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Chapter 160: The Divorced Leftover Woman [18]

When Tao Ran left Si Shao's house, it was already very late. Si Shao's family did not allow her to see him off, not because they objected to their relationship, but rather because they hoped that Si Shao could calm down and sort out her thoughts before seeing Tao Ran again.

Tao Ran walked out of the house alone. The neighborhood was very quiet at night. He took out his phone and turned it on. Jing's mother had sent him many messages, mostly asking when he would return. Later on, she only asked why he was off and where he was.

It was almost 11 o'clock, and at this point, Tao Ran didn't really want to go back. The dormitory was already closed.

Tao Ran walked alone on the street. One advantage of China was that there were always people around, no matter how late it was. He could always find a store that was still open.

Tao Ran walked into a barbecue restaurant. Many people were still inside, most of whom were students like him. However, they were mostly in groups, and there were very few people like him who were alone. Tao Ran ordered some barbecue and sat by himself, drinking beer. Because his appearance was so conspicuous, many people glanced at him from time to time.

Tao Ran appeared nonchalant on the surface, but in reality, he was quite annoyed. What was so unusual about coming out to eat barbecue alone at night, without anyone to keep him company? Hasn't anyone seen it before?!

When someone looked over again, Tao Ran stared back fiercely. The ferocity that had built up over so many years made the other person shudder with cold sweat, and they turned their head away, too scared to look at him again.

So Tao Ran stayed in this shop until around five or six in the morning. By this time, the owner was about to close the shop. Who would eat barbecue so early in the morning anyway?

Tao Ran left the shop and returned to Jing Yu's house.

Jing's mother had been waiting for him all night. By ten o'clock last night, she still hadn't seen Tao Ran, so she called Zhang Da to check. After learning that Tao Ran wasn't in his dormitory, she became even more worried. At one moment, she felt her son was lying to her, and at another moment, she was worried that something might have happened to him. She couldn't hold back and eventually fell asleep in the early hours of the morning.

As Tao Ran entered the house, he saw Jing Ming standing in the living room, looking at him.

Tao Ran said, "Did you wake up so early?"

"I've been waiting for you," Jing Ming said. "What did you do last night?"

"Nothing, I was just at the barbecue shop."

Jing Ming said, "Did you barbecue all night?"

"Yeah," Tao Ran leaned over and said, "Don't believe me? Smell it."

Jing Ming wasn't interested in smelling it. He looked at Tao Ran with a complicated expression and sighed, "Xiaoyu, Mom waited for you until early morning."

"Hmm," Tao Ran said, "I'll apologize when Mom wakes up."

"Don't you understand? This isn't about apologizing." Jing Ming said, hesitating, "Are you with Si Shao now?"

Tao Ran turned to look at Jing Ming. "Who told you that?"

"It doesn't matter who told me. I'm asking you, are you..."

"Who said that to you?!"

Tao Ran suddenly snapped, glaring at Jing Ming like a lion whose territory had been invaded. "Did you hire someone to investigate me?!"

Jing Ming's momentum was immediately suppressed. He didn't want to argue with Tao Ran and said, "No, it was Bozhen who saw you guys together on the street once."

"Saw us together? We went out together once and she happened to see us. Then she's really amazing!" Tao Ran said sarcastically.

"Saw us together? We went out together once and she happened to see us. Then she's really amazing!" Tao Ran said sarcastically.

Jing Ming said, "Don't talk about her like that. She's your..."

"She's nothing." Tao Ran looked at Jing Ming coldly.

Because the two of them had raised their voices, Jing's mother and Meng Bozhen both came out. Seeing the two brothers in their heated state, Meng Bozhen assumed Jing Ming was teaching Tao Ran a lesson, so she said, "Jing Ming, don't be angry with Xiaoyu. He's still young and may have been misled by someone else."

"There is no place for you to speak here." Tao Ran looked coldly at Meng Bozhen and said, "You're quite skilled at sowing discord between our family by coming into our house. Let me tell you, our Jing family will never let a woman like you in, unless I die!"

Meng Bozhen's face turned pale and she helplessly looked at Jing Ming.

Jing's mother then walked over and hugged Tao Ran's shoulders, asking, "What's going on? You're fighting early in the morning. Are you hungry? Mom will make you something to eat."

Tao Ran's emotions eased a bit, he didn't want to get angry in front of Jing's mother. Meanwhile, Meng Bozhen stood aside, crying with grievances. Jing Ming couldn't bear to watch and said, "Xiaoyu, how can you speak like that? Apologize to your sister-in-law."

"She's not my sister-in-law, and I don't accept her as one," Tao Ran said, turning around to calm down. "Miss Meng, it's better for you to leave. You are not welcome in our Jing family."

Meng Bozhen looked at Jing Ming, and Jing's mother came out of the kitchen, saying, "Miss Meng, it's better for you to leave now. We have some family matters to deal with."

Meng Bozhen looked at Jing Ming in shock, who showed her a helpless expression.

Meng Bozhen understood and went to her room to pack her things with a gloomy expression. She then left with the same look on her face. Jing Ming offered to see her off, but she refused.

Jing's mother was still in the kitchen when Jing Ming told Tao Ran, "Go take a shower, and come out to eat when you're done."

While taking a shower, Tao Ran began to feel that something was amiss. He had never lost his temper before, especially not in the mission world. When he came out of the bathroom, Jing's mother had already prepared breakfast and placed it on the table. Tao Ran walked over and said, "I'm sorry."

Jing's mother smiled and said, "Don't say that. Let's eat."

Tao Ran guiltily sipped his thin porridge, still preoccupied with what had just happened. He turned to Jing Ming and said, "Brother, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

Jing Ming couldn't really be angry with his younger brother. He sighed and said, "It's okay. I've always been worried that you're too soft-tempered. I'm actually happy to see you have some fire in you."

The love and tolerance of his family made Tao Ran feel even more guilty. He was now Jing Yu, a member of the Jing family, their relative. How could he hurt them? After finishing breakfast, the three of them sat motionless for a while. Finally, Jing Ming spoke up, "Bozhen didn't check up on you, did she? She just happened to pass by your school that day and saw you at the gate. Tell me, is that true?"

Tao Ran nodded.

Jing Ming frowned and said, "You know, Si Shao, she used to be...?"

"Your fiancée," Tao Ran said. "But not anymore."

"She's older than you, and you don't know what kind of person she really is..."

"I know what kind of person she is, I'm very clear," said Tao Ran. "She's a good person."

Jing Ming said, "Do you really know? If she's a good woman, would she hook up with my younger brother just a few days after we broke off our engagement?"

Tao Ran was about to say something, but Jing Ming continued, "If she had something with you before she even approached me about canceling the engagement, then her character is even more questionable."

Tao Ran felt a pang of annoyance and couldn't help saying, "But didn't you also get together with Meng Bozhen when you were engaged to Si Shao, and you even brought her to show off in front of Si Shao?"

"You ......"

Jing's mother interjected, "Xiao Yu, watch your tone when you talk to your brother."

Tao Ran's expression was not good, and Jing's mother added, "I know that Ming Ming made a mistake, and I have never approved of him being with Meng Bozhen. But you can't repeat the same mistake as your brother just because he did something wrong."

"That aside, you are only a student now, and Si Shao has already graduated. She is five years older than you and has much more complex social experience and ideas than you. Do you really know what she's thinking? Do you know what you'll face in the future? Your brother is afraid you'll regret it later."

"I won't regret it," Tao Ran said.

Jing's mother sighed and said, "Shaoshao is actually a good child. Mom doesn't necessarily have to oppose you two, but I just feel that you two really aren't a good match."

Tao Ran responded, "I'm very happy with her."

"Does her family know about it?"

"They already know."

"How did they react?" Jing's mother asked.

Tao Ran didn't say anything, and Jing's mother asked, "They don't agree either?"

Tao Ran explained, "They asked Si Shao and me to take a break from seeing each other for a while, to calm down and think things through."

Jing Ming responded, "What if Si Shao's final decision is to break up? Have you considered her thoughts while you are so insistent in front of us?"

Tao Ran was stunned for a moment. He believed that Si Shao wanted to be with him forever. He had faith that she would stand by him.

Jing's mother and Jing Ming had a lengthy conversation with Tao Ran. They even considered calling Jing's father back to speak with him. Eventually, around noon, they allowed him to leave. Tao Ran went back to his room and began texting Si Shao.

"Have you woken up?"

Si Shao replied, "Yes. How are you doing? Does auntie know about us?"

Tao Ran: "Well, she knows."

Si Shao nervously asked, "Did she scold you, are you okay?"

Tao Ran said, "No, she didn't. She couldn't bear to scold me."

Si Shao let out a sigh of relief and expressed, "That's great. I was really worried. Once I'm allowed to leave, I'll visit auntie and clarify everything. I really love you, even more than I loved your brother back then. As long as we get through this, everything will be okay."

Tao Ran smiled, feeling comforted in his heart. He didn't like the feeling of fighting alone, and Si Shao's words made him feel like he wasn't alone.

Si Shao's mother remained at home and sighed. Eventually, she called Jing's mother. The two mothers conversed for a long while. Meanwhile, Si Qi, who was on vacation, listened in secretly before deciding to call Tao Ran.

When Tao Ran saw the unknown number, he assumed it was a telemarketer who really didn't know how to pick a time, and hung up, feeling frustrated. But the person on the other end was persistent and kept calling back despite being hung up on several times.

Tao Ran answered the phone and said,  "Are you trying to make me scold you?"

"Holy shit, I can't believe you hung up on me, and now you still  want to scold me?" The other person's voice was filled with anger.

Tao Ran was taken aback and asked, "Si Qi?"

"Otherwise?" Si Qi retorted angrily. "Who did you think it was?"

Tao Ran remained silent for a moment before asking, "What's the matter?"

Si Qi replied, "Can't I call you without having a reason?"

Tao Ran didn't have the time to deal with a child going through puberty. He asked, "You've got nothing better to do? Have you completed all six sets of practice papers?"

He heard the other end curse before Si Qi spoke up, "I'm here to help you and my sister. Can you not talk about those depressing practice papers?"

Tao Ran: "How are you going to help?"

Si Qi's voice dropped to a whisper as if he were hiding, "My mother  just called your mom. They talked for a long time and discussed how to separate you two. My mom even suggested sending you abroad to study and then marrying off my sister while you're away."

Tao Ran said, "Such a vicious plan?"

"Isn't it?" Si Qi said. "Don't give in, my sister is still foolishly waiting for you."

Tao Ran was puzzled and asked, "Don't you hate me to death? Why are you helping me now?"

Si Qi thought that his current "help" wasn't really helping, and the love between Tao Ran and his sister wasn't really love. He still anticipated Tao Ran's heartbreak upon realizing he was just a substitute, so he said, "That's our personal grudge. We shouldn't ruin my sister's happiness because of it, right?"

Tao Ran looked at him in a new light and said, "You're quite reasonable, I didn't expect that from you."

Si Qi said, "Do you really think I'm an ignorant brat?"

Tao Ran admitted to himself that he used to think so. Si Qi continued, "If you have any problems in the future, just ask me. Don't keep things to yourself like they do in novels and TV dramas, then the misunderstandings only get worse. You know, these middle-aged women have watched too many melodramas and keep playing these types of tricks."

The corner of Tao Ran's mouth twitched, "Thank you so much then."

"No problem, it's what I should do," Si Qi said. "How is the situation over there?"

Tao Ran explained, "My mom won't let me see your sister either. She hasn't mentioned anything about studying abroad yet. If anything comes up, I'll inform you guys."

Si Qi felt a heavy responsibility on his shoulders. He said, "Okay, you need to know that I'm still here to support you in both of our families. You're not alone in this fight."

It was unclear where he had learned to say such things, but Tao Ran's face twitched as he listened. After putting down his phone, he opened the door and walked out. Lunch was almost ready. Jing Ming said, "Dad will be back soon to have lunch with us. Go wash your hands."

This was the first time Tao Ran had met Jing Yu's father since he arrived in this world. Jing's father was a very handsome and imposing middle-aged man with a well-maintained physique. He was wearing a black suit that added to his intimidating aura.

The family of four sat together for lunch. Jing's father got straight to the point and asked, "So, you're now dating your brother's ex-fiancé?"

Tao Ran didn't let the pressure affect him and replied, "We're not just dating, we're in a relationship."

Jing's father then declared, "I won't allow you two to be together. This is non-negotiable. Even if you hurt yourself, it's useless. You have no source of income and you're still in school. I have many ways to deal with you."

Tao Ran wasn't intimidated and replied, "You can try. From today on, cut off my living expenses."

Jing's father said, "No, you're thinking too simply. I know that Si Shao has the ability to make money. What I want to say is that I have ways to prevent you from even having the opportunity to work and make money. Unless you resort to begging on the streets, you'll have to go to construction sites to carry bricks. But even then, I can make it so that you won't succeed."

Tao Ran: "....."

Jing's father said, "Think carefully before you speak."

Tao Ran said, "If you can agree with brother and Meng Bozhen, why can't you agree with me and Si Shao?"

Jing's father: "Who said I agreed with them?"

Jing Ming: "....."

Tao Ran was overjoyed and said happily, "Remember what you said. I won't break up with Si Shao unless Jing Ming and Meng Bozhen break up completely."


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