Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 97: My Great Grandfather [9]

Tao Ran didn't have any problem in giving out pointers to the disciples in the Foundation-Building stage. Anyway, he didn't plan to continue to cultivate to a higher level. He would only be idling the rest of the day, it would be good to do something else.

What's more, Song Lingyu seemed to want to accumulate points to buy Yin-Yang Harmony Pill. She didn’t take the initiative to exchange her points for things that were helpful for her cultivation, so he couldn’t take the initiative to give it to her, otherwise it would arouse her suspicion. But fortunately, he had two identities. As Patriarch Luofu, he could certainly give his disciples whatever help he wanted.

The eight Foundation-Building cultivators went to Luofu’s back mountain together, this was the place where Patriarch Yibai had done his seclusion.

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