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Chapter 162: The Divorced Leftover Woman [20]

HeHe, Jing's father thought, so is it my fault?

He stared at Tao Ran and said, "You're a man anyway, can you have some self-respect?"

Tao Ran replied, "If you're willing to give me respect, then I'll take it. If not, then I have no choice but to be shameless."

Jing's mother looked at Tao Ran in disbelief, how could her well behaved and shy son suddenly become like this? Was this really her youngest son?

Although Jing's father had a poisonous mouth, he could not do anything when he came across such a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. Anyway, it's his own son, he couldn't strangle him to death, so the only way remained was to go after the woman. Jing's father had already thought about it, he wanted to put pressure on the Si family in business. Unless the Si family agreed to marry off Si Shao, he would never stop.

While eating, Tao Ran thought that since Jing's father had no way of dealing with him, he would probably go after Si Shao. In order to reduce the pressure on her, Tao Ran needed to find a way to make Meng Bozhen do something. Who would distract Jing's father if Meng Bozhen didn't cause trouble?

After eating, Tao Ran shut himself in the room again. However, his peace was short-lived as Jing's father burst into the room like an ultimate villain and stretched out his hand, saying, "I'm confiscating your phone."

Tao Ran clutched his phone tightly and retorted, "Why? You're restricting my personal freedom."

Ignoring his protests, Jing's father walked over and snatched the phone away, saying, "I've already arranged for you to take leave from school. Since there are only a few days left until summer vacation, consider it as an early start."

Tao Ran was taken aback and asked, "I don't have to take my exams?"

"You definitely have to take them." Jing's father gently touched Tao Ran's head, "On the day of the exam, I'll send some bodyguards to protect you."

Tao Ran looked stunned as Jing's father left. This father was really ruthless. Was he so bored that he wanted to bother his son to pass the time?

After thinking for a while, Tao Ran pulled out another phone and thought, "The devil is high, but there's always a higher devil." Unexpectedly, he had another phone. This phone was specifically bought by Si Qi. It was small and thin, making it easy to hide.Tao Ran quickly sent a text message to Si Shao, explaining everything and warning her to be careful, as Jing's "devil king" was going to go after her.

Si Shao was startled at home, unsure of what to do. She had heard about Mr. Jing's vicious methods and was uncertain if she could fight him. She even started to consider leaving the country or something, in short, just get out to avoid the limelight first.

Then, Tao Ran sent another text message, revealing how Meng Bozhen had bribed a few of Si Shao's friends to set her up. These people had other uses as well. Although Sishao was gentle in front of Taoran, she was not someone with a good temper. To be precise, she would explode at the slightest thing that didn't involve Jing's family.

"Meng Bozhen, how dare you do this to me?" Si Shao seethed with anger and rushed out of the house.

Meanwhile, Jing's mother sighed in the room, and Jing's father walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Why are you sighing?"

"What do you think?" Jing's mother said. "Why are you tormenting our son like this?"

"How is this torment?" Jing's father said. "I am educating them, marrying a bad wife will ruin their whole life."

"I don't think you need to wait for their wives to ruin them. You're doing it now," Jing's mother wiped away her tears.

"You're just too soft-hearted. Don't worry about this. I don't believe we can't handle them," Jing's father said firmly.

Father Jing said with a cold expression: "You're just too soft-hearted. Don't worry about this matter. I don't believe that they can't be dealt with."

Si Shao found those friends to talk about everything in person. The group of girlfriends, led by Youyou, decided to break ties with Si Shao completely now that everything was out in the open. Who was afraid of whom?

However, Si Shao didn't want to break ties. She said, "To be honest, I don't blame you for what happened. Instead, I'm grateful to you."

The little sisters looked at her like she was mentally retarded, is this worthy of gratitude?

Si Shao blushed and said, "He's much better than that bastard Jing Ming."

Sisters: "..."

Youyou said, "Since you don't blame us, why did you come to us today?"

Si Shao replied, "You indirectly helped me with this matter, so I won't tell my dad about what you did. But I need your help with one thing."

"You want us to deal with Meng Bozhen? She's not someone easy to mess with," Youyou said.

"Who said I want you to deal with Meng Bozhen?" Si Shao replied. "You don't know this, but Meng Bozhen and Jing Ming are not together yet. Jing Ming's father doesn't approve of their relationship. I just need you to find Jing Ming and creating the illusion that he's fallen in love with someone else is enough."

As simple as it sounds...

It does seem very simple. It had been many days since Meng Bozhen had last seen Jing Ming. She was shocked to hear the news of Jing Ming being intimate with another woman and she almost exploded.

Unlike Tao Ran, Jing Ming didn't have his phone confiscated due to work. Meng Bozhen called him immediately. Jing Ming started explaining politely, but eventually became impatient and said, "Why can't you understand? I just happened to meet her, and we happened to walk together. Can't you stop being so suspicious?"

Meng Bozhen said, "Such a coincidence? You walked together several times, that's too much of a coincidence."

Jing Ming took a deep breath and said, "Please don't get worked up. Let me solve my dad's problems first, and then I'll explain everything to you in person, okay?"

Jing Ming hung up, and Meng Bozhen felt very wronged. Excuses, they are all excuses. Before rebirth, when Jing Ming changed his mind, he always used his parents as an excuse, and now it seemed like a repeat of history.

Meng Bozhen decided to talk to Jing Ming and clarify things. If Jing Ming had truly changed, she would leave immediately. Although she still loved him after being reborn, she would not love him in a humble way again.

Meng Bozhen went to Jing's company dressed up beautifully, and was recognized by the receptionist as soon as she entered the company's gate. So without Jing Ming knowing, Meng Bozhen was stopped by Jing's father

As she faced the imposing man, Meng Bozhen tried to sound natural and said, "Hello, Uncle Jing."

Jing's father looked indifferent and asked, "Came to see Mingming?"

Meng Bozhen replied, "Yes."

"Well, that's not possible right now," Jing's father said. "I took him on a blind date a few days ago, and he seems to like the girl. They are both in the office now. If you want to see him, you'll have to wait. It's not convenient at the moment."

Meng Bozhen complained with red eyes, "What's wrong with me? Why can't you accept me?"

Jing's father said, "I don't like women who yell at elders like you do. I've heard that you like to be the third person to intervene in others' relationships. I'm sorry, but the Jing family does not allow such people to be around."

Meng Bozhen wanted to explain, like how she was Jing Ming's first love or how Si Shao hooked up with Jing Ming after she left. She didn't interfere; she just just took back what was rightfully hers. But she had no chance now because Jing's father had stopped listening and had someone escort her out.

Jing Ming had no idea about this incident, so he patiently sent the woman away who was troubling him with all sorts of things. If it weren't for the fact that their families had business dealings, he wouldn't have bothered with the woman who seemed to have a mental problem.

These days, Jing Ming was too busy. Jing's father had entrusted him with all kinds of messy things to keep him from seeing Meng Bozhen. By the time he came to his senses, more than half a month had passed. On this day, Jing Ming was still busy, but his secretary sent him a red wedding invitation, and the heroine in the wedding invitation was Meng Bozhen.

Jing Ming seemed to be struck by lightning and didn't understand what had happened. Perhaps he had ignored Meng Bozhen for the past half month, but he did it for her, so why did she treat him like this? Did she not have confidence in him, or did she simply not care about him at all?

He wanted to question Meng Bozhen, but he fell ill due to many days of hard work and frustration.

With a weakened immune system and a cold, he unexpectedly developed pneumonia.

Tao Ran accompanied him in the hospital, and Jing Ming looked pale and pitiful. Tao Ran said, "Dad is amazing. He solved the problem."

Jing Ming had lost all hope, and now he had to endure his little brother's sarcastic remarks. He angrily said, "Just wait, you're next."

But Tao Ran was confident and replied, "No, it won't. If I were you, I would give up the company and move into Meng Bozhen's house. What's the problem? Your mistake was not contacting her for more than half a month at such a critical moment."

Jing Ming looked at Tao Ran and said, "You don't care about Jing's company?"

"Isn't dad still young?" Tao Ran said, "Besides, there's me."

"What do you mean?" Jing Ming said. "Do you think I'm not leaving because I'm afraid you'll compete with me for the family property?"

"No no no, that's not what I meant. I won't fight over the property because I don't care at all." Tao Ran suddenly became serious and said, "The two of you don't trust each other at all. It's better to just split up."

Jing Ming was stunned on the hospital bed. Don't I trust Bozhen? Is it really like that?

Meanwhile, Meng Bozhen had been waiting. She was waiting for Jing Ming to come to her. As long as he came and explained himself, she would follow him and not care about anything else. But Jing Ming never came, as if he had never seen her wedding invitation.

Tao Ran was peeling an apple for Jing Ming by his bedside. Jing Ming noticed the nervousness on Tao Ran's face while peeling it and said, "I won't eat it, don't bother."

Tao Ran continued peeling and replied, "It's ok  if you're not eating. Don't stop me from eating it."

Jing Ming: "…"

Tao Ran was halfway through peeling when the phone in his pocket vibrated. He took out his phone, and it was a call from Si Shao.

Jing Ming asked, "Didn't dad confiscate your phone?"

Tao Ran gave him a disdainful look and answered the call.

Jing Ming watched as Tao Ran froze on the spot, dropping half the apple he was peeling.

"What's wrong?" Jing Ming asked.

Tao Ran seemed calm as he said, "Si Shao is pregnant."

"...What?!" Jing Ming exclaimed.

Tao Ran stood up and Jing Ming asked, "What are you going to do?"

Tao Ran replied, "I don't care. I'm going to become the son-in-law of the Si family. Even if my dad holds a nuclear weapon against me, I won't leave Si Shao."

With that, Tao Ran ran out of the room like a monkey. Jing Ming was stunned and lay in bed, wondering if his brother would really stick with Si Shao without caring about anything. Was it just the pregnancy or something more?

In the evening, Jing's father smashed a vase from the Ming Dynasty someone gave him and angrily said, "That bastard! If he has any guts, he should never come back again!"

Tao Ran took his ID card with him before leaving. With his ID card, he wasn't afraid of anything.

Currently, he was sitting on the sofa in the Si family's house, holding the slightly plump Si Shao in his arms. He said to Si Shao's father, "Dad, from now on, I'll call you dad. My family always persecutes me. Do you think I would go back?"

Si's father became distressed and took out a cigarette. But Si's mother quickly snatched it away and told him, "Don't smoke in front of Shaoshao."

Si's father unconsciously began to rub both of his hands upon his thighs and said, "Jing Yu."

Tao Ran replied, "Yeah?"

"Are you really not leaving?"

"Yes?" Tao Ran said. "Don't you want me, Dad? I will work hard and use my abilities to make Si Shao live a good life."

"It's not about that," Si's father said. "But you two are together like this. What's this called?"

Tao Ran said, "Don't worry dad, when I reach a certain age, I'll marry Si Shao officially. We only need nine yuan for the government to recognize our marriage."

Si Qi looked at his sister's still flat belly and wondered if Tao Ran was really going to be his brother-in-law. Wasn't my sister just using him as a substitute? Why does she still want to have a child with him?

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