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Chapter 161: The Divorced Leftover Woman [19]

The flames of war inexplicably burned on himself, and Jing Ming expressed that he was extremely wronged. He was so angry that he almost exploded on the spot and was about to point at Tao Ran's nose and curse at him. Father Jing glanced at Jing Ming lightly and said, "What do you want to do?"

Jing Ming: "......"

Tao Ran said, "He wants to hit me, can't you see that?"

Jing Ming's face turned red with anger and said, "Don't talk nonsense."

Jing's father elegantly picked up a chopstick of food and said, "Brothers fighting for a woman is a disgraceful thing. If I see you guys do this again, see how I deal with you."

Tao Ran thought to himself, Are we fighting for a woman? We are fighting for two women. Actually, he was not too worried. In modern society, communication is so developed that as long as both parties are alive, there will always be a way to contact and meet. Besides, he was still in school. Even if Jing's father wanted his son to get married and give up his studies, it would be Jing Ming who would be forced to give up first, not him.

Thinking of this, Tao Ran was extremely happy. He felt that it was very right for Jing Ming to tell Father Jing about this. He was really lucky to have such a brother.

On the other hand, Jing Ming's handsome face, who was sitting opposite Tao Ran, was almost twisted with worry like a pickled cucumber. He still wanted to argue logically, "Dad, what's wrong with Bozhen?"

Meng Bozhen was indeed very good, both in terms of appearance and family background, she was first-class. As long as she was willing to get married, there were countless men waiting for her, and she could enter the hall of marriage at any time. But Jing's father just didn't like her so his answer was just four words, "I don't like her."

Jing Ming looked at his own father, and there were ten thousand "mmp" (a Chinese internet slang that expresses frustration or anger) in his heart that he couldn't say. He wanted to say, "What does it have to do with you if I marry someone? Who cares if you like it or not?" But he didn't dare to say it. He held back for a long time and asked, "Why not?"

Jing's father didn't say anything, and Tao Ran said beside him, "Dad likes simple and innocent girls."

Jing Ming turned his head to look at Jing's father, his eyes clearly asking ‘Is that so?’

This made Jing's father's face unbearable. This sentence was very ambiguous. What does it mean that I like simple and innocent girls? What does it matter to me who you are with? However, the incident of him forcibly breaking up the two brothers' relationship before was still fresh in his memory, so he couldn't say this sentence.

Jing's father said, "I don't care who you mess around with, but I will never allow these two women to enter the Jing family's door. Of course, you both can ignore my words, but the consequences are not up to me."

Jing's mother, seeing how the atmosphere had turned out, intervened, "Why are you talking about this while we're eating? The food is getting cold."

Jing's father didn't say anything else. The family kept their heads down and ate silently, until it ended. Jing Ming took Tao Ran aside when Jing's father left and said, "It's over, are you happy now?"

Tao Ran said, "What do you mean 'am I happy'? Didn't you call Dad back? You are allowed to break up me and Si Shao, so can't I break up you and Meng Bozhen?"

This did seem to be the truth, and Jing Ming was speechless.

Tao Ran walked into his room and quickly sent a text message to Si Qi, "Get me a new phone and SIM card, just in case. Now, my dad knows about this."

Si Qi replied almost instantly, "I heard Mr. Jing is really tough. Is it true?"

Tao Ran thought about Mr. Jing's image in his mind and said, "He's really tough. I better behave myself lately. I plan to divert his attention to my brother."

Si Qi asked how to do that, and Tao Ran said to let Meng Bozhen act more as a demon, so Jing's father would focus on Jing Ming and Meng Bozhen. By comparison, their side would be much easier.

After seeing his plan, Si Qi remained silent for a long time and finally couldn't help but ask, "Is he really your brother?"

"Yes," Tao Ran said, "We don't deceive old and young"

After that, Tao Ran contacted Si Shao, who said she would fully cooperate and not cause any trouble for him. Tao Ran was very satisfied and said, "That's not enough. Since Meng Bozhen has set us up, why don't we set her up too?"

After learning that Jing's father opposed her relationship with Jing Ming, Meng Bozhen became extremely agitated. She didn't understand why, after finally getting rid of Si Shao and even softening Jing's mother's attitude toward her, Jing's father still wouldn't approve.

She went to talk to her own father. It took so many years for Meng's father to find his daughter, so he loved his daughter very much.  Whenever Meng Bohen cried and acted like a spoiled child in front of him, her father would be willing to buy her anything.

He had known for a long time that his beloved daughter liked Jing Ming, and he thought it was great. The two were also a perfect match. Hearing Meng Bozhen say that Jing's father disagreed, Mr. Meng became unhappy. Why is my daughter not good enough for your son? How can you disagree?

Despite his anger, the lifelong matter of his daughter had to be resolved, so he swallowed his pride and made an appointment with Jing's father to do some psychological work for this old-fashioned father.

Mr. Jing didn't refuse either. He stood in front of Meng's father wearing an expensive, well-fitted suit. He was different from an ordinary middle-aged man and looked more like a model. Mr. Jing reservedly shook hands with Meng's father, who said, "Although we are both doing business in A City, it seems we haven't met many times."

Mr. Jing said, "There's not much business between us, so it's natural that we don't see each other much."

Meng's father does entertainment business, Jing's father does energy business, so there really wasn't much interaction between them. Meng's father asked, "Mr. Jing, have you ever thought about investing in the entertainment industry?"

Jing's father replied, "Yes."

Meng's father was overjoyed and said, "If you want to invest in this business, you may not trust someone else. But you can put your mind at ease if you choose me."

Jing's father coldly said, "Why? Aren't you also someone else?"

"How can it be the same?" Meng's father said, "As long as my daughter and your son get married, we will be a family."

Jing's father seemed to have known what he was going to say and didn't feel any fluctuations in his heart when he heard this. He took a sip of coffee and said lightly, "My son is unworthy of your precious daughter."

How could his son be unworthy of his daughter? The meaning of saying this was to refuse, right? Father Meng's expression turned ugly, and he said, "Mr. Jing, let's speak frankly. Why on earth do you disagree with my daughter being with your son?"

Jing's father responded readily, "I heard that your daughter had a very bad living and educational environment before the age of twenty, and I suspect that these have had a bad influence on her character and other aspects. Therefore, I refuse to have such a daughter-in-law."

Meng's father stared at Jing's father for a long time with red eyes, and finally cursed, "You fart!"

Jing's father smiled faintly and said, "Now it seems that even if she had been by your side since childhood, she wouldn't have received a good education or influence, so I refuse even more..."

Meng's father came back with a belly full of anger from Jing's house. Meng Bozhen looked at him pitifully, "Dad, what happened?"

Meng's father slammed the coffee table with a fist, making a loud noise, and then said angrily, "Not well. There are so many excellent young men in the whole world, we don't care about his Jing family's son. Don't worry daughter, I'll introduce you to a promising young man."

Well, it didn't work out. When Meng Bozhen thought that she couldn't be with Jing Ming even though she had been reborn, she couldn't help but feel sad and cried while covering her face.

Meng's father was annoyed by her crying and felt like taking a gun to Jing's house, but he only had one precious daughter, and she had suffered so much from being away from him since she was a child......

Meng's father endured the pain in his hand, thinking that he couldn't smash things when he gets angry next time, it really hurts. He reached out and caressed Meng Bozhen's back, soothing her like stroking a cat, "Don't cry, there's nothing to cry about. When I saw Mr. Jing's appearance, I knew that Jing Ming wasn't a good person either."

Meng Bozhen: "Wuwuwu..."

Meng's father felt like his head was about to explode and wanted to hug his daughter and cry together.

In the evening, the Jing family gathered again. Before dinner, Jing Ming found Tao Ran and said, "Count me scared of you. I'm not against you and Si Shao anymore, but you have to help me."

Tao Ran rolled his eyes and said, "Please continue to oppose. It doesn't matter anyway. Anyway, you and Meng Bozhen have to pass the hurdle of our father first."

Jing Ming gritted his teeth and said, "If there was a way out with Dad, why would I be looking for you."

Tao Ran said, "Do you think I have a way with our father?"


Jing's father sat upright and ate his meal. Jing Ming was uneasy because of something on his mind. Finally, he couldn't help but ask, "Dad, I heard that Bozhen's father came to see you?"

Jing's father: "Hmm."

"Then..." Jing Ming asked cautiously, "What did he say?"

Jing's father said, "His daughter wanted to climb up to my son, but I scolded her harshly and she went back crying."

Jing Ming: "..." Oh my god, this life is so unbearable!!!

Listening to this, Tao Ran wanted to laugh and thought that his father was quite humorous. At this time, Jing's father looked at him and asked, "What do you think about this matter?"

Tao Ran was taken aback and thought, What's this got to do with me? He ate his meal seriously and said, "Eat without talking, sleep without talking….."

Father Jing: "......"

Mother Jing: "......"

Jing Ming: "......"

Jing Ming was shocked at Tao Ran's brazenness and asked, "You don't want to be with Si Shao anymore?"

Tao Ran said, "Guess."

Jing Ming said, "I won't guess."

Father Jing seemed to be meeting his son for the first time and said, "Dad also wants to hear your thoughts."

Tao Ran said, "Well, I plan to wait a few more years until I reach the legal age for marriage and then marry Si Shao. I will become the son-in-law of the Si family, and they won't let me starve to death after all."

Jing Ming: "......"

Jing's father stared at Tao Ran for a long time and suddenly realized that if he really did that, he wouldn't have a good way to handle it either. Although the Si family did not have as much power as the Jing family, they still had some influence. It wasn't like he could do whatever he wanted. So he twitched his mouth and said, "Is that all you've got?"

Tao Ran sighed and said, "Dad, you don't know, you gave birth to a passionate child more than a decade ago."


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