Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 61: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [8]

The fat classmate knew that it was impossible for Ke Yuan to protect her, so she retreated and said, "Li Bai, go wild, you can come to help me when I'm in danger."

Ke Yuan refused without hesitation: "No."

Tao Ran's Cheng Yaojin rushed forward beside Bian Que with a sharp axe when he saw the soldier in front of him. Cheng Yaojin kept chopping, and Bian Que smashed the medicine bottle on the side.

He said: "Good medicine is bitter! Good medicine is bitter! Good medicine is bitter..."

Tao Ran said that this was a line from a movie by a ghost and an animal.

Tao Ran was always handicapped in games before, but he didn't expect that he would still be handicapped after crossing so many worlds. He still remembered a popular game called Qiuqiu when he was studying ( in college), and even then, he also played it very badly. He was the first person to play this kind of game in the dormitory, but his roommate overtook him and was unwilling to cooperate with him.

It was very strange -- as long as he worked hard, he could always become good at anything he tried. The only exception was games. This might be due to his genes. He knew even his blood relatives were not good at games.

Fortunately, Huang Tao helped him this time. Huang Tao should have been alone at the level, but Huang Tao was always around him to help out.

Little fatty was working alone, and the other four were in pairs. Real life was already too cruel, and she didn't expect to be tortured even when playing a game. The enemy player had also seen Fatty's Houyi alone, thinking of picking up a soft persimmon, two people went to beat Fatty.

How could Little fatty bear this? She hurriedly called for help, "You guys come and save me."

Ke Yuan and Xu Yun were having fun. How could they be willing to leave to save Fatty? Besides, with Xu Yun's skills, he really didn't dare to leave. So he said: "Huang Tao, go and help her."

Tao Ran glanced at Huang Tao. Huang Tao had just experienced emotional disillusionment with Ke Yuan. At this time, Ke Yuan should try to talk to her as little as possible. After thinking about it, Ke Yuan didn't even realize that Huang Tao had been secretly in love with him for a long time, so how could he even act with propriety.

Tao Ran could only pray in his heart that Huang Tao would hold back.

Tao Ran didn't know what Huang Tao thought in her heart, but Huang Tao did not go crazy either. She just ignored Ke Yuan and continued to push the tower with Tao Ran.

Then, unfortunately, and as expected, Houyi rushed into the street. Fatty had a complicated look on her face and said: "You are not willing to help me, now I'm dead, can't you still come? No more towers on the road?"

The problem now was that there was no one on the road that little fatty was guarding. The opposite team was pushing the tower on the road, so at least one of the four in Tao Ran’s group had to go and stop the enemy team.T Ke Yuan preempted by saying: "We can't go, our side is facing the two of them."

Since that was indeed the case, only Tao Ran and Huang Tao could go one by one. Knowing Tao Ran’s skill, Huang Tao said, "Hold on, I will come after HouYi is resurrected."

Tao Ran looked at the enemy hero across from the tower and nodded resolutely / firmly.

The strange atmosphere between the four people could not be felt by them but could only be perceived by outsiders. As a gossip lover, little fatty didn't pay much attention to Ke Rui when he was sitting behind her. In the past two days, when Ke Yuan sat in front of her, she paid no attention to it, but now thinking about it, she found something didn’t add up.

Although the former Ke Rui didn't like to take care of people, he was an exception to his deskmate Xu Yun. As long as Xu Yun spoke, he would definitely listen. For example, even if it was on a subject he wasn’t good at, if Xu Yun needed help, he would try to help her seriously. He would also look at Xu Yun with small complicated eyes when he had nothing to do, as if he didn't want Xu Yun to know.

Little fatty’s eyes observed all this and though she was not a big mouth to talk to everyone, it gave her a sense of thrill and excitement to see through other people’s secrets.

It's just that today's situation was very different. When the five of them were sitting together playing games, Ke Rui hadn't even glanced at Xu Yun. He didn't even watch Xu Yun, but the atmosphere between Huang Tao and Ke Rui was very delicate, and he would look at Huang Tao from time to time. It was not like empathizing or falling in love because the look in Huang Tao's eyes was different from the way he looked at Xu Yun before.

Little fatty's mind was playing the theme of Sherlock Holmes as she tried to piece together the clues in front of her. Ke Yuan did not think too much and believed whatever Huang Tao and Ke Rui said to him and Xu Yun wouldn't think too much about it, but Fatty was not stupid. When Huang Tao ran out, Ke Rui was still calling her from behind, and it didn't seem that Huang Tao was sick at all.

And Huang Tao was doing well now, even if it was a visit to the doctors, it wouldn’t have taken so long. What’s more there was no hospital sticker on Huang Tao which meant that she didn’t really go to the hospital. Huang Tao was with Ke Rui and both of them lied when they got back.

She felt as if she had discovered an unspeakable but incredible secret; the little fatty’s blood boiled in excitement.

Bian Que went on the road. Just after HouYi was resurrected, Tao Ran said, "Come soon, I'm dead."

Fatty said: "Then I'll go down the road."

Tao Ran was used to being killed in games , so he waited calmly for his resurrection. Little fatty was not thinking about the game. She wanted to know more about the morning’s incident so she thought for sometime and brought up the topic in a roundabout manner and said: "The head teacher got angry in the morning."

 Huang Tao's expression didn't change at all; she was very focused on the game. Tao Ran asked, "Is it because Huang Tao and I skipped class?"

"Yes." Ke Yuan joined in gleefully: "You don't know how vexed the class teacher's expressions were when he found out that you were skipping class. Tsk tsk, good students will skip class. Do you think the class teacher will call our parents to the school?"

Huang Tao's hand shook, but Tao Ran didn't notice. He said: "It shouldn't be the case since we only skipped the morning classes."

The difference between school students and social people was that it was a serious matter for students when parents are called for their mistakes. And Tao Ran, a pure socialist, said in his heart, you can’t do anything to me. I don’t believe that you will fire me if I have such a good academic performance. What can you do?

His relaxed attitude made Ke Yuan upset because as long as he made a mistake, the headteacher would threaten him by calling his parents, and his father would really hit others. Ke Yuan said: "You don't care. When our parents came to school last time, they lectured me severely in front of so many teachers in the office. If the same happens to you, will you have the face to see others.?"

"How is it possible?" Tao Ran smiled and said, "Do you think that I am like you? Our parents have never touched even a single finger of mine since I was young."

Ke Yuan: "..."

Xu Yun curiously asked: "Taught you a lesson? How did they teach you?"

Ke Yuan suddenly regretted opening his mouth, wanting to slap himself twice; how could he talk about his embarrassment in front of his goddess? He laughed dryly: "Ha ha ha... it's nothing, just cursed."

Cheng Yaojin was resurrected, and Tao Ran was about to go to Bian Que. The little fatty made HouYi pounce without paying attention. She said, "Come down here, HouYi is dead again."

Then it was announced by the game system that HouYi died, and Cheng Yaojin died, and then again, Cheng Yaojin died and HouYi died. The two were tossing back and forth on the next road. It was good that Huang Tao helped Tao Ran play, but after playing for so long, the two of them never met.

Tao Ran was depressed, and said uncomfortably: "It's too much, the opposite team is staring at me to kill."

Little Fatty choked and nodded, "That is, I have been waiting for the resurrection until now."

Over there, Bian Que went all the way alone, already pushing two towers. Tao Ran looked very envious and said: "If I have this technology, I will immediately take revenge, and kill them all."

Little fatty's hands hurt due to skill pressing. She casually tried to pry while playing: "Why does the class teacher change seats for you? I don't think Ke Yuan is shorter than you."

Ke Yuan: "Of course I am not shorter than him. I was one centimeter taller than him last time."

Huang Tao suddenly thought of what Tao Ran said in the noodle shop. Ke Rui wanted to change positions for himself.

Ke Rui said that Ke Yuan's behavior was wrong because his act of serving breakfast every day gave Haung Tao unrealistic illusions. But what about Ke Rui himself? Didn't he come to her side suddenly and treat her well. For the sake of her mood and face, he chose a roundabout way to tell her what he really wanted, but also skipped class, helped her to climb the wall, and invited her to eat and watch an old movie that he had already watched.

 The more Huang Tao thought about it, the more chaotic her heart became. Little fatty said, "That means, Ke Yuan is not shorter than Ke Rui at all. Why should the headteacher make up nonsense to change positions?"

Tao Ran knew the truth behind position change, as did Ke Yuan and Huang Tao. Although Tao Ran explained to them differently, it was true that Tao Ran took the initiative to change positions.

Ke Yuan said: "Who knows what he thinks, play your game."

"No." Little fatty calmly said: "I am dead again."

At the same time, Cheng Yaojin set off. Previously Tao Ran didn't really want to play the game. He just wanted to get close to Huang Tao and didn't have any other reason than games. This game was really getting on his nerves with so many twists and turns - after all it was only an excuse to get close to Huang Tao.

Tao Ran was tangled in his heart and couldn't help sighing: "For all this time, I have been separated from Huang Tao."

Little fatty's eyes lit up when she heard that and felt that there must be something between them. If there was nothing, she would take the last place in the final exam!

Huang Tao heard Tao Ran's lamenting, and her heart moved slightly. A teenage girl, even if her mind was deep and delicate, she couldn’t always be as calm as old rivers and lakes. So her heart, which had just calmed down a little bit, began to mess up again.

Ke Yuan manipulated Li Bai to spin around Zhen Ji coquettishly, and said: "You exaggerate too much, okay, are you saying you can't play without Huang Tao’s help?"

"Do you think I like playing this game?" Tao Ran said hotly, "If it’s not because Huang Tao also plays this game..."

Little fat classmate: "..."

Huang Tao's mind was dizzy, and she started to feel numb.

Xu Yun didn't realize the implication of the words and said, "That's true! If you didn't play it, I wouldn't have much interest in playing this game either. Every time I play, I am being killed."

Ke Yuan felt that something was wrong, and after hearing Xu Yun's words, he felt that Ke Rui just wanted to play a game that everyone played. Except for Xu Yun, everyone's mind was a little off.

Huang Tao didn't like this game much; she only used to play it for Ke Yuan. Today, she didn't want to play, but when she saw that Ke Rui seemed to want to play, she thought that since he had spent the whole morning with her, she should take him with her. Suddenly, she heard Tao Ran's confession-like remarks, and her mind was a total mess.

She had only started playing this game because Ke Yuan needed a partner in the game.

Tao Ran felt that what he had just said might not be right. In the previous few worlds, it seemed that the female partner would stay with him because his actions caused them some misunderstandings. He tried to explain it deliberately, but seeing Huang Tao playing the game with her head down seemingly unaffected, he felt his efforts were wasted, so he kept quiet.

Huang Tao said suddenly: "You hold on for a while, and when Hou Yi is resurrected, come to find me on the road."

Tao Ran was a little dazed, "Oh, okay."

Little fatty looked excited and decided to live a little longer even if she was in a desperate situation. In short, they needed to fight together a little bit longer.

However, the situation was not something that Tao Ran, a rookie, could control. Suddenly two people appeared on the other side and took his head easily. Tao Ran only felt that there was a flower in front of him, and Cheng Yaojin rushed to his side. He said in a pitiful tone: "I couldn't hold on."

Huang Tao felt a string violently flick in her mind, and she exploded into action. No matter who was on the other side, Bian Que plunged into the wild area and headed for the enemy hero. In a short while, she killed Angela of the other party, and even then she didn't want to push the tower and killed others.

Ke Yuan said: "It's not good, our Fang Bianque killed the red eye."

Then the opponent was killed in a row, and they also burst into anger. The two sides were grouped in the middle, and the fight was a mess. Because Tao Ran, Xu Yun, and classmate little fatty were too bad, the two people in front supported him, and finally, the crystal was crushed by the opponent's dragon.

Qualifying together for the first time ended in this way.

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