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Chapter 93: My Great Grandfather [5]

This secret realm was a semi-open secret realm, and there were only a few people who usually came, so the risk coefficient was relatively low, and the things obtained were not so precious.

After the disciples of Luofu collected the spirit plants in the area, they began to shift to other places. The secret realm was quite large. Han Yileng took out the map and looked at it for a while. He said: "Go east. There is a swamp with frost fish in it."

Yuan Fei said happily: "Frost fish can be used to make ice talisman paper, I just need it."

Han Yileng laughed: "Then let's go there."

Song Lingyu followed the crowd silently, with a bad feeling in her heart. Since she bonded with the system, she found that whenever she had a bad feeling, her hunch was quite accurate.

Song Lingyu began to recall in her head whether there was anything dangerous near the swamp and frost fish, and then she found that, as a Foundation Building stage cultivator, she really lacked common knowledge. Not only did she not know anything about what dangers were nearby, but she also did not know anything about what good things were nearby.

Tao Ran was aware of the dangers nearby. Not only could his divine sense reach farther away, he was also aware of the story, in the novel, as soon as they went to catch the Frost Fish, they woke up a sleeping Fire Salamander. In the novel, Han Yileng stopped back alone to stall the Fire Salamander. Yuan Fei also stayed back saying she would stay and leave with her Senior Martial brother. Finally they inadvertently found the entrance of the cave guarded by the Fire Salamander and escaped into it. This not only saved their lives, but they also got a lot of magic treasures in the cave.

Why didn't Song Lingyu advance and retreat with Han Yileng? Because in the novel, she was led astray by the Demon Cultivator and hadn’t come to the secret realm with everyone at all.

Tao Ran wanted Song Lingyu to be a high-ranking cultivator who stood out from the crowd. Of course, whatever chance he had, he had to use it. He issued another task, "Main task, stop the Fire Salamander to help Luofu disciples escape, task completion reward one hundred points, task failure deduction of four hundred points."

Song Lingyu: "......”

Song Lingyu's first thought was not that there were dangerous Fire Salamanders waiting for them, but she wondered why every time a task was released, failure would result in deduction of all the points she had accumulated? The system must be doing it intentionally. The system just wanted to make sure that she completed the task, right?

Song Lingyu held the flying sword in her hand and looked at the fellow disciples walking happily to the swamp. With a happy smile on their faces, they didn't know that there was a Fire Salamander with a big mouthful of fire waiting for them.

Song Lingyu couldn't help but say, "Be careful, everyone. There are dangers everywhere in the secret realm."

Han Yileng thought with emotion that he really had no sense of responsibility when compared with Junior Martial sister Song. Why didn't he find Junior Martial sister Song so responsible before? It must be because her cultivation level was not high in the past. She has as much responsibility as her ability. Junior Martial sister Song was really a model of our generation.

The disciples smiled and said: "I see, Senior Martial sister song, we have two Foundation Building experts. How could something happen with you two around?"

'You guys really can't have an accident', Song Lingyu thought gloomily, because the good man system had handed over the task of stopping the Fire Salamander to herself. The Fire Salamander’s cultivation was at least at the Peak of the Foundation Building stage.

How could she stop it with her current cultivation?

Song Lingyu's heart was dripping blood, but her face became more and more expressionless on the surface.

Many disciples sighed in their hearts when they saw it. Senior Martial sister Song was good in all aspects. Her accomplishments, appearance and character were all first-class. It was just that her character was too cold. She won’t be able to find a boyfriend if she was this cold and indifferent.

Song Lingyu did not know she was being trolled by the others. She nervously clutched the sword in her hand as they reached the swamp. Song Lingyu looked around and couldn't see where the Fire Salamander was hidden. She shouted: "Be careful, everyone. There may be danger here."

Han Yileng felt that Song Lingyu was too nervous. He smiled and said: "Junior Martial sister Song doesn't have to be like this. There are a lot of people here every year. There's no danger at all."

Would Song Lingyu believe him? Of course not. She trusted her good man system 100%. But she couldn't directly say that there was a Fire Salamander lurking here, which would arouse doubts in others, so she could only be prepared to stop the Fire Salamander at any time and let everyone else leave.

The disciples went into the water to catch fish. One disciple said with a smile, "Many people come here every year. How come there are still so many Frost fish? There will be a bumper harvest today."

Yuan Fei caught an almost transparent frost fish. Under the sunlight, the frost fish in her hand looked very beautiful. She smiled and said: "Look, Senior brother, it's so beautiful."

Han Yileng looked over and saw Yuan Fei holding a fish in her hand, with a pure and flawless smile on her face. He was stunned for a moment and couldn't help but stop and appreciate the beauty.

Song Lingyu saw this scene playing in front of her. She was jealous and unconvinced. She had planned to find Han Yileng, but as soon as she approached Han Yileng, she was nervous and speechless. So she turned around, reached out and grabbed Yuan Fei's arm and said: "There are many Frost Fish over there. Let's go over there."

Yuan Fei didn't notice, "Okay."

When they walked over, Yuan Fei wondered, "Are there many fish here? How come I feel that the number here is less than the other place?"

Song Lingyu forcibly explained, "But these are easier to catch than the ones over there."

"Really?" Yuan Fei bent down and began to catch fish. But these fish were unusually resourceful and always managed to slip away quickly.

Yuan Fei was more confused and asked: "Lingyu, do you really think it's easier to catch here?"

Song Lingyu was silent for a while, then began to catch fish with her Foundation Building cultivation. These fish couldn't escape a Foundation Building stage cultivator. Song Lingyu caught half of them within two to three tries. She threw all the fish to Yuan Fei.

"Here you are, here you are."

Yuan Fei received the fish while saying, "Lingyu you are so nice, you are really the best person I have ever met."

Song Lingyu: "......" I hate nice people.

Yuan Fei saw that most of the fish was caught, so she said: "Let's go to where Senior brother is."

How could Song Lingyu see them flirting together? She refused on the spot, "No."

Yuan Fei: "Why?"

Because I like Senior Martial brother Han too! Song Lingyu roared in her heart. She couldn't think of any good excuse. Finally, she decided to pester her and asked: "Can't you spend some time alone with me?"

Yuan Fei's eyes widened, "Ah?"

For a while the atmosphere was a little delicate, there was a faint awkwardness flowing between the two, Song Lingyu lowered her head and changed the subject, "You don't go, I'll catch fish for you."


Huh..... why was the atmosphere more weird?

Yuan Fei felt inexplicably embarrassed, she forced a smile, "Lingyu you really worked hard."

Song Lingyu nodded, "It’s how it should be."

Damn it! Should what should be ah?

Song Lingyu regretted that she almost wanted to slap herself. Yuan Fei looked at Song Lingyu and suddenly remembered that when Song Lingyu saw herself with her Senior brother, something like jealousy flashed in her eyes. She thought Lingyu also liked Senior brother. Later, Lingyu saved herself from the Wolf Demon, which dispelled her doubts.

But just watching Song Lingyu's performance now, Yuan Fei began to feel wrong again. Maybe she didn't read it wrong at all. Lingyu was really jealous, but the person she was jealous of was not herself. She was jealous of her Senior brother who was happy with her.

As soon as this idea came out, it became uncontrollable. The more Yuan Fei thought about it, the more likely it sounded - that Song Lingyu has only two friends, herself and her Senior brother. She has no friendship with others. It was not surprising that she would like one of the two. Pitifully, she kept her feelings for herself in her heart and tried to cultivate to protect herself, but she didn't realize it until now.

Yuan Fei was a little distressed for Song Lingyu. She thought Song Lingyu was really pitiful. She loved herself, but Yuan Fei already liked her Senior brother. She certainly doesn't want to see her and her Senior brother as a couple, but she doesn't have other friends. If she leaves her again, won't she be alone?

Song Lingyu didn't know that Yuan Fei had made up so much drama by herself. She wanted to try not to let the two together. With her many years of experience in reading novels, the Main Lead would belong to the person with the system, in the end. She was the chosen one, as long as she wanted, everything would belong to her in the end.

Song Lingyu was very confident about the system. She found that her Senior brother’s gaze towards herself has begun to change for the past two days. Senior Martial brother must have found out how good she was and should have started to have feelings for herself.

Han Yileng looked at Song Lingyu and Yuan Fei in the distance. He was secretly moved. He felt that Junior Martial sister Song took the initiative to take care of Xiao Fei for his sake, so that he could free up his hand to help other Junior Martial brothers and sisters, so that he could fulfill her responsibility as a Senior brother. Junior Martial sister Song was so kind. He felt ashamed.

Yuan Fei saw that there seemed to be a piece of red water grass in the water. There was a layer of fog on the surface of the water grass, which looked very ethereal. She stretched out her hand and grabbed it and said: "Lingyu, there is a beautiful water plant here."

Tao Ran thought that she was really not afraid of death. What water plant? These were the fins of the Fire Salamander.

Tao Ran immediately warned, "Attention, the Fire Salamander is coming out."

Song Lingyu narrowed her eyes. Yuan Fei grabbed the fin of the fire salamander and pulled it, "Eh? It's quite resilient."

"Oh, hooooo!!!"

Suddenly the ground shook, the ground beneath Yuan Fei's feet suddenly collapsed, spewing out a roaring flame.

This scene stunned everyone. Han Yileng was too late to save Yuan Fei and shouted: "Xiao Fei!"

Song Lingyu immediately said in her heart, "Exchange two Blood Replenishing Pills!"

Then she rushed up and pushed Yuan Fei away.

Yuan Fei was stunned by the sudden situation. She didn't react until Song Lingyu pushed her away. When she was flying in the air, she saw that the red flame swallowed Song Lingyu in an instant. Her mind was empty and tears could not stop flowing out. Lingyu saved her.

Han Yileng flew over and held Yuan Fei in her arms. Yuan Fei broke down and shouted: "Lingyu!!!"

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