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Chapter 146: The Divorced Leftover Woman [4]

Before entering the door, Jing Ming said, "The person my mother actually wanted to invite today was Si Shao. I insisted on bringing you along and she agreed. Later you don’t......"

Meng Bozhen smiled, "I know, I won’t make things difficult for you."

"Yeah, thank you." Jing Ming smiled at Meng Bozhen.

Just pushing the door in, she heard Jing's mom laugh. Even though Meng Bozhen told herself not to care, she couldn't help but be angry. Jing’s mom flares up as soon as she sees me but behaves like a bosom friend with that bitch Si Shao.

Jing Ming took Meng Bozhen's hand and said, "Mom, I've brought Bozhen here."

Jing's mother suddenly curbed her smile as she looked at the two holding hands together and said, "You don't want your mom to conduct with integrity anymore?"

Jing Ming immediately let go of Meng Bozhen's hand while Si Shao stared blankly at the two of them. Her mind was filled with the eye-catching image of the two of them holding hands.

Meng Bozhen and Si Shao’s eyes met in the air, and Meng Bozhen suddenly smiled smugly. So what if you are good at pleasing people? Jing Ming doesn't like you, it is impossible for him to marry you.

Si Shao was so angry that she clenched her hand tightly, but there was nothing she could do. She had done so much before but she could not do anything to Meng Bozhen. It could be seen that Meng Bozhen was either very scheming or very lucky, but she was most afraid to deal with such people.

Tao Ran poured a cup of tea for Si Shao and said, "Sister-in-law, have some tea."

Meng Bozhen said hello to Jing's mom, then sat down and said, "Xiao Yu, please pour me a cup too."

"Oh." Tao Ran responded and prepared to pour tea for Meng Bozhen.

Si Shao grabbed Tao Ran's hand and said, "Don't move."

Tao Ran immediately blushed, "Sister-in-law ......"

Si Shao: "......" What are you doing, how can you touch his hand?

Jing Ming unhappily looked at Si Shao, but Tao Ran nodded: "Ok, if my sister-in-law disagrees then I won’t do it."

Jing Ming said, "Xiao Yu, your brother is not married yet, so why are you calling her sister-in-law?"

Si Shao clenched her fists underneath. Just as her heart was filled with sadness and disappointment she heard the teenager expectantantly asking her, "Then can I call you Shao Shao?"

So Si Shao immediately retorted, "No."

Tao Ran aggrievedly looked at Si Shao. The bewildered look on his face seemed to ask if I did something wrong. Why are you so mean to me......

Si Shao's heartbroken sadness and frustration immediately disappeared and felt a headache. She resisted the urge to cover her face and said, "You can call me sister."

Tao Ran immediately said sweetly: "Sister ~"

Engrossed Si Shao thought: Damn! Why do you have to drag the end so long? Why are you smiling so sweetly?

On the other hand, Meng Bozhen was exasperated to the point of stomach ache. Why are they both so nice to Si Shao? Do you know her real face? Do you know how ugly her heart is?

Of course they didn't know, so they had a very pleasant lunch with Si Shao and invited her to join the barbecue in the evening.

Si Shao was really unable to bear such torture. She just wanted to leave quickly, and then go back home and use her head to bang a hole in the wall. So she refused, "But there's something going on at home today, if I go back too late ......"

Tao Ran leaned closer to Si Shao's ear and whispered, "If you leave now, that woman will stay at our house overnight. She will share a bed with my brother and do what we have done that night."

Damn, can this be tolerated?!

Si Shao immediately said: "No problem, barbecue, right? I also often barbecue and my craftsmanship is also very good! "

Jing's mom was shocked by the sudden change in attitude of Si Shao. She asked, "Xiao Shao, didn't you say there was something going on at home?"

Si Shao said, "It’s not that important and can be done later. But getting a chance to have a barbecue with auntie doesn’t come easily."

Jing’s mom was laughing but it made Meng Bozhen so angry that she wanted to pull her hair out.

Since no one was going to leave, it was natural to stay together in the afternoon. Jing Ming didn't want to upset Meng Bozhen, so he took her to the backyard to look at the flowers. Jing’s mom said to Si Shao, "When you came last time, you hadn't seen Saussurea costus in the back, why don't you go and see it now."

Si Shao felt very frustrated. Jing Ming was with Meng Bozhen so openly in front of her. Did he really not care about his past relationship at all?

Just as she felt sorry for herself, Tao Ran came over from the side and said, "Sister, let's go play on the swing."

So the thoughts in Si Shao's head were instantly replaced with, "Crap, he wants to play on a swing? A boy wants to play on a swing?

Si Shao looked at Tao Ran with complicated eyes and said, "Why do you want to play on the swing?"

Tao Ran said with wandering eyes: "I just want to ah! Don't you want to?"

Although he did not look at Si Shao's eyes, his reddened ears have betrayed him. He must be afraid that she is bored and sad, so want to take me to play on the swing. Si Shao thought what a good young man, why did he suffer from my own evil hands?

She felt touched, so she couldn't refuse him anymore. She said, "Yes, I also want to play on the swing."

So in the afternoon, Jing Ming and Meng Bo Zhen were watching the flowers in the backyard, while Tao Ran and Si Shao played on the swings in the front yard..

The two of them sat on the swing, gently shaking the swing while drinking juice.

From time to time, Tao Ran looked at Si Shao and smiled, and after a few times Si Shao asked, "Why are you always looking at me?"

She saw the teenager slightly lowering his head and said, "Sister, you look good."

Si Shao's little heart couldn't help but jump up again, she turned away and said, "Why do you talk like that?"

Tao Ran opened his big, pure eyes and said, "Did I say something wrong?"

Now Si Shao couldn’t say anything. If she said he was wrong, wouldn’t it mean that she is not good-looking. But she didn't want to admit that Tao Ran was right, she was troubled in her heart for a while, and said glumly, "Have you ever said such things to other girls?"

"No." Tao Ran smiled and said seriously, "Other girls are not as good looking as you, sister."

So on such a breezy afternoon, Si Shao blushed in front of a boy several years younger than her.

Tao Ran reached out and touched Si Shao's face. Si Shao was startled and dodged away, saying, "What are you doing?"

Tao Ran said, "Sister, your face is red, I want to touch it to see if the temperature is very high."

Si Shao touched her face and glared at him, "Do you know that boys are not allowed to touch girls' faces casually?"

"Is that so?" Tao Ran seemed puzzled, "But a girl in class said she really likes me touching her face."

"Huh?" Si Shao instantly showed a beast-like intuition, "Did you touch your female classmate's face?"

"I didn't mean to." Tao Ran said bitterly, "I apologized to her, she said it was okay. She also said that she liked it very much. Did she say that to comfort me? She's really kind."

Silly boy, she is not really nice, she is trying to flirt with you!

The worried Si Shao said with an old mother's heart: "In the future, do not easily have intimate contact with girls, okay? Unless...... unless you like that girl very much."

Tao Ran looked at Si Shao and asked seriously, "Is this like as much as I like you sister?"

Not good, my heartbeat accelerated again!

Si Shao immediately shook the swing in a disguised way, and after shaking for a while, she said, "Why do you like me?"

"I just like it." Tao Ran said, "Sister, why do you like my brother?"

Si Shao didn't seem to have thought about this question before. Now she found that although Jing Ming’s background was excellent, he was not the best. Although he was capable, he was not alone. Although he was handsome, he was not the best she had ever seen. most handsome. But Si Shao just liked him. From the first time she saw him, she liked him, and then she started to do everything possible to get him.

Si Shao froze for a moment and said, "Maybe because he is handsome and gentle." Jing Ming was indeed very gentle when he was good to her.

Tao Ran said: "I think I'm pretty handsome too, and I'm also very gentle. Why doesn't my sister try to like me?"

"You?" Si Shao was startled, "Don't talk nonsense, how could I like you? You are Jing Ming's younger brother."

Tao Ran stood up from the swing. He walked up to Si Shao, and grabbed the two ropes of the swing Si Shao was sitting on with both hands. He condescendingly looked at Si Shao, and it seemed as if he was wrapping Si Shao in his arms. Then he said: "I'm Jing Ming's younger brother. I'm not your younger brother. As long as you don't like Jing Ming, why can't you like me?"

Si Shao was shocked by Tao Ran's sudden strength. Startled by his sudden action, she fell backwards. Tao Ran stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms. Si Shao leaned against Tao Ran's arms, her face pressed against Tao Ran's shoulder. At this moment, she could smell the pleasant scent of the teenager.

At that moment, she didn't know what she thought of. She panicked and reached out to push Tao Ran. Tao Ran said in a deep voice: "Don't move, you will fall down."

Si Shao was flustered, and for some reason her hands worked faster than her brain and she pushed Tao Ran hard. Tao Ran took two steps backward, he couldn’t stand still and fell to the ground. He just sat on the grass, tilted his head and looked up at Si Shao.

Si Shao looked at him, his eyes looked really aggrieved..

Si Shao turned around and ran away. Tao Ran sat on the ground and said, "Am I going too far? Sure enough, I don't have much talent for flirting with girls? After so many worlds, I still can't be perfect."

Xiaomei covered her face with a tissue and said, "Host, stop talking like this, or even your system Xiaomei will want to beat you."

Tao Ran: "Why are you covering your face?"

Xiaomei: "There is blood all over your face!"

Si Shao ran all the way back to the house, Jing’s mom was preparing food in the kitchen. When she saw Si Shao come in, she asked, "Were the flowers pretty?"

Si Shao still had the scent of Tao Ran in her mind, and she couldn't get rid of that scent.

Jing’s mom said, "Xiao Shao?"

Si Shao: "Huh?"

"Why are you so distracted?" Jing's mom said, "I asked you if the flowers looked beautiful."

"Beautiful." Si Shao said: "...really beautiful and fragrant..."


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