Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 63: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [10]

Tao Ran took two steps, then turned around and asked, "What do you want to eat?"

Huang Tao looked at him, and said a little irritably: "I don't want to eat, I just want to leave."

Tao Ran smiled: "Soon, just wait a minute."

Now that the situation was not that great, there was no time to even buy noodles. Tao Ran turned around and walked into the supermarket next to him. Huang Tao stood in place. She could have walked away, but she hesitated. Just as she was hesitating like this, Tao Ran returned.

Carrying a large bag of food items, he said, "I don't know what you like to eat, so I just bought many kinds."

He put the bag in front of Huang Tao and asked, "Is there anything else you like?"

Huang Tao hadn't eaten since returning from school the day before, and she didn’t even feel hungry anymore. She knew that this was just an illusion; how could she not be hungry if she hadn't eaten for so long. Thinking that her mother might not come back soon after going out, she took a piece of bread from the bag and ate it.

Tao Ran stuffed the bag in her hands and said, "Wait for me."

Huang Tao ate the bread, her eyes following Tao Ran as he walked back at the supermarket. Then, she lowered her head and continued to eat. There might not be anything to eat at night, so she decided to eat more now.

Tao Ran bought warm milk tea for Huang Tao, and handed it to her: "It’s dry if you just eat these, so drink some milk tea."

Huang Tao took it and drank it, and after eating for a while, she was full. She wiped her mouth and looked at Tao Ran. He smiled, handed her two pieces of gum, and said: "Put it in your mouth and chew for a while, so that your mother won't find that you have eaten."

Haung Tao’s hand shook as she took the candy, and she felt very ashamed. She never told anyone about her situation at home, but now it was known to Ke Rui. She thought for a while, and then said what was in her heart, "Do you pity me?"

"Huh?" Tao Ran looked at Huang Tao. Of course there was pity, but he knew Huang Tao would never want to hear this. He smiled and said: "Don't think too much, I am not pitying you. I just... feel sorry for you, you are so nice, you should live a better life."

Huang Tao wanted to cry a little. No one had ever said this to her when she was growing up. Because of her mother, the neighbors didn't dare to approach her. Her classmates only know that she was an introverted student, and would not approach her on their own.

"It's because of me that your mother hit you." Tao Ran was afraid of touching Huang Tao's wounds and causing further pain, so he reached out to touch the top of her head instead and said: "Go home, apologize to your mother, and say something nice. She is your mother, she would not do that to you without reason."

Huang Tao said: "She told me not to approach you in the future."

"Then listen to her."

"You..." Huang Tao looked up at Tao Ran, as if a little surprised that he would say that.

Of course, he lied to her. Tao Ran smiled: "If you have anything to do, I will help you. Tomorrow I will tell the class teacher to make a female classmate sit at the same table with you. You have to listen obediently to what your mother said. Only then will your mother not hit you."

Huang Tao nodded, and Tao Ran sent her back to the community. After returning home, her mother hadn't come back yet. Huang Tao stood at home, thought about it, and tidied up the house.

After Tao Ran sent Huang Tao back, his heart felt a little heavy. He asked Xiaomei, "What is going on, what about Huang Tao’s Dad?"

Xiao Mei said: "Xiao Mei doesn't know, it's not written in the novel."

In the novel, Huang Tao’s father was called Huang Hu, a very rich real estate agent...

Tao Ran suddenly thought of something. He said, "If she really has a Dad who is a real estate agent, can I find her dad's information online?"

Tao Ran saw an internet cafe nearby, and was about to go in to find clues, but he was not allowed in because he was a minor. He stood at the door of the internet cafe with a black face, he hadn't encountered this kind of thing in many years?

So he could only get on the bus to go home and search with his mobile phone while on the bus.

Huang Tao was living like this now. Tao Ran did think about taking Huang Tao away secretly, so he could take care of Huang Tao on his own. But he couldn't for now. Huang Tao was still a minor, and she still had to go to school. It was impossible for her to leave her guardian mother. All Tao Ran could do was let her listen to her mother and help her out.

Huang Tao had already cleaned up the house when her mother came back cursing. As soon as she entered the house, she noticed that Huang Tao had cleaned up the small living room. When she went to the room, the room was also cleaned up. She turned around and looked at Huang Tao with suspicious eyes, "Did you clean?"

"Yeah." Huang Tao stood in the corner. She remembered what Tao Ran had said—that she had to listen to her mother and say something nice to her—and confessed: "It's me who was not good, and I made my mother angry. I will study hard, so mother, don't be angry."

Mother Huang looked at Huang Tao with scrutinizing eyes, as if she was looking at a criminal full of abuse, and questioned: "Do you understand why I was angry? Will you seduce men in the future?"

Huang Tao shook in fear, and said humiliatingly: "I don't dare, I will not talk to boys from tomorrow onwards."

"It's pretty much the same." A bit of resentment flashed in Mother Huang’s eyes: "You look like your father, and you like to hook up three and four like him."

Huang Tao lowered her head; she didn't dare to cry or speak, and she didn't dare to raise her head. She was afraid that her mother would see the resentment in her eyes. Since you feel that I am a burden, why did you have to grab custody rights? If you hate my father so much, why do you want to raise this daughter who looks like her father by your side?

Was it just to vent out her anger on the owner of the face when she was sad and uncomfortable?

Mother Huang stared at Huang Tao for two minutes, and said: "Mom is exhausted today, and I have no energy to cook. Let's not eat dinner. You won't die if you don't eat a meal..."

Huang Tao watched her mother's feet walk into the room. When she just came in, the corners of her mouth clearly had some oil stains from what she had eaten earlier, but she said that Huang Tao wouldn’t die of starvation if she didn't eat a meal.

Tao Ran found information about Huang Hu on the way home. Huang Hu was a very famous entrepreneur in City B. There was an introduction to his company on the Internet.

The beginning of the novel was the time of the college entrance examination. Huang Tao and Xu Yun went to the same university. Ke Yuan had forgotten that Xu Yun and Huang Tao were together in the same school. Once when he went to school to find Huang Tao, he ran into Xu Yun. When Xu Yun saw him she looked happy seeing her old classmate. Ke Yuan's already dead heart came to life again.

The current period of time should be before the beginning of the formal plot. From now to the college entrance examination, something must have happened. Huang Tao would leave her mother and go to her father Huang Hu to live together.

The authors had a common habit: they would never write too carefully about supporting roles. So Tao Ran only knew that Huang Tao would have gone with her father sooner or later, but he didn't know when or why.

When Tao Ran returned home, the family of three were waiting for him to eat. He felt a little sorry and said: "If there’s something wrong, you don't need to wait for me to eat next time."

Dad said: "We haven't waited much time. The food was still hot when you came back. Come and eat it now.”

Ke Yuan at the table was full of envy, jealousy and hatred. What did he say, the dish is still hot? It was because his mother had re-heated it again. He was sure that if the person who came back so late today was himself, Dad would never speak so pleasantly.

Tao Ran was full of thoughts, and sat down to eat.

For people like Ke Yuan who were often emotionally awkward, his parents basically didn't care about him, so he couldn't take off his shoes and have a good meal. But if it was a good boy like Ke Rui who never made people worry about anything, then it would be terrible once he had emotional entanglements.

Because of Tao Ran's thoughtful face, his parents, who usually talked a lot, didn't speak anymore, and were careful to pick up a dish for him.

His mother wanted to ask Tao Ran if there was anything wrong with him and why he came back so late, but she was afraid that Tao Ran would be unhappy. She was afraid that Tao Ran would say that his parents were interfering with his privacy, which would really break her heart. Dad said casually: "The final exam is about to come, how are you preparing?"

He didn't know what to ask, and didn't say who he was asking. Ke Yuan's face wrinkled, he was wondering whether he should answer or how to answer if he did open his mouth. He was not afraid of exams, and for Ke Rui, he knew that he was ready at any time. What he was afraid of was only after the results came out.

Dad asked and looked at Tao Ran. Tao Ran was still lost in thoughts and he didn't hear the question. Dad did not blame him. Turning his head, he asked Ke Yuan instead, "If I ask you something, please answer quickly."

"..." Ke Yuan looked at his father with an innocent and blank stare in the face of no misfortune. Everyone was silent, don't you know what level of your son I am?

Seeing his eyes, Dad became angry, and he said: "Can't you take the test properly at least once?"

Ke Yuan: "I...every time I try to get a good result, but my grades are not something that I produce a good test."

"..." Dad raised his eyebrows tiredly, and said, "Do you know if the exam result is better, there will be a reward: Dad will take you on a trip, okay?"

Ke Yuan thought that going to travel meant that he could not see Xu Yun for many days. So he shook his head vigorously, "No, no, I don't want to travel..."

"Travel?" Tao Ran, who had been thinking about it, suddenly looked up, "Dad, are you going to travel?"

Seeing that he finally attracted the attention of his baby son, his father was so touched that tears filled his eyes. He said: "Yes, yes, you can travel if you pass the final exam."

"Oh." The grades were not a problem for Tao Ran at all. He just wants to ask: "Where will we be going?"

Mother: "Where does Xiao Rui want to go?"

"City B." Tao Ran said: "How about our city B?"

"Um..." Dad groaned for a while, and went through everything in City B in his mind. In the end, he didn't know where in City B attracted his son, so he said, "City B...Is there anything fun in city B?"

Tao Ran: "I want to visit City B. I plan to get into a university in City B, so I want to go see it in advance."

Mom was so excited, "Xiao Rui wants to take a City B exam, okay, a very good school. So let’s go to City B. Mom also wanted to see what Xiao Rui's school would look like in the future, and father wanted to see too, right? "

Dad: "Yes."

Ke Yuan: "I don't want to see it."

"You kid." Mother said: "That's City B, don't you want to see it?"

Ke Yuan looked indifferent, "Anyway, it's impossible for me to get into a major university in City B, why should I go to see it?"

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