Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 159: The Divorced Leftover Woman [17]

Si Qi gazed at Tao Ran, who asked, "Didn't you take the test? I reminded you several times yesterday to complete the test papers."

Si Qi's father glared at him, "You didn't do it?"

Si Qi responded in horror, "I didn't have time to do it at school during the day. I'll go and do it right away."

Afterward, Si Qi ran up the stairs as if a ghost were chasing him. Tao Ran said, "I'll go up too. You guys… Do you want to come and take a look?"

"You guys should study. What are we going to do?" said Si's father.

Tao Ran sounded a little wronged as he said, "After all, Si Qi accused me of hitting him yesterday. To avoid any misunderstandings, I think it's better for me not to be alone with him."

Si's father immediately said that Si Qi was just talking nonsense, and nobody in their family would believe him. Not to mention that Si Qi was screaming in the study, even if Si Qi knelt on the ground and cried, they would not believe him.

Tao Ran nodded with a smile, expressing that in order to live up to their trust, he would try his best to help Si Qi improve his grades.

Therefore, when Tao Ran pushed open the door to the study and saw Si Qi's hateful gaze, he smiled and said, "Don't look at me like that, or I'll beat you up."

Si Qi shuddered a bit, looking at Tao Ran with fear and hatred. Tao Ran sat down and said, "Hey, you're already in your second year of high school, and you did so poorly even on your first year paper. What reason do you have for not working hard?"

Si Qi stared at Tao Ran and asked, "So? Tell me what is your purpose for coming to our house?"

Tao Ran replied, "To be your tutor."

Si Qi said, "No, you're clearly here to torment me."

Tao Ran said with an innocent face, "How could that be? I have no grudge against you. Why would I torture you?"

"Only you know the answer to that." Si Qi sneered, "Do you think I will let your schemes succeed?"

He then lunged towards Tao Ran, expecting to knock him down, but to his surprise, his opponent was more than stable. Not only was he not thrown down, but he caught Si Qi firmly.

Tao Ran asked, "Are you trying to fight back?"

Si Qi replied, "I won't let you succeed!"

After saying that he started shouting, "Dad! Dad! Help! He's going to beat me to death!"

Tao Ran knew what he was trying to do, so he didn't panic and calmly fell to the ground in one smooth motion.

Si Qi was stunned. Just a moment ago, he had tried his best to tackle Tao Ran but couldn't make him fall, and now, without provocation, Tao Ran fell down. Did he fall down by himself? As he was pondering this, suddenly, Mr. Si burst through the door. He saw Si Qi gripping Tao Ran's clothes with both hands, straddling him on the ground. As for Tao Ran, he looked miserable and panicked, making people feel sorry for him.

Si Shao immediately rushed over, "Jing...Mr. Jing, are you okay?"

Only then did Si Qi realize that something was wrong and was about to explain, but he saw his father bellowing and turning into a raging beast, nostrils flaring with fire as he charged towards him.

Si Qi panicked, "Dad, listen to my explanation."

Si's father sneered, "What's there to explain?!"

Si Qi saw that his father had been bewitched by the wicked man and had lost his sanity, so he immediately appealed to his mother for help, "Mom! Please save me, Dad wants to kill me!"

Si's mother approached and stated with difficulty, "Lao Si, Qiqi is still young after all."

"He's young? He's almost as tall as me!" Si's father said, "He's a habitual liar and even beat up his teacher. That's not a minor issue. Don't restrain me."

"I didn't, Dad, I didn't beat him up..."

"Still trying to argue? I saw it with my own eyes!"

At this moment, Tao Ran stood up, weakly supported by Si Shao, with red eyes and a pitiful expression on his face, like a slowly blooming white lotus. Tao Ran spoke, "Please don't hit the child, I'm alright. He didn't mean to hit me."

Oh my god, the other party is really sensible, obviously only a few years older than Si Qi...

Father Si was so ashamed that he wanted to burrow into the ground. He said, "Don't stop me, I have to teach him a lesson today. If I don't teach him a good lesson, he will go to heaven!"

Mother Si also felt that Si Qi needed to be disciplined, but she couldn't bear to see her own son being beaten. So, she suggested to Tao Ran, "Let's go downstairs and have a cup of tea to relax. I'll help you check if you're hurt anywhere."

Tao Ran was helped down the stairs by Si Shao. Si's mother served tea, snacks, and fruit, then took out the first aid kit to ask, "Do you have any injuries?"

Tao Ran replied, "No."

"What happened to your face here?" Si Shao looked at a red mark on Tao Ran's left temple and asked, "Why is there a mark?"

It was scraped by Zhang Da's zipper when he was squeezing in the cafeteria at noon. Tao Ran opened his big innocent eyes and said, "No, Qiqi didn't do it."

Si's mother gave Tao Ran an "I-understand-everything" expression and said, "Stop talking. I'm really… ashamed."

Tao Ran responded, "It really wasn't Qiqi who did it."

"Good child," Si's mother said. "You're such a good child. If I didn't have a daughter, I would….".

After this comment, the expressions of the three people present were not quite right. Si's mother spat and said, "If I had a daughter your age, I would want you to be my son-in-law."

Tao Ran meaningfully looked at Si Shao and suddenly said, "Miss Si is not that old."

Mother Si laughed, "She is five years older than you!"

Si Shao responded unhappily, "What's wrong with being five years older? Am I very old?"

"You are not old, you are very young. If Xiao Jing agrees, I will immediately set you two up..." Poor Mama Si was just joking. In her opinion, either Si Shao or Jing Yu would be too shy to continue the topic.

Who knew that the originally shy and pitiful Tao Ran suddenly looked up and said, "Okay, I agree."

"......" Si's mother looked blank, "What do you agree to?"

"I am willing to be with Miss Si." After that he added, "I don't mind that she is older."

Si's mother: "......"

The living room was silent except for Si Qi's miserable screams coming from upstairs.

Si Mama remained quiet for a while before finally saying, "Oh, you child... I didn't expect you to be quite humorous."

"It's not a joke." Si Shao sat down beside Tao Ran and held his hand, declaring, "I also want to be with him."

Si's mother: "....."

Tao Ran shyly asked, "Auntie, can we trust your words?"

Si's mother: "....."

Seeing her daughter and Tao Ran's fingers interlocked and unable to be separated. For the first time in her life, Si's mother felt like she was about to fall flat on her face. She trembled as she pointed at the two of them and said, "Don't be impulsive..."

Si Shao spoke up, "Mom, I'm not being impulsive. I fell in love with him at first sight yesterday. Originally, after breaking up with Jing Ming, I had planned to be alone for the rest of my life. But when I saw him, I felt like my heart suddenly came back to life."

Tao Ran silently gave Si Shao a thumbs up in his heart. She is better at making up stories than me, who has traveled through so many worlds. Tao Ran tightly clutched Si Shao's hand and said, "I also fell in love with Miss Si at first sight. Please give us your blessing, Auntie."

Mrs. Si instantly exhausted all her strength and fell back onto the sofa. "Lao Si ah......"

Mr. and Mrs. Si, as well as Si Qi, lined up and looked at the young couple holding hands in front of them.

Si Qi said, "I told you, my sister is just greedy for his beauty. She even watched her own brother get beaten up for this man."

Si's parents looked at Tao Ran's face, oh, what do boys want to do looking this beautiful?

Despite looking aggrieved, Tao Ran's eyes were full of determination as he said, "Although I don't know why Qiqi hates me so much, I still want to say that I love Shaoshao. Please give me a chance to take care of her."

Si Shao chimed in, "Mom and Dad, he's the only person I've ever loved in my life."

"Nonsense, you used to like..." At this point, Mr. Si realized something was amiss and asked, "Your name is Jing Yu, what's your relationship with Jing Ming?"

Tao Ran played dumb and said, "Jing Ming? He's my brother."

"What?!" Si Qi jumped up. "You're the little unfaithful brother of that unfaithful man?"

Tao Ran continued to play dumb, trying to look innocent. "What are you saying? How can you say that my brother is unfaithful?"

Father Si said, "You actually fell in love with your sister-in-law? Ex-sister-in-law."

Tao Ran said, "Isn't my sister-in-law Meng Bozhen, what does it have to do with Shaoshao?"

Father Si turned to look at Si Shao, "What's going on?"

Si Shao looked embarrassed and replied, "Um...Jing Yu grew up in the countryside due to health issues and didn't spend much time at home. Maybe...Aunt Jing didn't tell him that Jing Ming was engaged before."

As she spoke, Si Shao sneakily looked at Tao Ran, her eyes seeming to say, "Well done, boy! Keep it up!"

The Si family was confused by this twisted plot. Mother Si asked, "Did you really not know that Shaoshao almost became your sister-in-law?"

Tao Ran's big eyes were full of innocence. "I don't know. Did Shaoshao date my brother before? Why did they break up?"

Si Qi said, "Because your brother is a heartless man!"

Tao Ran replied, "I don't know. I just came back recently, and my brother said that Meng Bozhen is my sister-in-law."

"It seems like he really didn't know," Mother Si was confused by Tao Ran's innocent look and asked, "Do you really like Shaoshao? What will you do if your parents object?"

Tao Ran held Si Shao's hand and declared, "Even if everyone opposes me, I still want to be with Shaoshao. I only love her in this lifetime."

Si Qi, who had watched too many dramas, asked, "Even if your parents, brothers, and everyone else cut ties with you, you still want to be with my sister?"

"Yes," Tao Ran replied. "Even if they cut ties with me, I still want to be with Shaoshao."

Si Shao, who had originally been making up lies with Tao Ran to deceive her parents, couldn't help but feel a little choked up when she heard this. Tears rolled down her face, and she tightly held Tao Ran's hand. "No matter what, I also want to be with Jing Yu."

Si Qi looked at Tao Ran and Si Shao and suddenly felt a little sympathy for Tao Ran. In his eyes, Tao Ran was just an inexperienced student who was deceived by his socialite sister, who was using him as a substitute for his brother Jing Ming to accompany her. But he didn't plan to tell Tao Ran the truth. After all, who made Tao Ran hit and force him to do papers? He was only happy to see him unlucky.

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