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Chapter 145: The Divorced Leftover Woman [3]

While Meng Bozhen was sulking in the car, Jing Ming advised her, "Don't be angry and next time you have a better attitude towards Xiao Yu."

Meng Bozhen said incredulously, "Are you blaming me? My attitude was not good enough? It's obvious that he's been targeting me, and looking out for Si Shao."

Jing Ming said unhappily, "What do you mean he's looking out for Si Shao? He hasn't even met her yet."

"Then your mother must have bad-mouthed me to him." Meng Bozhen felt aggrieved.

Although Jing Ming loved Meng Bozhen, he also cared about his family. Hearing her say this, he frowned and said, "You are not allowed to say that about my mother. It doesn’t matter if my mother and brother do not like you now, we’ll work on it together so they will like you sooner or later. But I don't want to hear anything bad from you about them, remember?"

Meng Bozhen looked at Jing Ming with red eyes and thought that he behaved like this before her rebirth. After she was reborn he didn't like Si Shao anymore, but why did he still have this attitude towards her?

The two of them looked at each other for a long time, neither side was willing to give in. Meng Bozhen opened the car door and walked out, Jing Ming shouted from behind: "Where are you going?"

Meng Bozhen: "Don't worry about it."

She walked for a while. The villa of the Jing family was on a small hill with a great view. The people living here were all people of status and have cars to travel, so there is no bus passing through here. Meng Bozhen walked quite a distance. Seeing that Jing Ming did not chase after her, she stomped her feet in anger. But she was driven by Jing Ming to come here so it was hard to get out of here now.

For a moment, the feeling of helplessness before her rebirth came to her heart, Meng Bozhen crouched on the ground with her arms around her and thought to herself that she could not cry. From the moment she returned she swore that she would never allow anyone to hurt her in this life.

Tao Ran was eating chicken wings cooked by his mother at home. Jing's mom lovingly looked at her younger son eating, and at the same time called Si Shao: "Xiao Shao, do you have time? Come to play at home sometime? You haven't met Jing Ming's brother yet, let him also get to know you well ......"

Jing Ming pushed open the door, Tao Ran immediately raised a big smile and said, "Brother, you're back, come let’s eat chicken wings."

Jing Ming helplessly laughed: "It's not enough for you to eat alone. Are you really willing to share it with me?"

"Of course." Tao Ran said, "I'm willing to share it with my brother."

Jing Ming sat down and ate one and stopped eating. Jing’s mom said, "I have asked Xiao Shao to come to play at home the day after tomorrow, you must be at home then."

Jing Ming: "Mom ......"

"What, you don't even want to listen to mom?"

Jing Ming said, "Bozhen she is also pretty good, her family background is not worse than Si Shao. His father is the chairman of the Meng Corporation. Why don't you like her?"

"Is mom that concerned about family background?" Jing's mother said with a displeased face. "That Meng Bozhen knows you have a fiancee and still intervenes between you, obviously she is not a well-bred girl. She came to our house and even threatened your brother. You know that your brother is timid, we don't know how your brother will be bullied once she gets in the door."

"No, I’ll let her change it." Jing Ming backed down, "How is this, if we’ll also call Baizhen to come over the day after tomorrow?"

Jing's mom: "Your brother doesn't like her."

At this time Tao Ran suddenly spoke: "It's okay mom, brother likes her so let her come."

Jing Ming instantly felt very touched. I really have a good brother ah, he is willing to tolerate a person he doesn't like for his brother’s sake.

In fact, Jing Ming had always been indebted to his younger brother Jing Yu. Because of his poor health, Jing Yu could only stay in the countryside. Jing Ming felt that he had hijacked all the love of his parents. So now no matter how Jing’s Mom and Dad pampers Jing Yu, he does not feel it’s excessive, he himself also wants to dote on Jing Yu.

If there is no big conflict, Tao Ran also does not want to break up the original male and female protagonists. Besides, it was already very exciting for Si Shao to have her around, so she shouldn't be in the mood to care about other things, right?

Ever since that night, Si Shao had been shutting herself in the room. She was unable to eat or sleep well, and had lost a lot of weight in just a few days. When she was struggling, she received a phone call from Jing Ming's mother inviting her to visit the Jing family.

In normal times she would have been happy and ready to go, but now she felt her intestines were in knots when she thought she had to sit in front of the Jing family and act as if nothing happened.

God, why did you have to drink that day? And even if you were drinking, why did you listen to them and pour liquor to that young man? And if you want to drink, then drink, but why did you end up in bed?

She pulled her hair hard, and then saw the broken hair strands in her hands......

No, the first time has already been lost, she must not lose her hair again. Si Shao leapt up and went to do the conditioning.

No matter how entangled she was, that day still came quickly. She got up early in the morning to try on clothes, and then spent a lot of time grooming her face striving to achieve rosy skin, and apply dignified and beautiful makeup.

She walked to the door of the Jing family courtyard with her gift, rang the doorbell. Jing's mom said through the doorbell, "It's Xiao Shao, come in. I'll let Xiao Yu open the door for you."

Jing Yu is Jing Ming's younger brother, and is attending college. I heard that his health is not so good growing up in the countryside. Si Shao looked at the gift in her hand, and wondered if she could please this young master.

She walked into the yard, and then saw the door open, and a man in a pink shirt came out from inside. He is a little shorter and thinner than Jing Ming, and also looks quite familiar, so he should be Jing Yu.

The boy trotted all the way towards her, then showed a big smile and said, "Hello, ah..."

Si Shao was also shocked, she never thought she would run into him here.

Tao Ran looked at Si Shao with a shocked and clueless face then turned a little shy and said, "Are you...... here to find me?"

"I am not." Si Shao immediately set aside, "I was invited over, why are you here?"

Tao Ran: "This is my home."

Si Shao had a terrible guess, "You ...... are Jing Yu?"

"Hmm." Tao Ran said, "You know me?"

At this moment Si Shao simply wanted to slap herself to death. It’s still fine even if you go for a one-night stand, but over that you also find Jing Ming's own brother for that. God, you aren’t playing with me like this, right?

Tao Ran continued to pretend to be an innocent young boy, he blushed and said: "Could you be Si Shao sister-in-law?"

Si Shao nodded sadly and the teenager in front of her immediately turned anxious and looked like he was about to cry, "Then what to do ah, you are my sister-in-law, but we were like that ......"

"You shut up!" Si Shao fiercely stared at Tao Ran and said, "You must not speak out about this matter. If you do, I will..."

Tao Ran: "Kill my whole family?"

Si Shao: "......"

However now Si Shao could no longer say such words to Tao Ran. Kill his whole family? She is not that capable.

Jing’s mom came out and said, "What are you two doing standing outside, come in quickly."

Si Shao turned around stiffly, and felt that the young man beside her was at a loss. Jing’s mom wondered: "Xiao Yu, why is your face so red?"

Tao Ran: "Mom ...... me ......"

Si Shao felt alarmed. In case he leaked it then she would be finished, so she immediately said, "Auntie, look at the gift I bought."

Jing’s mom laughed: "It’s enough that you came here, what’s the need of a gift?"

Tao Ran followed behind them in silence. Jing's mom suddenly turned around and asked, " Xiao Yu, did you call her sister-in-law?"

Tao Ran looked up at Si Shao, and Si Shao's heart skipped a beat.

Tao Ran said, "Sister-in-law."

Hearing this, what Si Shao felt was indescribable. He called her sister-in-law, but he woke up in the same bed with her, wasn’t her life just too exciting.

Si Shao just followed Jing's mother in with a heavy heart, and didn't even notice that Jing Ming was not there.

The three of them sat around talking with each other. Jing's mom said, "Xiao Yu, your sister-in-law rarely comes over, can you not be so shy to cherish your words like gold?"

Tao Ran looked up, blushed and stammered, "I ...... I ...... that ...... sister-in-law... ..."

Si Shao immediately said, "It's okay if he doesn't talk, really, quiet boys are also very well-received."

"Really?" Jing's mom sighed, "But Xiao Yu is just too shy, it would be better if only he was as outgoing as his brother. Xiao Yu, you are so quiet, what if your sister-in-law misunderstands that you don't like her? "

Tao Ran showed a shy smile to Si Shao and said, "I like my sister-in-law very much."

I like my sister-in-law very much, sister-in-law, sister-in-law...

Hearing these words echoing in her heart, Si Shao also blushed for no reason.

Seeing her blushing, Jing’s mom laughed out loud: "Hahahahaha ...... Xiao Shao you too. Why are you blushing too?"

The big-hearted Jing's mother didn't notice the subtle atmosphere between her youngest son and her eldest son's fiancee at all, and she kept joking with them. Tao Ran pretended to be very shy, but at the same time, he thought that when the matter was exposed, he didn't know how Jing's mother would cry.

Si Shao was also very embarrassed. She was so embarrassed and awkward that she didn’t know where to put her hands and feet. But looking at Jing Yu so shy, she couldn't count on him to relieve the situation, so she could only look for a topic and said, "Ohhh ...... why aren’t Jing Ming and Uncle at home?"

Jing mom said: "Jing Yu's dad is busy every day, I don't know what he is busy with. And Jing Ming he......" went to pick up Meng Bozhen.

It was hard for Jing's mom to say this, so she started to wink at her youngest son to change the subject. Tao Ran understood, and immediately said: "There are quite a lot of family members today, why not have a barbecue in the yard at night."

"Sure." Jing’s mom happily said, "I make the most delicious barbecue, Xiao Shao must stay and try it ah."

Si Shao: "Oh, okay, hehehehe..."


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