Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 144: The Divorced Leftover Woman [2]

A few people stood outside the door and sighed in unison, the damn bastard had closed the door, so how can they get the evidence? Besides, after losing this opportunity, it will not be easy for them to calculate Si Shao in this way again.

Tao Ran stood behind the door and listened to them knocking on the door outside and felt amused. It turned out that they came up with this idea. There was indeed such a plot in the novel, but because Si Shao often went to bars, he didn't think about it for a while.

Looking at Si Shao lying naked on the bed, Tao Ran thought that I didn't take off your clothes, so I have no obligation to help you put them on. Besides, as a man, what he should do in this life was only to undress women, not to help them get dressed.

Tao Ran felt troubled as Jing Yu's body was unable to drink much, while he himself was a good drinker. After drinking so much wine he was still sober, but had a little headache.

Tao Ran lay down and covered her and himself with the blanket, and opened his eyes again when it was already the next day.


Following a woman's scream, Tao Ran opened his confused and innocent eyes.

Si Shao glared at Tao Ran with red eyes and said, "Who are you? What did you do last night?"

Tao Ran first looked at her in confusion for a moment, then seemed to remember something and lifted the blanket to look at his naked body. Then he aggrievedly looked at Si Shao, and shed a sad crystal tear...

Si Shao said angrily: "Why are you crying?"

Tao Ran said aggrievedly: "My father is going to beat me to death."

Si Shao was stunned for a moment, only to realize that Tao Ran didn't seem to be very old. She was so angry that her hands trembled and she said, "It's better to be killed, what did you do last night?"

"I don’t know ah." Tao Ran gave a ‘I am so weak and innocent’ look: "Sister, don't you know?"

Si Shao: "How do I know?"

Tao Ran said: "Last night I was alone at the bar, and then you and a group of older sisters came up to me and said they wanted to buy me a drink. I couldn't drink and you guys forced me to drink. I don't know what happened after that."

"......" Si Shao tried and recalled some scattered memories from last night. She remembered getting a little too drunk last night, and then one of her sisters said that the best way to get back at a man was to green him. Then they pointed to a young man at the bar, saying he was no worse than Jing Ming in appearance. She couldn’t remember anything after that......

Thinking of this, Si Shao's face turned black and white. She carefully looked at Tao Ran's face and found that he was somewhat similar to Jing Ming. Could it be that she was bewitched because of her friends last night, plus this little boy looks a bit like Jing Ming, so she just...

Si Shao embarrassedly covered her old face with hands......

Lying on the bed, Tao Ran seemed to have made some great resolution and said, "Sister, did you take my first time last night?"

Si Shao shuddered again and nodded her head with a heart like going to death, "Mm."

"Okay then." Tao Ran said, "My father said that a man should take up the responsibility of being a man. I am still studying and have no source of income, but from now on, I will work hard to make money for my sister."

Si Shao: "Huh?"

Tao Ran grabbed Si Shao's hand and said, "Sister, I will support you."

"No, no, no, don't, I don't need you to support me." Si Shao wearily took out a wad of money from his wallet and gave it to Tao Ran, said in a serious tone: "Child you are still young, You should go to school to pick up junior girls, I’m really not suitable for you. Forget everything that happened last night, just pretend you've never seen this sister before, okay?"

Tao Ran seemed to be stimulated by the money and said, "But ...... How many firsts do people have in this life?"

"Many......" Si Shao was close to kneeling down and kowtowing to him, "Just think of it as being bitten by a dog last night, never think of me again. Even if you see me on the street one day, you can pretend you didn't see me, okay? Consider me begging you."

Tao Ran looked at the money in her hand, and then at Si Shao, with a sad expression, "What do you mean by that? Do you think I'm here to sell?"

"No no, ancestor......" Si Shao thought for a moment and began to put on her clothes. She became dressed while saying, "Yes, I am such an evil woman. You'd better forget about it like this, otherwise I will get angry , I will kill your whole family!"

Si Shao said the most vicious words in her life, and then fled like a headless fly.

"So naive." Xiao Mei lamented, "You're so evil, to even cheat such a simple girl."

Tao Ran said, "Did I lie to her? It was indeed her group of good sisters who came here last night to get me drunk. I didn't say what happened next, she imagined it herself."

Xiao Mei: "It's so wicked, really extremely wicked."

Tao Ran woke up and picked up his phone and found several missed calls, he called back and said, "Where did you guys go last night? Do you know how long I've been waiting for you? Do you know what happened to me because you didn't come last night? You bunch of animals, I hate you!"

The roommate looked blankly at being hung up on the phone, and thought, what was this all about? Shouldn't he be the one to ask for an explanation? He ran all the way to the bar but saw no one, and was also ridiculed by a group of beauties.

Tao Ran dressed up and went out of the room. The next day was the weekend and Jing Yu used to go home on weekends.

Because Jing Yu had bronchitis when he was a child, he was brought up in his grandma's house in the countryside where the air is good. When he grew up, his health got a little better. He got admission into a university in this city, so he moved back to live.

The parents in the family felt sorry for the youngest son who was not around them since childhood. The eldest son has grown up and will no longer act like a baby in front of his parents, so they put more care and love on Jing Yu. Before Tao Ran even arrived at school, Jing mom called, "Baby, do you have class this afternoon?"

"No." Tao Ran said, "Why don't I come home right away?"

"Okay." Jing's mom said happily, "Come back soon, mom will cook something delicious for you."

"Mm." Tao Ran said in Jing Yu's tone, "I want to eat the chicken wings you made."

"Good, good, they were ready long ago."

At this time Jing Ming came back, and when Jing's mom walked to the door she saw Jing Ming coming back with a pretty girl. She greeted upon seeing her, "Hello, auntie, my name is Meng Bozhen."

Jing's mom looked at Meng Bozhen with uncertainty. She was aware that her son wanted to annul the marriage, was it because of this woman? In an instant, Jing's mom labeled Meng Bozhen as a vixen who seduced other’s boyfriends. She coldly glanced at Meng Bozhen and said, "Miss Meng, is there anything you want when you come to our house?"

The smile on Meng Bozhen's face stiffened for a moment, and Jing Ming immediately said, "Mom, Xiaozhen is here specifically to meet you."

Jing’s mom said with an unpleasant expression, "Do I meet everyone? Where is Xiao Shao? Why haven't I seen her come to play at home for so many days?"

Meng Bozhen's countenance turned even worse, and Jing Ming was afraid that she would be wronged, so he said, "Mom, can you stop talking about Si Shao? I've already decided to withdraw from the marriage."

Jing’s mom said, "You were the one who wanted to be with her at the beginning, and you are the one who wants to be separated from her now. I don't know when the next time will be when you bring another girl to me and say don't mention Miss Meng anymore. I'm getting too old to remember so many people."

Just as Jing Ming was getting anxious, Meng Bozhen said, "Auntie, Jing Ming and I truly love each other. We got together a year ago, but at that time I had to leave for a while because of something, and Si Shao took this opportunity to step in, otherwise I would have been your daughter-in-law long ago."

Jing's mom said, "A year ago? I do remember a few years ago before Xiao Shao, Jing Ming clearly had a girlfriend."

Meng Bozhen looked expectantly at Jing Ma, who further said, "I heard that she was just a cheap woman who wanted to climb high. I think it shouldn’t be you, Miss Meng?"

Meng Bozhen's face instantly darkened like the bottom of a pot.

Just at this moment of high-rising tension, Tao Ran walked to the door like a clueless little sheep and said, "Huh? Why are you all standing here? Brother, you're back."

Jing Ming breathed a huge sigh of relief and said to Tao Ran, "Xiao Yu is back, come greet your sister-in-law."

Meng Bozhen looked at Tao Ran with a smile, and thought that the genes of the Jing family are really good, both the sons are so good-looking. Jing's mom couldn't stop it before Tao Ran sweetly greeted Meng Bozhen, "Hello sister-in-law Si Shao."


The atmosphere suddenly dropped to the freezing point. Looking at the black smoldering face of Meng Bozhen, Jing’s Mom almost laughed out loud.

Meng Bozhen struggled to maintain her expression and said, "I am not Si Shao, Your sister-in-law is only Meng Bozhen, okay?"

Tao Ran suddenly showed a frightened expression and aggrievedly hid behind Jing Ming, "Brother, she just glared at me, her eyes are so fierce. I'm so scared."

Jing Ming also felt distressed for his brother. He touched Tao Ran's head and said, "Don't be afraid, that's because you called her wrong."

"But mom and dad told me that my future sister-in-law's name is Si Shao, ah, and you didn't make it clear, so how can you blame me?"

"No, no one is blaming you." Jing Ming said, "Just don't call her wrong in the future."

"But I don't like her." Tao Ran hid behind Jing Ming showing a pair of big innocent eyes and said, "She had such a vicious look in her eyes, it looked like she was going to eat me just now."

So the matter of Meng Bozhen pleasing Jing Ming's family ended in vain. Tao Ran thought that it doesn't matter who Jing Ming marries, the most important point now is not to break the connection between Si Shao and the Jing family. He watched Jing Ming take Meng Bozhen away and turned to Jing's mom and said, "Mom, where are my chicken wings?"

Jing's mom said, "They're almost ready. I was just waiting for you."

Tao Ran followed behind Jing's mom and said, seemingly unintentionally, "Mom, when is sister-in-law Si Shao coming to the house? I haven't seen her yet."

Jing's mom: "Then let's call her over sometime to play?"

"Yeah, sure."

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