingyu felt uncomfortable. Who wants your thanks? Yuan Fei is your Junior Martial sister, isn't she also my Martial sister? Why do you thank me for her?

Han Yileng said: "Listening to Xiao Fei's description, the wolf demon beast is afraid of Foundation Building cultivators."

As soon as the words came out, the disciples looked at Song Lingyu with inexplicable awe. Senior Martial sister Song just broke through the Foundation Building stage and could kill the wolf demon beast at the peak of Foundation Building strength. It was really awe-inspiring. Everyone looked at each other and said to themselves, "It's really good to feel safe with such a Senior Martial sister who has explosive combat power.”

Song Lingyu also felt very lucky. In fact, during the fight, Tao Ran helped Song Lingyu block several fatal injuries. Otherwise, no matter how talented she was, she couldn't just break through and kill the wolf demon beasts.

Song Lingyu also felt the respect of her disciples, which she had never felt before. In the past, she was cold. She had few friends except Han Yileng and Yuan Fei. Although her cultivation was good, she was not particularly conspicuous. Now she had suddenly become the backbone of the disciples. Song Lingyu’s mood was quite complicated.

Song Lingyu originally planned to take a good rest, but seeing Han Yileng and Yuan Fei together again, she was unhappy in her heart and planned to go over to stir up trouble. Just as she was about to move, she heard the system say: "Opening a side mission: I am a good sister. Go out and protect fellow disciples from harm, reward 100 points for mission completion, deduct 300 points for failure."

Song Lingyu stretched out her hand to cover her chest, and her body was shaky.

A disciple asked: "Senior Martial sister Song, how are you?"

Han Yileng and Yuan Fei also looked over, Song Lingyu's heart was dripping blood, but still stood up with her sword and said: "The secret realm is dangerous at night, I will go to the cave entrance to guard."

"Oh, my God, Senior Martial sister Song is so kind."

"Ooooooooo ...... injured but still thinking about everyone's safety, too moving ......"

"Senior sister Song is really my idol ......"

Song Lingyu walked out with a wooden face.

Han Yileng was ashamed. As the most Senior Martial brother, he should take the responsibility to protect the safety of his Junior Martial brothers and sisters. But just now he just wanted to talk to Xiao Fei. Junior Martial sister Song had an injured body, yet she still forced herself to keep watch at night. As a Senior Martial brother he really was incompetent.

Han Yileng stopped Song Lingyu and said: "Junior Martial sister Song, you'd better have a good rest. Just leave it to this Senior Martial brother."

Song Lingyu thought to herself, I want to do the same, but the system will deduct people's points… yingyingying……

Song Lingyu refused, "No, it's better to let me do it."

Han Yileng: "But Junior Martial sister you still have injuries in your body."

"It's not a problem." Song Lingyu said: "Besides, I also want to go out to get some air."

Seeing Song Lingyu's insistence, Han Yileng said: "Then I'll also go out with Junior Martial sister."

Happiness came too suddenly, Song Lingyu looked at Han Yileng with eyes full of surprise. This was also possible?

Tao Ran: "This task must be completed by one person. It must be completed by one person."

Song Lingyu gulped down her throat and swallowed a mouthful of blood.

Han Yileng: "Huh? What's that sound?"

Song Lingyu: "Thanks for your kindness, Senior Martial brother, but I want to be alone for a while." Wuuuu… Missed such a rare chance to be along with the Senior Martial brother.

Song Lingyu bit her finger as soon as she went out. Yingyingying. She couldn't cry out loud. Her Senior Martial brother would find out.

Song Lingyu meditated in front of the cave. At night, the wind in the secret realm was very cool. She sat motionless and alone; almost bursting into tears in the wind.

She thought in her heart that the good man system was good at everything, but it was a little too good. All good things should be done by herself. How could she win the heart of her Senior Martial brother if she goes on like this? If she had not gotten a good man system, but a bad man system, would the situation be much better now? Maybe Yuan Fei would already be bitten by demon beasts.

But it was good to have a system. Not everyone could have the opportunity. She should be satisfied. The system was still very good except that it had a little more tasks.

Song Lingyu was bored, so she took something out of her storage bag. Tao Ran looked, wasn't that a mobile phone?

Song Lingyu, dressed in ancient Taoist robes and reading a novel in mobile. This picture was too disharmonious.

Tao Ran was idle and bored. After seeing that the protagonist got the magic weapon under the guidance of her carry-on grandfather, suddenly Song Lingyu put away her mobile phone and didn't look at it. Tao Ran was anxious, what happened next? Did the protagonist sleep with the saint after he got the magic weapon?

Song Lingyu turned off her mobile phone and said with emotion, "Now I am bound to a system like the protagonist. Why should I read? My experience will be more wonderful than the protagonist."

Tao Ran listened to Song Lingyu's soliloquies and said to himself, just wait, your experience will be wonderful enough to cry.

The next morning, everyone set out to collect the spiritual plants in the secret realm. Spiritual plants could be exchanged for pills when it was brought back to the sect. How could one cultivate without pills?

Song Lingyu's interest was lacking. She had the system and she did not need to use spiritual plants to exchange for pills. So on the way she did not do anything, only helped the crowd to guard.

Junior Martial brothers and sisters were moved by this action again. Senior Martial sister Song was really a good person. In order to take care of those with low cultivation, she didn’t even want the spirit plants. She is so very kind to us, Wu wu wu…….

Han Yileng was also picking the spiritual plants, but when he saw that Song Lingyu didn't take anything, he was a little ashamed. Junior Martial sister Song wanted to leave the opportunity to her Junior Martial brothers and sisters as soon as she advanced to the Foundation Building stage. He was in the Foundation Building stage for a long time, but he was still robbing the spiritual plants from his Junior Martial brothers and sisters.

He blushed with shame and handed the spiritual plants he picked to the Junior Martial brother. He also stood aside with his hands on side along with Song Lingyu as a guard for the Junior Martial brothers and sisters.

Song Lingyu looked at Han Yileng strangely and was thinking in her heart, 'Senior Martial brother, why don't you pick spiritual plants? Can't you see these spiritual plants?'

Seeing Song Lingyu looking at himself, Han Yileng smiled at her, as if everything was normal.

Song Lingyu was confused. Why did Senior Martial brother smile at me? I don't know why, he just smiled... Silly.

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