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Chapter 96: My Great Grandfather [8]

The news of the Luofu Patriarch Yibai’s breakthrough to the Yuanying Realm swept across the entire cultivation world like a whirlwind. People with a bit of experience in various martial arts knew that there was a Golden Core Venerable Yibai of the Luofu Sect who was in secluded cultivation. But after so many years, nothing happened. Many people thought that Elder Yibai’s breakthrough was a failure, and he had already fallen.

Anyway, there were very few people whose cultivation base surpassed Golden Core. Luofu's three Golden Core disciples were in charge of the Sect, and Elder Yibai's death would not affect Luofu's status. Who knew that when everyone was about to forget him, Yibai would suddenly come out, and he did not leave his seclusion as a true Yuanying soul, but that of a real soul. How many years before has there been a Yuanying realm in the cultivation world?

The head of the Kunlun School was silent for a long time while holding Luofu’s Yuanying Grand Ceremony invitation, and finally stroked his beard and said with emotion: "When this old man first entered the realm of cultivation, he knew that Luofu had a very talented Senior Yibai. I didn’t expect that after so many years, Senior Yibai would actually break through to the Yuanying Realm. It's really unexpected, you go back and tell your master that this old man will attend the Yuanying Grand Ceremony."

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