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Chapter 97: My Great Grandfather [9]

Tao Ran didn't have any problem in giving out pointers to the disciples in the Foundation-Building stage. Anyway, he didn't plan to continue to cultivate to a higher level. He would only be idling the rest of the day, it would be good to do something else.

What's more, Song Lingyu seemed to want to accumulate points to buy Yin-Yang Harmony Pill. She didn’t take the initiative to exchange her points for things that were helpful for her cultivation, so he couldn’t take the initiative to give it to her, otherwise it would arouse her suspicion. But fortunately, he had two identities. As Patriarch Luofu, he could certainly give his disciples whatever help he wanted.

The eight Foundation-Building cultivators went to Luofu’s back mountain together, this was the place where Patriarch Yibai had done his seclusion.

Thinking about it, they were really a little excited, they could actually be given the guidance of a Yuanying realm cultivator.

Han Yileng, who was walking by Song Lingyu's side, was both excited and a little regretful. He smiled bitterly and said: "Unfortunately, Xiao Fei has not broken through to the Foundation Building stage, otherwise she would also be able to accept the guidance of the Patriarch with us."

On the surface, Song Lingyu was indifferent, but in fact she was about to explode in her heart. She really wanted to choke her Senior brother's neck and shake it vigorously. What was so good about Yuan Fei, why are you fascinated by her? In terms of cultivation, she was better than her in every aspect, but why did Senior brother only have Yuan Fei in his eyes?

In this annoyed mood, Song Lingyu stood with everyone in front of Tao Ran's wooden house. Cultivators didn't pay much attention to enjoyment, so no one was surprised to see that the place where Patriarch Yibai lived was such two wooden houses. Many cultivators found it troublesome to repair the cave by accident, so they just dug a hole in the mountain wall and made some tables, chairs and benches out of rocks.

Tao Ran sat on a futon in the room. He sat cross-legged, his whole body breathless. Holding a mobile phone in his hand and reading the densely packed simplified characters on it, he was reading a novel again.

The disciples outside did not dare to go in and disturb Tao Ran, so they said from outside, "The disciples pay homage to the ancestor."

Tao Ran hid his mobile phone, corrected his posture, and said: "If you have any doubts in your cultivation, come in. This Ancestor can only give pointers to one person at a time."

Everyone looked at each other and then gave each other a bit of humility. In the end, Han Yileng came in first. He was excited and embarrassed saying, "Thank you for letting me in. I...I'm going in."

As soon as Han Yileng entered, he saw Tao Ran, who was meditating like a cultivator. He didn't dare to make trouble, and said very politely, "Disciple Han Yileng, pays his respect..."

"Well, I know who you are." Tao Ran opened his eyes and said, "What do you want to ask?"

Han Yileng said glumly: "This disciple's cultivation was unimpeded during the Qi Refining period, but since the Foundation Building period, the progress of this disciple’s cultivation base has been very slow. Although the earth's spiritual energy is meager, it is still sufficient for the Foundation Building period training, so this disciple wants to ask the Patriarch, what went wrong with the disciple's cultivation?"

Tao Ran could see Han Yileng’s problem at a glance. His problem was very simple, because the author of this novel did not want him to cultivate so quickly. After all, the protagonist was the heroine, how could the cultivation progress of the hero be so great before the heroine caught up?

Tao Ran didn't point it out. Instead, he said: "It's not that you have a problem with your cultivation."

Han Yileng's body leaned forward slightly, listening intently.

Tao Ran said: "It's because there are some obstacles in your Dao heart."

Such things as Dao heart obstacles were illusory, and Han Yileng really didn't know how to solve them. He looked embarrassed and said: "Please this disciple also asks the Patriarch to make it clear."

Tao Ran said solemnly: "As you said, your cultivation base has improved by leaps and bounds during the Qi Refining period, but the progress becomes slow when you’re in Foundation Building period. If not for another reason then, you must be anxious."

Han Yileng nodded and said: "Indeed, although this disciple doesn't care much on the surface, in fact, he is still a little anxious, especially after the Younger Martial Sister Song came to the top."

Tao Ran said: "Cultivation would not work if you are in a hurry. You might as well put down your cultivation for the time being and do what you want to do."

Han Yileng looked blank, "What I want to do?"

Tao Ran: "For example, find a Taoist companion."

Han Yileng's cold face turned red all of a sudden, looking at the ethereal ancestor with a stunned look; look for a Taoist companion?

Everyone saw Han Yileng coming out of the ancestor’s room with a blushing face. Why did his face blush after asking questions? And it didn't look like an excited blush, nor was it a shameful blush, it was obviously a bashful blush.

Han Yileng, a male disciple came out of the ancestor's room feeling embarrassed?

This looked like everyone was thinking about it in their eyes, they didn’t know what the ancestor did to Han Yileng that made him so embarrassed?

No one dared to ask him at this time, so the next person who entered was inexplicably more nervous in his heart, and there was some magical expectation in his nervousness? As for what to expect, only God knows.

However, the following people all accepted very normal instructions after entering, and this situation ended after the last one entered–Song Lingyu.

Song Lingyu was still thinking about Han Yileng in her heart, but when she came in, she saw the pleasing face of the ancestor, her heart jumped. She just remembered what the system had said; Patriarch’s face was her favorite and most admired face.

Tao Ran looked at Song Lingyu expressionlessly and asked: "If you have any doubts, let's talk about it?"

Song Lingyu's brain was a mess, what questions would she ask? She dared not look at Tao Ran anymore, she lowered her head and said, "Disciple...this disciple..."

Tao Ran: "Look up and look how poor your Dao is, how can a cultivator be so hesitant?"

Song Lingyu raised his head reflexively to look at Tao Ran, facing that face, and then her heart became more confused.

She said: "There is a doubt in this disciple's heart that it is not about cultivation."

Tao Ran: "Let's talk about it."

Song Lingyu asked: "Master, is it easier for people to like someone who is good?"

Tao Ran nodded, "Naturally."

"So some people are obviously better, but some people always turn a blind eye, and instead like people who are not so good." Song Lingyu asked: "Master, do you know why this is?"

Tao Ran didn't answer, but instead asked: "Then the better person is indignant?"

Song Lingyu nodded, "Yes."

Tao Ran said: "If everyone likes the best person, then that person has to think about whether she is the best, and whether the person she likes is also the best. If not, Why doesn't she think about it? Why doesn't she like the best one but the less excellent one? If she understands her heart, then other people's thoughts may not be so difficult to understand."

Song Lingyu was stunned, thoughts flew in her mind, her facial expression changed a few times, and finally said: "This disciple understands a little bit, but this disciple is still unwilling and wants to give it a try."

Tao Ran nodded, closed his eyes and said: "Then you go and try."

Yuan Fei waited for Han Yileng in his cave. Han Yileng came back with things in his heart, and the first person he saw was Yuan Fei. The words of the Patriarch suddenly came to mind, the embarrassment that was finally pressed down instantly surged, and his cheeks started to feel hot again.

Yuan Fei asked strangely: "Senior Martial Brother, what's wrong with you? Why is your face blushing?"

Han Yileng was embarrassed and didn't know what to say, then changed the subject and asked: "Why are you here, Xiao Fei?"

Yuan Fei said: "You went to accept the guidance of the Patriarch today, I want to hear what you have gained."

The patriarch asked me to marry a wife...

Han Yileng said in his most stoic face that Yuan Fei must not instruct him.

Yuan Fei nodded as if understanding or not, and Han Yileng suddenly said, "Xiao Fei, I haven't asked you what your ambitions are."

"Huh?" Yuan Fei didn't expect Han Yileng to ask this, she hesitantly said: "Actually, I...I want to be a cultivator as powerful as the Patriarch, but... Am I too whimsical?"

"How come?" Han Yileng said, "Didn't the Patriarch also start his cultivation from the same realm as us?”

Yuan Fei smiled reservedly.

Han Yileng finally asked, "Xiao Fei, you… do you mind if you can have someone by your side all the time on the road of your cultivation?"

"Huh?" Yuan Fei's eyes widened in surprise, then blushed and asked: "Elder Brother, what do you ask this for?"

Han Yileng stretched out his hand to pull Yuan Fei's hand, and said seriously: "Xiao Fei, Xiao Fei, I... I think... Would you like to be my Taoist companion?"

After speaking, their faces were red and hot, Yuan Fei's eyes shyly dodged: "Senior Brother, why did you say this suddenly?"

Han Yileng: "Actually, I didn't just make it out of my mind, you know how I have always been to you, to you..."

Yuan Fei was ashamed, she had to withdraw her hand, who knew that Han Yileng held her tighter, "Xiao Fei!"

The name was so deep and emotional, Yuan Fei only felt a blow in her head when she heard it.

Suddenly she didn't have the courage to listen to what he was saying. She struggled to get rid of Han Yileng's hand, and then quickly ran away.

It didn't take long after leaving Han Yileng’s cave that she ran into a person head-on, and Song Lingyu asked: "What's wrong with you?"

As soon as Yuan Fei saw Song Lingyu, her mind suddenly became sober. She must not let Lingyu know what the senior brother said, otherwise Lingyu would be so sad.

Yuan Fei lied in a panic: "Ah, nothing, I'm going back."

There must be something, the woman's sixth sense told Song Lingyu that something must have happened when Yuan Fei just came out of Han Yileng’s cave residence. There was a sense of urgency in her heart, if she did not take any action, the Senior Martial brother would be completely snatched away.

Song Lingyu made up her mind and said: "System, I want to do a task, I want points, you can give me any task that has more points."

Tao Ran was silent for a moment, and couldn't remember what task he was going to assign to her. It happened that the Sect Leader was planning to send a few boys to serve him, Tao Ran said: "The main task is to win the slot of a servant under the seat of Patriarch Yibai, and strive to gain the favor of Patriarch."

Tao Ran was proud of it. Now that you are in my hands, will you still have any thoughts about falling in love, I'm not torturing you?

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